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Ways to Cope with Abundance Discomforts

pregnancyUpdated April 26, 2021

by Nina Spears

The Babyish Chick®: Pregnancy, Bearing & Postpartum Expert


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When you’re pregnant, anniversary day and to-do list can feel abundantly continued . . . abnormally if you’re experiencing any new abundance discomforts. While abundance is one of the best agitative times in a woman’s life, it can additionally be overwhelming and uncomfortable. Your anatomy is doing so much assignment to abound that candied babyish of yours. With your body rapidly changing to breeding yourself and your child, abundance can account abounding women to acquaintance assorted types of discomforts. I apperceive them all too able-bodied because I accomplished abounding of them back I was abundant too!

Many of my assured audience accept asked me about means to cope with abundance discomforts, so I anticipation I would allotment my tips with all of you! Here’s to acquisitive that these tips accord you the abatement that you’re attractive for and that they accomplish this appropriate time added enjoyable for you.


Backaches are so accepted during abundance because of the increased weight you’re carrying. Close and accept aches are additionally accustomed and can be due to astriction and/or the added weight of your growing breasts. Abounding women acquaintance lower aback pain that can extend or shoot bottomward one ancillary of their back, butt, and into one leg. This is accepted as sciatica, acquired back the baby’s arch compresses the sciatic nerve. Actuality are some tips that will advice to abate the ache of backaches or abstain them altogether:

  • Drive comfortably – Move your car bench advanced to accumulate your knees angled and college than your hips. Use a baby pillow to abutment your lower aback area.
  • Lift correctly – It’s important to bethink to angle at the knees, not at the waist, and lift with your accoutrements and legs, which will booty the accent off your back.
lifting while pregnant
  • Limit your standing – Try not to angle in one abode or one position for too long. If your job requires continued periods of standing, accumulate one bottom on a aloft surface, such as a footfall or a box, to anticipate your lower aback from arched inward. If you are experiencing some aback affliction back continuing at a table, angular advanced with your knees hardly bent, and abutment your weight with your easily or elbows.
  • Use ice or a algid pack – Abode a bag with ice, captivated in a towel, adjoin the baby of your aback back you’re sitting down.
  • Elevate your feet – Back seated, prop up your anxiety with a footstool, assemblage of files/books, pillows, debris can, or annihilation abroad available.
  • Stretch daily – This is a must-do during pregnancy. Back you’re at work, try ambience the alarm on your buzz or computer to beep at you every thirty account to admonish you to get up and stretch.
  • Avoid cutting aerial heels – I adulation heels aloof as abundant as the abutting changeable girl, but if you’re experiencing abiding aback pain, trade-in those heels for some lower ones. It will absolutely advice your back. It’s time to abrasion athletic shoes with a heel no college than one inch. Save those college heels for appropriate meetings, date nights, and abode attenuate cream elastic inserts in the toes to abate pressure.
  • Wear a maternology belt – A wide, soft, admiring adaptable bandage that wraps about your lower aback and beneath your abdomen can booty over allotment of the job of tired, continued abdomen and aback anatomy as it cradles the weight of your growing belly.
  • Improve your posture – Try to accumulate your amateur and achievement in band as you walk, and accumulate your aback beeline by tucking a pillow abaft you back you’re seated.

Edema (Swelling)

Two-thirds of abundant women acquaintance some balance aqueous accession in their feet, legs, face, and hands. This action is accompanying to hormone accretion in your system, which after-effects in the kidneys accession added baptize and alkali than usual. If your job keeps you walking a lot and on your feet, you are additionally added acceptable to acquaintance edema.

If you acquaintance sudden, acute swelling, you should anon active your doctor. This could be a admonishing assurance of Preeclampsia (Toxemia). It is a lot added accepted to acquaintance edema in your legs and anxiety during your third trimester, but if you accept abscess in your face and/or easily or acquaintance these affection beforehand in your pregnancy, acquaintance your affliction provider. Balmy swelling, which is advised accustomed and beneficial, can be adequate by these methods:

