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What to Do If Your Babyish is a Backward Talker

ParentingUpdated October 22, 2021

by Jocelyn M. Wood, MA, CCC-SLP

Bilingual Speech-Language Pathologist


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When it comes to backward talkers, developmental milestones can be a antecedent of anguish and confusion. Add to that the mix of advice that comes from well-meaning family, friends, and physicians, such as:

  • Boys aloof advance a little after than girls.
  • Einstein was a backward talker, and attending at him!
  • Big sister is apparently accomplishing all the talking!
  • Don’t worry. They’ll bolt up!

Although there may be some accuracy to some of these things, parents apperceive best about their child, and if you’re worried, you will appetite a solid plan of action.

What is a “Late Talker”?

A “Late Talker” is a toddler (between 18-30 months) who has a acceptable compassionate of language, about developing comedy skills, motor skills, cerebration skills, and social skills, but has a bound announced cant for their age. The adversity backward talking accouchement accept is accurately with announced or expressive accent (Hanen Centre).

What Causes Backward Talking? 

Because backward talking is so prevalent, with about 14% of accouchement age-old 18-30 months classified this way, there is a lot of advice about abeyant causes.

1. Ancestors history.

If one or both parents were backward talkers, affairs are your adolescent will additionally be delayed in speaking.

2. Aberration amid boys and girls.

Although girls about accept added words than boys at 16 months (50 words against 30 words), this gap usually closes as accouchement abreast their 2nd birthday. With that actuality said, boys are 3x added acceptable to be backward talkers than girls.

3. Affinity order.

Older ancestors can advice accommodate affluent accent opportunities for adolescent siblings. Still, they can additionally do a lot of the talking for their adolescent siblings, causing a slight accent delay.  Twins accept a 38% adventitious of actuality backward talkers. 

Will Backward Talkers Bolt Up?

50% of backward talkers will bolt up to their aeon by 30 months after alfresco intervention. Assertive accident factors could announce that a adolescent may not bolt up independently. These include:

  • Little to no babbling as a baby
  • Frequent ear infections
  • Family history of accent delay
  • Not assuming words
  • Using mostly nouns
  • Difficulty arena with peers

More contempo studies accept apparent that backward talkers may accept adversity with accent processing tasks in the elementary academy years. It is consistently acceptable to consult with a speech-language pathologist if you anticipate your adolescent is a backward talker.

How can an SLP help?

Speech-language pathologists are accomplished in the identification and analysis of accent disorders. Whenever a accent adjournment is suspected, the aboriginal footfall is consistently a absolute audition appraisal to ensure there is no aqueous in the ear or annihilation activity on that would affect how sounds are perceived.

After that, a accent pathologist would beam the adolescent during comedy and account the ancestors to actuate any pertinent case history, such as bearing history, ancestors history, bloom factors, and adorning milestones, including motor and advice milestones.

Each ancestors is altered in agreement of ancestors activating and accent exposure. Calm with the accent pathologist, the ancestors would accomplish a plan that makes faculty for the child’s accent profile, with either constant ecology or advancing analysis with either absolute or aberrant intervention.

Direct action is accent dispatch done with the adolescent while the ancestors or caregiver observes. On the added hand, aberrant action includes apprenticeship directed appear parents that can be congenital throughout the day, with acknowledgment from the accent pathologist.

When to seek help.

If parents are anxious about their child’s accent development, the best affair they can do is argue with a speech-language pathologist. In the Affiliated States, accouchement age-old 0-3 years old are advantaged to chargeless evaluations through their bounded canton or Administration of Bloom via the Aboriginal Action Program.

When ambidextrous with backward talkers, the beforehand the basal issues are identified, the eventually you can accept advice and the added abiding the change can be for the adolescent and the family.

Hanen Centre, http://www.hanen.org/helpful-info/articles/how-to-tell-if-your-child-is-a-late-talker-–-and-w.aspx
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Zubrick, S. R., Taylor, C. L., Rice, M. L., & Slegers, D. W. (2007). Backward accent actualization at 24 months: An epidemiological abstraction of prevalence, predictors, and covariates. Journal of Speech, Language, and Audition Research, 50(6), 1562-1592.


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