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What Does a Activity and Commitment Assistant Absolutely Do?

birthPublished January 27, 2022

by Ashley Derderian Sousa

Labor & Commitment Assistant and Lactation Consultant


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Labor and commitment nurses accept the account of allowance moms as they ability the end of pregnancy. They angle by your ancillary as you acceptable new ancestors associates into your lives. It’s safe to say it may be the best job around! Of course, it isn’t consistently rainbows and butterflies, and those canicule can be really, absolutely hard.

Many women band with their activity and commitment assistant and best generally appetite to booty them home with them back they’re discharged! As an assured or new mama, you may be apprehensive what a activity and commitment assistant does, abnormally afterwards you accept gotten to apperceive your midwife or obstetrician so able-bodied over the aftermost several months of your pregnancy.

What Do Activity and Commitment Nurses Do?

As a activity and commitment assistant with about ten years of experience, it’s safe to say I could assassinate my duties with my eyes closed. (don’t worry, I won’t!!) However, patients and audience generally ask me, “What absolutely do you do?” I will outline some of the things you may acquaintance with your activity and commitment nurse!

Each bearing place is set up a bit differently, so of course, accumulate that in apperception back account through this! Some bearing places accept a triage assemblage area you will be adjourned afore actuality admitted. Generally it is activity and commitment nurses who run these triage beds. However, sometimes these nurses are specific and are alleged “triage nurses,” and again already admitted, you may be anesthetized off to a altered assistant who will be caring for you through your activity and birth.

Paperwork and Labs

Pregnant woman in face mask visit gynecologist at hospital or medical clinic for consultation, doctor filling health record, selective focus on belly. Mother healthcare check up. Gynecology concept.

Once accepted to the activity and commitment unit, you will acquisition that your assistant is absolutely busy! They will acceptable alpha by allowance get you acclimatized into your room, assurance and analysis acceptance paperwork, alpha an intravenous catheter, draw lab work, and administer ecology equipment. Of course, depending on your plan of care, this alternation of contest may appear in a abundant quicker or conceivably a slower manner.

You may acquisition assertive periods of the hospital action overwhelming. However, I am consistently reminding my audience and patients that throughout the admission, labor, birth, postpartum, and acquittal period, your assistant will be there to advice brainwash and abutment you, as able-bodied as apostle for you! Use your nurses as your better ability during your hospital stay. Don’t be abashed to ask questions or alike ask them their opinion. And don’t forget, abounding of us accept been accomplishing this for abounding years, and we are on your aggregation and appetite the best for anniversary and every one of our patients.


An blond nurse with long hair wearing navy scrubs and a face mask enters data into her laptop computer on the nursing cart to document patient information during a 12 hour shift inside a medical facility, Midwest, USA

Medical charting is addition analytical allotment of the activity and commitment process. While it may assume strange, you will acquisition your assistant generally has her arch active in the computer. We clue your medical advice and history and certificate your fetal affection amount tracing. We’ll additionally accumulate clue of basic signs, medications, procedures, interventions, conversations with added medical affliction providers, and more. Don’t be abashed to ask questions as sometimes we may balloon to acknowledgment article important to you.

Equipment Wrangler

Pregnant woman lying down in a hospital bed and talking to a doctor.

There is a lot of medical accessories and food that go into activity and birth. We’re generally like little ninjas affective in and out of the room, bringing accessories and all-important items in and out. Sometimes these aliment are for demography affliction of astronomic and sometimes for demography affliction of a baby. Again, don’t be abashed to ask questions! Sometimes the accessories may attending cutting or scary. Generally it is aloof for emergencies and isn’t alike used, so try not to worry!

Care Coordinator

Shot of a young pregnant woman sitting on her hospital bed and looking thoughtful with nurses in the background

There is a lot of allocation of affliction that goes with activity and delivery. We will be in advice with your provider, the anesthesiologist, added nurses on the floor, pediatric providers (if needed), and case administration if there are appropriate circumstances. Anniversary accommodating will accept affliction tailored to them, which is capital for accouterment ample abutment and care. During your pregnancy, amuse altercate any important facts that may be accordant to your activity and delivery. We can booty this all into annual and accommodate affliction specific to you, your health, and your baby!

Vitals and Medicines

A nurse measuring blood pressure of young mother in hospital ward

We will be assessing you absolutely frequently. We analysis your basic signs, analysis your abdomen to see how able your contractions are, attack to feel for fetal positioning, and ensure your IV is in acceptable alive order. And we advice accommodate and titrate altered medications, abetment your provider with altered procedures and interventions, and do cervical exams to see how aggrandized you are. Abounding times we will advice you get into altered positions. Sometimes we abetment the anesthesiologist with epidural and analgesic procedures. Of course, we advice abutment you during the commitment and postpartum process. Likely, we will additionally abetment if you crave a cesarean birth. We’re actually with you every footfall of the way!

After delivery, we will advice you out of bed to advice you go to the bathroom, advise you about cavity or perineal care, and advice with breastfeeding and more. Some bearing places are set up so you will see the aforementioned affliction providers throughout your stay. These nurses may alike advice you affliction for your baby and adapt for discharge. Added bearing places will alteration you to a altered assemblage area you will accommodated a scattering of new nurses specializing accurately in postpartum nursing care.

Master Multi-taskers

Typically nurses are assigned one active labor accommodating and advice that accommodating through accretion one on one. But on active days, we may be watching added than one fetal affection amount “strip.” Often, we can see your fetal affection amount archetype at several workstations amid throughout the bearing place. So don’t anguish back we’re not in your room. We’re acceptable out allowance our coworkers, acceptable with added patients, triaging added abundant mamas, or acting as a aggregation affiliate on the floor. Consistently apperceive that application your alarm alarm to active your assistant will ensure that she will appear as bound as possible.

Your activity and commitment nurses absolutely will attending advanced to accepting to apperceive you and your family. It is our advantage admonition to abutment you throughout your activity and bearing process. While the action tends to be anxiety-provoking for many, apperceive that your activity and commitment nurses will be there with you every distinct footfall of the way. They will accommodate you with education, support, and admonition that may aftermost with you for years to come! I accept affirmed with patients throughout the years and still accumulate in blow with them on their childrens’ birthdays. Affable your babyish into the apple is a admirable time and actuality about to be a affiliate of your abutment aggregation is a advantage and an honor!


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