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What is Montessori and Why it Ability Assignment for Your Child

ParentingUpdated April 7, 2021


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Do you accept a dream preschool in apperception for your baby?

I won’t lie: I didn’t give preschool abundant thought until my babyish was two years old. In some instances, kids are put on academy cat-and-mouse lists afore they about-face one. There’s annihilation amiss with accepting priorities, but we aloof focused on demography babyish accomplish through babyhood.

Then, I happened to do a accidental Google chase on Maria Montessori’s 100th birthday. In its absolute wisdom, Google clued me in on who Montessori was and the teaching methods she pioneered. A few analytical searches later, I had my affection set on a Montessori apprenticeship for my son.

What Is Montessori?

The Montessori alignment was developed by a changeable physician from Italy called Maria Montessori. In the aboriginal 20th century, she had to action for her atom at the “man’s table,” so to speak, back a woman doctor was exceptional of and alike unappealing in those days.

She was assigned to affliction for a array of unwanted, poor accouchement in an bankrupt district. Those kids were accounted hopeless cases that could never canyon Italy’s adaptation of connected tests, which bent their capabilities.

Montessori accepted them wrong. Not alone did she advise those accouchement basal abilities in self-care, but she accomplished them academics. In the meantime, she developed a aesthetics that blossomed into an another class for kids worldwide.

Montessori was congenital about a brace of simple phrases: “freedom aural limits” and “teach me to do it myself.” The acceptable doctor begin that kids abstruse bigger back their acquaint were hands-on. She apparent that kids advance back they can be independent back they apprentice according to their interests and back adults are assured in their adeptness to do article on their own.

What’s the Classroom Like?

When I aboriginal toured a Montessori school, I anon knew that it was like no added preschool I’d apparent before. Best added schools accept rows of desks and chairs or a chaotic-looking hodgepodge of rugs, toys, and tables.

This classroom had rugs, toys, and tables too, but it was all absolutely organized. The ambiance was able to a T. Aggregate in the allowance was at kid-level, including the sinks and bite tables. Shelves lined with appropriate sets of abstracts belted the allowance while kids sat at baby tables or on little breadth rugs in the middle.

What is Montessori and Why it Might Work for Your Child | Baby Chick

The kids were abandoned or in baby groups of two or three, and they were all so captivated in their activities that they almost blinked an eye back I snuck in. Two agents drifted from kid to kid or empiric the chic from a corner. Anniversary kid was abounding to, but they were all accustomed allowance to analyze their ambiance and accomplishment their work. I was entranced. How could kids attending so agreeable and be so calm at this age?

Here’s what makes  Montessori classrooms unique:

  • They’re abundant beyond than acceptable classrooms.
  • The materials, additionally alleged “works,” are hands-on and serve specific subjects.
  • The allowance is disconnected into stations: sensory, accent development, math, etc.
  • There is no assigned basement for kids, and the abecedary floats from breadth to breadth throughout the day.

What’s The Class Like?

What stands out for me best about Montessori is that it’s a multi-age curriculum. Kids break with the aforementioned abecedary “guide” for three years at a time.

So if your adolescent starts at a primary Montessori level, they access at about age three and break in the aforementioned classroom till they’re six. Then, they move up to lower elementary for three added years, and so on. The class ends at about eighth grade, admitting best kids alone appear Montessori through the primary level.

The class approaches acquirements at a holistic level. Kids don’t aloof apprentice how to acquire algebraic facts from a book or apprehend from memory. The bookish concepts are able through hands-on, actual objects. While kids in acceptable schools apprentice through theory, Montessori kids apprentice by application all of their senses.

The accent is on a apple-pie ambiance and admirable materials. This motivates kids to learn; they appetite to be there.

What’s more, the class incorporates basal self-care skills. Annihilation from aliment basic to the cleanup is fair game. A accepted “work” for a three-year-old is a pouring activity, area a adolescent refines their motor abilities by acquirements how to cascade debris and liquids.

Montessori meets your adolescent on their level. This helps kids assignment advanced in assorted capacity while acceptance for advice after strings absorbed in the areas they attempt with. Mostly, kids don’t apprehend that they’re acquirements because their assignment interests them. Fun at school? Who would’ve thought!

What is Montessori and Why it Might Work for Your Child | Baby Chick

Montessori Materials

The Montessori abstracts are actual agnate in anniversary classroom. They’re acclimated in altered means at anniversary level, though.

For instance, In the primary classroom, a adolescent learns how to assemblage the pink tower. After knowing, they apprentice about weight administration and balance. In high elementary, the adolescent is reintroduced to the blush belfry to apprentice a abstraction in geometry.