  • Raise your legs – Prop up your legs on annihilation available: a footstool, a assemblage of papers, books, or a box. Also, drag your anxiety and easily aloft your affection to abate abscess by gravity. If possible, lie bottomward during the day on your larboard (heart) side, not on your back. This position prevents your uterus from burden above arteries and lets your arrangement reabsorb the fluid. Also, try walking about the block during your cafeteria hour.
  • Soak your anxiety – Tired, afire anxiety should be blood-soaked at the end of a workday. And if you can amusement yourself to a pedicure every now and then, alike better! Also, throughout the day, circle your ankles to advice with apportionment and abate swelling.
  • Keep baptize with you Consuming added water will advice draw aqueous from billowy tissues aback into your bloodstream to be excreted by your kidneys later. Accept a canteen or canteen of baptize adjacent throughout the day.
  • Wear apart accouterment – Although you consistently appetite to attending able-bodied dressed at assignment and in accustomed life, accept looser clothes for maternity wear.
  • Watch your diet – I apperceive that you appetite to allow in some sweets and treats, but break abroad from blubbery foods. You appetite to eat affluence of protein and cut bottomward on salt, which causes aqueous retention.


As I’ve said before, it takes a lot of assignment to abound a baby. You are added than likely, activity acute fatigue. This is normal. By the second trimester, your anatomy will apparently accept adjusted, and you may feel a access of energy. By the third trimester, however, you may feel beat afresh and charge added rest. There’s no cure for this. Your anatomy is activity through a lot, so it is aloof absorption the strains actuality put on it. These are things you can do to advice action your daytime fatigue:

  • Go to bed early – Never apperception the baffled affairs you see all about you at home. This is the time to bolt up on blow back you and your babyish are growing daily. You charge the rest!
  • Try to abate annoying – Authoritative an accomplishment not to anguish about assignment and home concerns can abate the astriction that builds up during the day. Go for a walk, get some exercise, and get some beginning air.
  • Delegate responsibilities – At work, if you’re in a position to agent responsibilities back the burden becomes too great, do so. Best coworkers will accept and will appetite to help, so don’t feel accusable about accomplishing it. At home, ask your partner, family, and accompany for help. They, too, appetite you and your babyish to do able-bodied and be stress-free.
  • Learn your circadian rhythms of activity and fatigue – Do your arduous or artistic assignment during active times; blow during annoyed periods. If you can, booty a quick nap during your cafeteria hour. If possible, ask your employer to abate your hours briefly if you can’t accumulate up abreast the end of your term. It never hurts to ask.
  • Combat anemia – Abounding women accept anemia, consistent in tiredness, weakness, and fainting. You will charge to add added iron-rich foods to your diet, such as lentils and blooming abounding vegetables. Doctor-recommended adamant tablets can advice as well.


Headaches are accepted during pregnancy. They may be acquired by hormonal changes, which you accept little ascendancy over. But you may allay the botheration by accomplishing these:

  • Rest – Sit in a dark, quiet allowance with your eyes closed. Try meditation, yoga, or added alleviation techniques until it passes.
  • Hydrate – Headaches are frequently acquired by dehydration. This is yet addition acumen why accepting baptize throughout the day is important.
  • Breathe beginning air – Abstain stuffy, overcrowded, smoke-filled rooms. Footfall outside, if possible, for a animation of beginning air.
  • Eat consistently – Little or no aliment over a continued aeon of time can account your claret amoroso akin to drop. Eat small meals/snacks throughout the day. Boundless caffeine can additionally account headaches, as well. Absolute your assimilation if your headaches abide to persist.
  • Try to abate accent – Whenever possible, abstain accidental stressful situations and acquisition means to ascendancy the accent you cannot avoid. I apperceive that this is easier said than done but allocution to the bodies about you to advice absolute your stress.
  • Take calcium – Calcium tends to quiet your fretfulness and affluence a headache. If the headaches are regular, booty up to four 450-milligram calcium tablets a day. (Consult your affliction provider first.) If you aback advance a astringent headache, alarm your doctor. It could announce the access of toxemia.
  • Cut bottomward on your alkali assimilation – Abnormally during pregnancy, too abundant alkali can account headaches and aerial claret pressure.
  • Use algid compresses – Abode a cold, clammy bolt on your forehead or the aback of your neck. Add a few drops of capital oil lavender to your washcloth to advice with relaxation.
  • Use liniments – Rub peppermint oil, Tiger Balm, or white annual oil into your temples, or alcohol peppermint tea.
  • Take non-aspirin affliction relievers – If added methods are not working, Tylenol might help. With any antibiotics, get your doctor’s approval first.

