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Book Review: YEAH BABY! by Jillian Michaels

booksPublished December 16, 2016

by Nina Spears

The Babyish Chick®: Pregnancy, Bearing & Postpartum Expert


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I was accustomed to accept the befalling to account Jillian Michaels about her new book, Yeah BABY! I didn’t accept abundant time to apprehend her book before our account (since I alone had two days), but I did accept some time to apprehend her book before I published my account article. I was abundantly afraid by the accessible advice that she provided. There were so abounding credibility that I capital our readers to apperceive that I anticipation would be benign during their pregnancy, so I decided I would do a book analysis for all of you.

You apperceive how CliffsNotes accord you the essentials of arcane work? Well, I’m alms Nina’s Notes to accommodate you with the capital credibility of anniversary book I read.

Nina’s Notes: Yeah Baby!

At the alpha of the book, Jillian has an Addition section. Actuality is area she explains why she wrote this book and the purpose of her book, Yeah BABY!

That’s the purpose of this book: to empower you with all the knowledge, facts, and cutting-edge analysis so that you can best assure yourself and your baby, personalize this action for an ideal outcome, and ability your own abundance and birth decisions for you and your baby.

Pregnancy is a angelic responsibility. So abundant of what you do, eat, think, feel, and beleaguer yourself with–even what you smell!– during this time can accept a affecting aftereffect on you and your baby. Your behaviors now will appulse aggregate from your commitment and how bound your anatomy “bounces aback into shape” to your child’s attitude and behavior, beddy-bye patterns, how your adolescent performs in school, your child’s aliment preferences, activity span–and as I ahead mentioned, alike abiding earning potential. Seriously! Crazy, right?

I will acquaint you what’s what, but I won’t acquaint you what to do. I appetite you to apperceive your choices and accept what’s accident to ensure you’re in the driver’s seat. … I account your decisions, alike back they go adjoin my recommendations in this book.

I want you to catechism me, and anyone else, if what they acquaint you doesn’t feel appropriate to you.

Jillian fabricated me feel adequate appropriate at the get-go. She alien her absurd aggregation in this section, so you apperceive she is not alms advice she doesn’t accept claimed or able acquaintance with. Her affection is in the appropriate place, and I was attractive advanced to account what she had to say.

jillian michaels book, book review, interview with jillian michaels, babychick

Part 1: Basics

Chapter 1: Alpha Me Up: What to Do Afore You Get Preggers

  • If any of you are struggling with infertility (Jillian has PCOS), whether you accept been diagnosed with it or you aloof know, let me say this: It’s not your fault, and abashment on anybody who dares to shame you for it. You are aloof as abundant a woman as every added woman you know. The journey into motherhood is altered for everyone, and there is no way of cogent area your adventure with the action will booty you. It will be okay. It will assignment out absolutely how it’s meant to. I am active affidavit of that.

Chapter 2: Rules of Thumb: Diet for Prepregnancy, Pregnancy, and Beyond

  • Nutrition during pregnancy is one of the best absolute agency that we accept to access the development, growth, intelligence, fitness, and alike the activity amount of our babies.
  • You are not bistro for two.
  • It takes alone about 80,000 calories — in absolute — to abound a baby.
    • First trimester: 300 added calories per day if you are actual active.
    • Second trimester: about 350 added calories per day.
    • The additional bisected of the third trimester (last 6 weeks): about 500 added calories a day.
  • A abstraction begin that, compared with accouchement of women who acquired the recommended bulk of weight, those who acquired an “excessive” bulk of weight had accouchement who were added than four times added acceptable to be ample at age 3. And abounding studies accept apparent that bearing weight is anon accompanying to after BMI, into boyhood and adulthood.
  • Here is what you should obviously abate the burning of or avoid:
    • Easy on the alcohol
    • Easy on the caffeine
    • No cafeteria meat: If you are because bistro cafeteria meats, reheat the meat until it is bleared to annihilate any accessible bacteria.
    • No basic milk or bendable cheese: beacon bright of bendable cheeses such as Brie, Camembert, Roquefort, feta, gorgonzola, and Mexican-style cheeses like queso blanco and queso fresco, unless they acutely accompaniment that they are fabricated from pasteurized milk.
    • No raw eggs
    • No raw meat or fish
    • No pâté
  • If there is one guideline apropos aliment affection that I would like in neon, it would be this: Go organic. Going amoebic is added important than annihilation abroad you can do for your baby’s health. Amoebic aliment is almost chargeless of alarming baneful chemicals that accept been affiliated to a host of health-related issues affecting you and your approaching little one.

I additionally absolutely admired her Nutrient Chart at the end of the affiliate that lists out all the nutrients you need, the allowances they accept on mom and baby, the circadian claim you need, and acceptable aliment sources that you can accept those nutrients.

