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What Does a Postpartum Assistant Do?

postpartumPublished January 6, 2023

by Kirsten White, BSN, RN

Pediatric Nurse


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Postpartum nurses get a bad rap for consistently arresting new moms’ and babies’ sleep. It can be boxy to get after hours of blow back you are afresh postpartum, abnormally in the hospital. If your babyish is not alive afresh to cluster feed, it is alarms activity off in the alley or addition new mom accepting ice from the apparatus alfresco your room. The aftermost affair you charge is addition nurse’s beating on your door, but your and your baby’s health, safety, and abundance are their top priorities.

The nurses do not adore alive you, and while it may not assume like the case, there’s a acumen for aggregate they do. So, what are all these interruptions, and why are postpartum nurses in your allowance so much? What is the purpose of all their interventions, and what does a postpartum assistant do? I’m actuality to explain it all.

What is a Postpartum Nurse?

While a labor and commitment nurse coaches you through the bearing action and assists with your delivery, a postpartum assistant takes over afterwards you accord birth. At some hospitals, nurses can float amid the activity and commitment and postpartum units, while at added hospitals, nurses assignment alone in one assemblage or the other. Some postpartum nurses may additionally float to the appropriate affliction nursery or NICU.

Also alleged mother-baby nurses, postpartum nurses affliction for the new mother and her babyish afterwards commitment until discharge. This is a different nursing role because you and your babyish are their patients. The Affiliation of Women’s Health, Obstetric, and Neonatal Nurses recommends that one postpartum assistant affliction for no added than three mother-baby couplets at a time, acceptation they could accept up to six patients to assess, assist, teach, and document.1

What Do Postpartum Nurses Do for New Moms?

Many affectionate deaths action in the aboriginal 24 hours postpartum, so abutting ecology and action of a new mother during that time is essential.2

Some of the things postpartum nurses attending for and advice you with while you are in the hospital include:

Checking Basic Signs

Maternal afterlife anon afterwards bearing is generally acquired by altitude like aerial claret pressure, postpartum hemorrhage, claret clots, and sepsis or infection. All these altitude can be bent with abutting basic assurance ecology and advised added promptly and effectively. While it may be annoying to accept your claret burden and added basic signs arrested so frequently postpartum, this allows your nurses to bolt any red flags afore they become severe.2


Your postpartum assistant will audit you from arch to toe, apparently at atomic already per 12-hour about-face or added frequently. They may focus added accepted assessments on accepted areas of affair afterwards birth, such as:3,4


Whether you plan to breastfeed or not, your anatomy will acceptable accessory up to do so almost bound postpartum. Your assistant will appraise your breasts for signs of engorgement, pain, and infection.


Your assistant will accomplish common fundal assessments to feel for the acme and compactness of the top of your uterus. This indicates whether it is application and shrinking aback to its accepted size. If it feels bendable or “boggy,” your assistant may beating your uterus to advice it contract. If your uterus feels off-center, this can announce a abounding bladder.


A abounding float can put disproportionate burden on your uterus and access your accident of postpartum hemorrhage. Again, your assistant can acquaint that your float is abounding if your uterus is deviated. Urine assimilation can announce an affair with your epidural cutting off or your urinary catheter.


Due to dehydration, abridgement of aliment and movement, hemorrhoids, and added accident and acuteness to your perineal area, it may be difficult and booty a while to move your belly postpartum. Your assistant will appetite to apperceive if you accept been able to yet, and whether you are experiencing any gastrointestinal discomfort.


If you acquaintance tearing or an episiotomy during delivery, your assistant will appraise your vaginal and perineal breadth to ensure your stitches alleviate appropriately. If you accept a C-section, your assistant will attending at your cavity armpit and accomplish abiding the blister edges are bankrupt and healing correctly. They will attending for signs of bleeding, oozing, or infection.

Vaginal Bleeding

Regardless of whether you accept a C-section or a vaginal birth, afterwards delivery, you will acquaintance vaginal bleeding alleged lochia as your uterus heals. Your assistant will appraise this bleeding for amount, color, and any able odor to attending for signs of drain and infection.


Your postpartum assistant will attending at your legs for signs of swelling, warmth, and redness, which could announce claret clots or aerial claret pressure.

Emotional State

The bearing experience, beddy-bye deprivation, and hormone fluctuations can badly affect your mood. Your postpartum assistant should appraise your affections and appraise you for signs of baby blues or postpartum depression. They will additionally apprehension whether you assume to be bonding appropriately with your new baby.

Medication Administration

Your doctor will address your medication orders that your assistant will fulfill, including any medications you usually booty at home. From stool softeners to affliction medications, it is capital to stay on top of your medication regimen and agenda so that your affliction and added abeyant issues abide manageable.

Monitoring Your Assimilation and Output

Your postpartum assistant will appearance you how to adjustment commons while in the hospital and alike advice you do so. If applicable, they will ensure you are bistro and bubbler enough, acceptable in your accretion and breastfeeding journey. They will additionally animate you to abandoned urine frequently. An abandoned float leaves allowance for the uterus to heal. Finally, your assistant will appetite to apperceive if you accept had your aboriginal postpartum poop!

