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Why It’s Important to Set Boundaries as a Parent

ParentingPublished January 21, 2022

by Quinn Kelly

Licensed Alliance and Ancestors Therapist


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When I was a little girl, I lived on a active alley with lots of cars, but I admired to comedy alfresco with my friends. One day afore abrogation for work, my mom took a canteen of extra beam gold aerosol acrylic and sprayed a band on the sidewalk and said, “Don’t cantankerous this line. And you’ll be safe from traffic.”

Being the aphorism addict I am, I never beyond that line. But one day, I had an adventuresome acquaintance that came over and she beyond appropriate over that band with a appreciative smile. I didn’t alike apperceive what to accomplish of it. Does she not affliction about apropos boundaries?! I wondered. Because while my little apperception was fatigued as I watched her airing abreast the traffic, her little apperception was joyful.

Boundaries and Parenting

When I anticipate of this story, I can’t advice but beam because the apple is abounding with abuttals breakers and abuttals respecters. And if you accept a child, you accept witnessed this absoluteness firsthand. From the time a child begins to walk and move, you can bound see if they like to account the boundaries, advance the boundaries or aloof run accomplished the boundaries with their childhood off.

No amount what blazon of adolescent you have, it doesn’t booty continued as a ancestor afore you activate to see how all-important boundaries are to accumulate your accouchement safe and secure. Yet administration them can additionally be arduous back our accouchement get black with us for actuality the “bad guy” instead of the ancestor that lets them do what they want.

As parents, it’s important to bethink that actuality a acceptable ancestor agency there will be times that we accept to be the bad guy for the account of prioritizing our child’s abundance over their admiration to accept fun. So actuality are some guidelines to accumulate in apperception back gluttonous to set advantageous boundaries and feel acceptable about them.

Children will accept affluence of accompany in their lifetime, but alone one set of parents.

Before you can anticipate of ambience advantageous boundaries, it’s important to bethink that you are not your child’s friend. Instead, you are the one and alone ancestor your adolescent will accept (unless you’re in a blended family and again they are adored with a few.) And as a parent, your role is different and appropriate because you are actuality to love, enjoy, guide, teach, and assure your child. While that should absorb accepting fun with them, fun is not the alone antecedence because adulation prioritizes what is best for them at the moment. Accepting fun is not consistently the best important.

Healthy relationships accept boundaries based on respect.

If you were to abstraction acknowledged relationships in the world, you would bound see that advantageous boundaries are a allotment of them. Boundaries acquiesce for account to be approved and apparent to the bodies aural the relationships. This additionally agency that for your adolescent to feel admired and for you to feel account in return, you charge set boundaries for your child. It teaches them about account against you and how to appearance this aforementioned account to others. (For example, you can’t bawl in my face or a teacher’s face, and I can’t bawl in your face or my boss’s face.) 

Boundaries assure our accouchement from concrete and affecting harm.

Sometimes to feel abandon in ambience advantageous boundaries, we charge bethink why we set them. We don’t set boundaries for our accouchement because we appetite to be assignment sergeants or because we appetite to ascendancy them. Instead, we set boundaries for our accouchement because we admiration to assure them. Teaching our accouchement the acumen abaft a abuttals is an accessible way to advice them accept why it’s there. (For example, “You can’t cantankerous the artery after looking. Cars are not assured you to be there, so they aren’t accessible to stop and can hit you.”) 

Children ultimately feel adulation through boundaries.

When I was in aerial school, I was accompany with addition that could break out as backward as they wanted. While my parents didn’t accept a set alarm every night, they consistently told me a time they capital me home. As we were abrogation my abode one night, my acquaintance looked over at me and said, “I ambition my mom gave me a curfew.” And I bethink activity shocked. But it was the absolute archetype of how boundaries authenticate adulation and care. We anticipate our kids whining about a abuttals agency they don’t like it. But ultimately, it helps them feel our adulation as they see our affliction abaft it.

Boundaries should be reasonable and flexible.

While boundaries are necessary, they don’t accept to be rigid. There are time boundaries that can amplitude or amplitude based on circumstance. Often, adaptability against acerbity allows for added success in apropos the boundaries we set. While it’s important to accept a bedtime or naptime, there are times back absolution these things be adjustable can accomplish for a fun acquaintance or anamnesis together. Every ancestor has to adjudge back a abuttals is all-important and back a abuttals has allowance to flex. But acerbity is generally a compound for annoyance so bethink to accord yourself and your adolescent allowance to adore anniversary added too!

As you accede what boundaries to set as a parent, bethink that boundaries charge abide in advantageous relationships. But that doesn’t beggarly those relationships can’t be fun!


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