Chapter 3: Rules of Thumb: Exercise for Prepregnancy, Pregnancy, and Beyond

  • Exercise during pregnancy will not aching your baby. There is able affirmation that it will accomplish your kiddo bigger and smarter!
  • Exercise Allowances for Mom:
    • Women who exercise during abundance accretion beneath weight and put on beneath anatomy fat, decidedly abbreviation their accident of (or alleviative their) gestational diabetes.
    • Regular, abstinent exercise can decidedly abate archetypal pregnancy discomforts like constipation, indigestion, headaches, backaches, bloating, varicose veins, insomnia, fatigue, and balmy to abstinent nausea.
    • Exercise additionally eases tension, stress, and anxiety and lowers the accident of premature birth acquired by preeclampsia (high claret burden during pregnancy).
    • Women who exercise accept decidedly beneath push stages (this is the additional date of labor), and their absolute commitment and accretion from commitment are easier.
    • Regular exercisers are 75% beneath acceptable to charge a forceps delivery, 55% beneath acceptable to accept an episiotomy, and up to four times less acceptable to accept a Caesarean section.
    • Their affairs of disturbing with postpartum depression are additionally decreased, and exercise about improves your affection throughout the absolute action (and always).
    • Working out during abundance helps women get their “bodies back” 40% faster than those who don’t.
    • If you weren’t appliance afore pregnancy, you ability alike end up with a bigger anatomy than you had afore you got pregnant.
  • Exercise Allowances for Baby:
    • Exercise during abundance has been apparent to advice your anatomy abound a convalescent placenta due to bigger claret circulation. A convalescent placenta equals a convalescent baby.
    • Fit pregnancies additionally accumulate the babyish at a advantageous weight, which is analytical to their abiding health.
    • Babies of mothers who exercise throughout abundance accept about bisected the accident of fetal accent during labor, with bigger heart-rate patterns and college APGAR array (as appraisal of a bairn anon afterwards bearing to actuate the baby’s health) than the babies of moms who chock-full appliance afterwards the aboriginal trimester.
    • Moms who connected to exercise until their third trimester had labors that were an boilerplate of 2 hours shorter—now that’s some austere incentive!
    • Babies with fit mamas accept lower comatose affection ante and greater heart-rate variability, a brand of cardiac and afraid arrangement health.
    • Contractions during labor aren’t as demanding for your little one because they are already acclimatized to mom alive adamantine physically during the pregnancy.
    • And appliance moms accept beneath incidents of circuitous umbilical cords and meconium in the amniotic fluid.
    • Children of athletic moms may accept greater able-bodied potential.
    • Babies built-in to moms who acclimatized during abundance accept added complete academician development afterwards birth, conceivably giving them a arch alpha in the accuracy department.
jillian michaels book, book review, interview with jillian michaels, babychick
jillian michaels book, book review, interview with jillian michaels, babychick

Jillian covers aggregate that you appetite to apperceive back it comes to exercise during pregnancy. She shares what you should wear, how you should countdown and air-conditioned down, how continued and how generally you should exercise, what you should avoid, and how adamantine you should be appliance by application the Borg’s Appraisement of Perceived Action (RPE) Scale.

Chapter 4: Rules of Thumb: Environment

We like to anticipate our babies appear out as apple-pie slates, at atomic in agreement of adverse acknowledgment to the world. Not so. According to a abstraction spearheaded by the Ecology Alive Group, advisers at two abstracted laboratories begin an average of 200 automated chemicals and pollutants in umbilical bond claret of babies built-in in the Affiliated States.

It’s abashing to apperceive that these chemicals and pollutants are alien to our approaching babies, so Jillian talks about accomplishments that you can booty to lower that number.

  • Indoor Air Quality
    • Indoor air has two to bristles times added contaminants and, in some cases, alike as abundant as 100 times added contaminants than the air appropriate alfresco your advanced door, alike if you alive in a big city.
    • She lists all the applesauce in the air, how it can affect your adolescent and what you can do to advance your air quality. Such as aperture your windows, accepting houseplants, banning smoking, don’t abundance acrid chemicals in your house, accepting a accurate HEPA filter, and more.
  • Home Decor
    • She wants you to amend the carpet, abolish the lead, air out your paint, and accept your appliance carefully. She alike lists some abundant assets for natural, blooming furnishings.
  • Clean Up the Kitchen
    • Upgrading your cookware, accident the bleach, accepting rid of your artificial containers.
  • Natural in the Yard
  • Skipping the Fire
  • Cleaning Products
    • We apperceive that abounding of the capacity in accepted domiciliary cleaners can account aggregate from astute acknowledgment emergencies (many involving accouchement beneath 6 years old who absorb or discharge these cleaners) to abiding hazards like asthma, lung damage, and affection accident to added accessory issues like allergies and headaches.
    • Jillian lists the brands that she approves and means you can accomplish your own DIY charwoman products.
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Getting the Best Water
  • Electronics
  • Personal Hygiene

Part 2: Advantageous Pregnancy

Chapter 5: Your Aboriginal Trimester

Jillian has never been pregnant, so she shares her acquaintance actuality a accomplice and has her partner, Heidi, allotment her acquaintance as well.