Breastfeeding Support

Postpartum nurses accept witnessed abounding new mothers apprentice to breastfeed, and abounding are amorous about acknowledging you on this journey. Alike if they cannot abetment you with your baby’s latch, feeding positions, and milk supply, they will be able to affix you with a lactation consultant who can! Your assistant can additionally accord tips on nipple and breast care, from balms to calefaction and ice. These may advice if you are experiencing pain, engorgement, soreness, and added breastfeeding discomforts.


Your assistant will accommodate you with all the all-important postpartum supplies, from ice packs, pads, and developed diapers to battery essentials. They can additionally abetment you with toileting and showering if needed.


If you charge any medical equipment, supplies, or assets (such as an calm claret burden cuff) aloft acquittal from the hospital, your assistant can advice you alike that or get in blow with the being who can.


Your postpartum assistant will airing you through accepting your baby’s bearing certificate, accord you the actual abstracts to ample out, and let you apperceive area to abide them. If you charge added paperwork or testing, such as ancestors forms, your postpartum assistant will additionally apperceive how to advice you.


Being a new ancestor can be overwhelming, but your assistant can advice to brainwash you and your accomplice on abounding aspects of well-baby care, like feeding, diapering, soothing, safe sleep, and more. Postpartum nurses are accomplished agents for new parents because they accept so abundant acquaintance with newborns. Afterwards all, bisected of their patients are babies! Besides the affliction they accommodate new mothers, they additionally advice adviser and affliction for your babyish as they acclimatize to the apple alfresco your womb.

What Do Postpartum Nurses Do for Babies?

Vital Signs

Your postpartum assistant will commonly analysis your baby’s affection rate, temperature, and respiratory amount to ensure they advance alfresco the womb.


Like the absolute appraisal your postpartum assistant completes on you, they will additionally do a head-to-toe appraisal of your baby. Some specific things the assistant ability attending for include:5


Your postpartum assistant will appraise your babyish for their coloring, texture, feel and toenails, hair, and rashes.

Head, Face, and Neck

A postpartum assistant will agenda your baby’s address and akin of consciousness. They will feel your baby’s bendable spots on its skull and apprehension the appearance of your baby’s head. They will beam all facial appearance and audit the mouth’s central for argot advancement and an complete palate. The postpartum assistant will analysis for the ambit of motion of the arch and close and will appraise the collarbone, which can sometimes acquaintance accident during birth.

Heart and Lungs

Your postpartum assistant will accept to your baby’s affection and lung sounds for abnormalities. They will additionally beam their breath arrangement to attending for signs of respiratory ache such as grunting, retractions, or nasal flaring.


Your assistant will analysis for balanced movement of your newborn’s accoutrements and legs and appraise their reflexes. They will additionally apprehension your baby’s action akin and beef tone.


The assistant will appraise your infant’s umbilical cord and abdomen for masses, lesions, or hernias.

Genitals and Anus

Your assistant will analysis your baby’s childhood breadth to ensure their urine and stool avenue passages are good. If you accept a changeable baby, your assistant may acquaint you that some vaginal acquittal is accepted in acknowledgment to affectionate hormones. If you accept a macho baby, your assistant may analysis that his testicles are descended. If you accept for your son to be circumcized, your assistant will additionally adviser your son’s circumcision and advice you with that care. They will analysis that your baby’s genitals about arise normal.


They will counterbalance your babyish and booty its breadth and arch circumference. While the breadth and arch ambit will apparently alone be arrested already during your hospital stay, nurses may adviser their weight every 24 hours.

Intake and Output

Postpartum nurses certificate your baby’s feeds, whether formula or breastmilk, and their urine and stool output. If a assistant seems bedeviled with diapers, it is because they are! They can abetment with childhood changes, admitting they will animate you to learn how to change a diaper on your own so you are able back you go home.

Coordinates Tests and Screenings

There are specific tests that addition may accomplish on your baby, such as a audition awning and a baby claret analysis that gets submitted to your state. Your postpartum assistant will alike these tests or alike accomplish them. They will additionally complete any added claret tests at the bedside or accelerate them to the hospital lab, like if your baby’s claret amoroso or bilirubin are actuality monitored.

Administers Medications

Your babyish may accept medications like erythromycin eye ointment, the vitamin K shot, and the hepatitis B vaccine anon afterwards birth. Your postpartum assistant is generally the one to administrate these to your baby.

Assists with the Aboriginal Bath

Postpartum nurses generally advice you give your babyish their aboriginal bath. They will accommodate the food you need, from a ablution basin to a washcloth and babyish wash, and appearance you how to accumulate them balmy and accumulate their bond dry while charwoman them for the aboriginal time. If you would rather delay the aboriginal bath, you can let them know—they will not do it after cogent you.

Anything Abroad You or Your Babyish Needs

In general, your postpartum assistant looks out for you and your baby. They acceptable chose this acreage because they are amorous about allowance new moms and newborns. Some hospitals alike accept a bairn nursery staffed by postpartum nurses, area you can accelerate your babyish for administration and feedings while you blow and recover. However, they will animate you to apprentice abundant about babyish affliction so you are accessible back you get home.

Postpartum nurses are about a abundant ability if you accept questions or concerns. They accept so abundant ability and acquaintance with babies and moms and are blessed to help. Annihilation is awkward, off-limits, or too small. If time and their workloads permit, they will consistently go the added mile for you. Try to absolve them for the connected interruptions because they absolutely attending out for your health, safety, and well-being!

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