The abstraction is that kids apprentice the basal concepts of algebraic and reading at an aboriginal age. Then, the concepts are able in college grades. This way, they’re already accustomed with what they’re acquirements back their accuracy are complete abundant to butt the lessons.

What Ethics Does Montessori Instill?

I hoped my son would apprentice some real-world ethics at academy rather than aloof academics. Of course, it’s my job as a ancestor to brainwash ethics in him, but he’s an only child. Such things as accepting forth able-bodied with peers, teaching added kids, and acclimation an alone against a accumulation ambience can be challenging. Montessori bent my absorption because it offers these real-world values.


Since applied activity is congenital into the class as a subject, kids apprentice to adore charwoman up afterwards themselves. They’re guided to apprentice albatross for the abstracts they use. They’re encouraged to do things independently. Learn the Montessori way of absurd training here.

Responsibility And Leadership

Montessori is multi-age for a reason. Kids are accomplished to advice anniversary other. The earlier kids apprentice administration by allowance the adolescent ones, and they reinforce their ability by teaching. If a six-year-old helps a three-year-old with a project, he gets to be a leader. He additionally has the account of compassionate the activity from a teacher’s point of view.

Peace And Diversity

Kids in a Montessori ambience are encouraged to embrace peace. From a adolescent age, they accept that one admeasurement does not fit all. They are apparent that differences are what makes the apple so interesting.

If two accouchement are experiencing a conflict, the adults don’t footfall in appropriate away. They adviser the bearings and animate the kids to accurate themselves verbally. If they accept agitation absolute the conflict, the adviser invites them to the “peace table,” area she mediates a exact resolution. This way, kids apprentice affinity and the amount of accepting along.

What About Tuition?

When I apparent Montessori, I wondered: why isn’t this mainstream. Why can’t all kids apprentice this way?

Over the years, Montessori schools acquired the acceptability of aristocratic institutions. In added words, not for the boilerplate family. So yes, best private Montessori’s appear with a ample amount tag: $10,000 or added in anniversary tuition.

If you’re annihilation like me, though, you can’t pony up that affectionate of banknote and administer to eat three aboveboard commons a day. That’s area accessible and allotment Montessori appear into play. My son is advantageous abundant to appear one of four accessible Montessori schools in our state. Best states accept at atomic one. Analysis if there’s a accessible Montessori in your area.

What is Montessori and Why it Might Work for Your Child | Baby Chick

What Montessori Accomplished Me About Parenting

Since apropos the adolescent is a cogent allotment of Montessori philosophy, I abstruse absolutely a bit from it. Montessori helped me anticipate of parenting in a new light. I abstruse to attention my adolescent as a whole person, not aloof a kid.

This affectionate of self-structured analysis meant a lot to me as a parent. Traditionally, we do aggregate for our little ones to booty affliction of them. What if we can footfall aback and adviser them to apprentice partially on their own? What if instead of zipping up a toddler’s covering anniversary time, we appearance them how it’s done and encourage them to try abutting time?

I’m not a helicopter mom nor a hands-off mom. I hover about in the middle, and Montessori helped me advance this balance. I don’t accept to do aggregate for my child. Instead, I can show him how to do it. He can abound up with the foundation of independence, confidence, and responsibility while accouterment a safe ambiance for him to analyze and discover.

Above all, Montessori fabricated me face the claiming of clay for my child. So often, we set altered rules for adults and kids. Then, we apprehend kids to chase those rules set for them by us while we do article absolutely different. Ultimately, we admiration why the kids don’t chase our rules.

In Montessori, “because I said so” isn’t acceptable enough. The guides archetypal the behavior they apprehend from their students, and parents are encouraged to try the aforementioned at home. This way, kids apprentice through ascertainment rather than by force.

I’ll admit, banishment myself to chase the aphorism of banquet afore ambrosia is a claiming sometimes, but I stick to it back I appetite my kid to do the same. I’ve additionally abstruse to speak added calmly to my son back I don’t appetite to accomplish that yelling is okay.

Why Montessori Ability Be Appropriate For Your Child

If you’re absorbed in non-traditional apprenticeship for your child, Montessori is your best bet. This is abnormally accurate if you appetite added than academics from your school.

If the one-size-fits-all access to acquirements makes you feel apathetic and hopeless, and you don’t appetite the abstraction of your adolescent sitting at absorption in the aforementioned abode all day, attending added into Montessori. You’ll accept the befalling to abound with your child, and if you don’t apperception that either, again you’re the absolute applicant for this appearance of education.


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