During the first trimester, she starts off covering the accepted affection that you may experience; headaches, morning sickness, gas, fatigue, pregnancy acne, and constipation, as able-bodied as things that you can do to antidote them. She lists questions to ask your doctor during your aboriginal trimester and break bottomward all the things accident to your anatomy and your babyish during that trimester week-by-week. She goes into detail, so it’s air-conditioned to apprentice about anniversary little change.

My admired allotment of the affiliate is in the back, area she covers first-trimester nutrition and fitness. Jillian lists out all of the diet Dos and Don’ts in the diet area and alike lists out a meal plan with recipes that you should be bistro every day. Including snacks! I decidedly adulation this because it has the capacity she listed afore (which are cool important to absorb during that trimester) in anniversary recipe. It couldn’t be any easier for you. Amazing!

The aforementioned affair goes for the first-trimester fettle section. Jillian explains why you should be alive out during the aboriginal trimester and how you should be alive out. She has a conditioning plan for you in the book and has pictures of anniversary exercise, so there is no confusion. Now you apperceive how to assignment out appropriately and what will be best for you and your baby. I adulation it!

Chapter 6: Your Additional Trimester

Your second trimester is area you may activate (she explains) to acquaintance added symptoms, such as heartburn, pregnancy brain, affection swings, hemorrhoids (or bum bumps as she refers to them), and active leg syndrome. At atomic that’s what her partner, Heidi, experienced. She additionally states that this is usually the trimester area you feel your best, get a access of energy, and get your ache back. Acknowledge goodness, no added abhorrence (hopefully)! Jillian shares some remedies that can advice some of the abrogating affection you are experiencing, which I begin cool helpful.

Just like in the aboriginal trimester, Jillian provides a account of questions to ask your doctor this trimester, and she alike talks about hiring a doula! She and her partner, Heidi, assassin a doula, so she offers her recommendations on finding the best doula for you, what questions to ask, and things you should accede back hiring one.

Jillian again begins to breach bottomward the development of anniversary anniversary in the additional trimester and explains what’s accident to you and your baby. She said that “the additional trimester is aloof about accepting affluence of rest, bistro well, and befitting active.” She additionally goes over some old wives’ tales and lets you apperceive if they are accurate or false. For example, ambrosial aliment can activate early labor (false), morning sickness will affluence up in the additional trimester (not consistently true), and that amber adulate will anticipate amplitude marks (false). But she does acknowledgment that “a advantageous diet can additionally advice advance collagen and possibly anticipate or abate the severity of amplitude marks, but unfortunately, the addiction for them additionally has a abiogenetic component.”

What’s nice is that she goes over all of the tests you will be offered during each trimester. She explains back you can apprehend them and why they are given. This can be actual abating and accomplish any alert astronomic feel added airy and prepared.

The second-trimester nutrition and fettle affairs are additionally in the aback of this affiliate with abounding recipes, explanations as to why you charge them (to advice get rid of annoyance and lower aback pain), and pictures to advice you complete your workouts. 🙂

jillian michaels book, book review, interview with jillian michaels, babychick

Chapter 7: Your Third Trimester

Things in the third trimester become a bit added uncomfortable, and the affection you were activity in your additional trimester can get exacerbated. The connected urge to pee, heartburn, back pain, etc., are all actual accepted during this time of your pregnancy.

Just as in the antecedent two chapters, Jillian has a account of questions to ask your doctor or midwife, and she break bottomward your abundance week-by-week.

She additionally briefly covers birth plans in this chapter:

  • Birth Plan
    • A written-down plan for how you would like things to go during your activity and delivery.
    • The purpose is to anticipate about and plan for things you can’t aloof adjudge on at the aftermost minute back you are already in labor.
    • Keep it brief.
    • Flexibility is important.

And like the antecedent chapters, it ends with a cool accessible third-trimester diet meal plan and fettle routine.

Part 3: Family

Chapter 8: Activity and Delivery

I was best analytical about account this affiliate back I accept been to hundreds of births. I wondered if she would accord her recommendations afterwards aloof accessory and witnessing one birth. This doesn’t accomplish her an expert. She, of course, did accord her assessment in the book, but I was admiring that she additionally listed added options accessible to families rather than aloof advertisement her preferences.

At the alpha of this chapter, Jillian says that Heidi badly capital a natural birth (no-pain medication/ vaginal birth). Heidi had done bags of research, assassin a doula, and able for a accustomed bearing during her pregnancy. Jillian brand to acknowledgment that no amount what your accommodation is on how you are activity to accept your baby, “You are never activity to win in the eyes of others. The way to win is to do what is best for you.” I admired that. Added women charge to apperceive that back advancing for their birth.

She continues about Heidi’s bearing adventure and what happened to her. Essentially, Heidi went accomplished her due date (a little over a week), bare to be induced, had her water broken afterwards several hours of no dilation, again after 13 hours accustomed an epidural, and again afterwards 27 hours had a C-section back her cervix never aggrandized accomplished 4 cm. Her babyish boy was 9 pounds, and they said that her tiny anatomy (she is 5’2″ and commonly 100 lbs, not pregnant) wouldn’t acquiesce her babyish to bead and administer burden on her cervix, acceptance it to dilate. This is why Jillian states that you charge be adjustable on your birth plan because things will apparently not go the way you plan.

Later in the chapter, Jillian again asks you things to accede to accept the bearing you want. Things that she said to consider:

Jillian additionally again briefly covers what happens afterwards the birth. Alike her pediatrician Dr. Gordon said that the antibacterial eye analysis “is unnecessary.” However, they do awning how Vitamin K is benign and important. My admired affair that Dr. Gordon said was, “Minimize visitors who are not there to accompany food, rub your neck, or apple-pie your kitchen or bathroom?” He’s my hero!!

Chapter 9: Your Fourth Trimester

In this chapter, I adulation how Jillian is cool real. She states, “the fourth trimester can be the hardest one of all.” Ain’t that the truth. And I acquisition it to be the one that best assured parents adapt for the least. Jillian talks about baby dejection and postpartum depression, how to bethink your accomplice in parenthood (I admired that allotment — ally are generally pushed aside), and she tells you to bethink that you are human. There were several “favorites” of abundance in this affiliate and one of them is this:

Pregnancy and postpartum are absolute hot-button issues for some people, who ability be abashed to allege their truths and allotment their belief with candor, for abhorrence that if they accept they’ve accomplished annihilation added than absolute and complete alarming beatitude they are bad moms or not “normal.” Are you a “bad mother” if you anguish about your waistline or your weight gain? If you don’t consistently appetite to authority the baby? If you don’t adore breastfeeding like you hoped you would? If you anguish you ability be all amiss for this “mother” job? If you are addled with the fear, in the wee baby hours of the night, that this accomplished “having a baby” affair was a abhorrent mistake? If you sometimes feel like you would barter your admiring and admiring accomplice for a solid 8 hours of sleep? Nope. Again, all normal. Women through the ages accept acquainted all these animosity and more, and they are a assurance of alone one thing: That you are human

Amen to that! I absolutely feel that added women charge to apprehend or apprehend this appropriate afterwards accepting a baby, so they do not feel accusable for their thoughts and do not feel alone.

Jillian additionally covers how every ancestor will accomplish mistakes and that you will accept unsolicited parenting advice from appealing abundant anyone and everyone. She says, “take it all with a atom of alkali and burden from assaulting them if you can. Admonish yourself: they aren’t worth the bastille time.” haha! She additionally covers pumping, breastfeeding (mastitis, latch issues, abscessed or absurd nipples, thrush, low milk supply), bottle-feeding, and the three S’s: Sleep, Support, and Sustenance during this trimester and how to accept added of it.

I adulation how she writes, “The point is not to be perfect—never to be perfect. The point is to apprentice how to absolve yourself, apprentice from your mistakes, break accessible to change, and be accept with your animosity (whatever they may be). That is what a acceptable ancestor does.”

At the end of the chapter, she writes about diet and fitness afterwards baby. I was decidedly afflicted with how she went over your ideal diet (when you should eat and what you should be eating) if you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding your baby. The aforementioned goes for the fettle routine. She had altered recommendations on back to assignment out and how to assignment out if you had a vaginal (no complications) birth, a c-section, if you had an episiotomy or tearing, or if you accept diastasis recti. Aggregate was all-embracing but accessible to aces up and understand. I was actual impressed.

jillian michaels book, book review, interview with jillian michaels, babychick

Now you apperceive all about the book! You apperceive what the best genitalia are, what you can expect, and if it’s article that you would appetite to apprehend and recommend. I achievement you enjoyed my Nina’s Notes.

Did you apprehend Yeah BABY!? What were your thoughts?



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