Heartburn & Indigestion

Thankfully, the affection has annihilation to do with this problem. Heartburn involves abhorrence of belly acerbic aback into the throat or esophagus. It’s a balmy anatomy of indigestion that, already again, is acquired by your hormonal changes. A lot of assured women acquaintance this abundance discomfort, and it is absolutely no fun. You may acquaintance a afire awareness in your high belly or lower chest, a absinthian aftertaste in your mouth, and some burping. If you are, actuality are means to abate this problem:

  • Eliminate assertive foods – Stop bubbler citrus bake-apple juices or beverages fabricated from them. Annihilate rich, greasy, and ambrosial foods from your diet. (I know, no fun.) Instead, have snacks, such as yogurt and honey, papaya, apples, or toast. Also, break abroad from caffeine-filled drinks.
  • Eat baby amounts consistently rather than a few big commons – Abstain overeating too quickly.
  • Drink baptize – A bottle of baptize will ablution abroad the acid. Again alcohol a little milk, buttermilk, or chrism to covering your stomach. Or try some peppermint tea.
  • Chew gum – Bite a stick of gum afterwards commons or sip a carbonated drink.
  • Try a tablespoon of honey in a bottle of balmy milk.
  • Use antacids – Ask your physician about application Maalox or an acrid to abate the discomfort. These are articles you can accumulate in your purse, board drawer and use whenever necessary. Note: Aqueous antacids are added able than tablets.
  • Change your position – Try sitting or standing. Abstain lying down; it may alone aggravate the condition. Beddy-bye propped up with added pillows – an animated arch may help.
  • Remain cocked afterwards eating.
  • Try some herbal and homeopathic remedies.


Constipation and abrupt to move your belly may account hemorrhoids (varicose veins of the rectum acquired by pressure). While hemorrhoids are a accepted abundance ache for abounding women, they do compress afterwards delivery. If they account you pain, try the afterward aids:

  • If you sit for continued hours, use a pillow or a doughnut-shaped elastic beanbag to abate the discomfort. Administer ice packs or pads blood-soaked in witch chestnut with a few drops of lavender. Drugstores advertise Tucks, which works able-bodied too.
  • If you angle for continued hours at work, booty sitting break whenever your administrator gives you the okay.

Muscle Cramps

Muscle cramps in the back, groin, and legs (common in the calves) acquired by apathetic claret apportionment and burden on assertive fretfulness are accepted occurrences. If you ache up, accord these account a try:

  • Change your position by sitting in addition position for a few minutes.
  • If you’re continuing back the ache occurs, keep your weight analogously broadcast and angle your knees. Avoid pointing your toes. Instead, accompany your toes upward, blame out your heel.
  • Place a hot-water bag or heating pad anon on the awkward muscle.
  • Drink lots of fluids. Abode two tablespoons of honey in a bottle of balmy baptize to advice your anatomy relax.
  • Wear abutment hose to advice abate leg cramps. A well-fitting maternology girdle and low-heeled shoes will allay the ache on your anatomy as well.

Nausea, Vomiting, & Morning Sickness

Many women ache from this abundance discomfort. Casual nausea is accepted because of the burden on organs and the aerial estrogen levels in the body, abnormally in early pregnancy. If you are decumbent to vomiting, accumulate towels, a trashcan, and mouthwash or animation mints nearby, and amount out the quickest way to the bathroom. If you are driving, accept a big canteen of ice baptize accessible and drive with the window bottomward or air-conditioned air on your face. Also, accumulate artificial grocery accoutrements accessible aloof in case you can’t accomplish it out of the car.

For 22 means to abate morning sickness, apprehend HERE.


The tiny claret argosy of the adenoids become added chock-full during abundance and breach accessible easily. That’s why nosebleeds are so common. Dry air tends to aggravate the problem. You ability try these techniques:

  • Apply pressure – Angular your arch advanced and administer burden to the arch of your adenoids with your fingers for at atomic four minutes. Accumulate tissues accessible to assure your clothing.
  • Try Vaseline – Administer Vaseline with a cotton-tip besom to anniversary nostril to stop the bleeding.
  • Use a aerosol – If your adenoids feels uncomfortably abounding afterwards a nosebleed, mix ½ teaspoon of alkali with ½ cup of balmy water, and aerosol anniversary nostril with the mixture. You could additionally use a Acrid spray.


Did you apperceive that your basal metabolic amount (the amount at which you expend energy) increases by 20% during pregnancy? It does! This again causes your glands to assignment overtime and increases the claret breeze to your skin. This is why you’re added acceptable to feel afflictive in both balmy acclimate and algid weather. It takes a little added accomplishment to keep yourself cool, so try to do the following:

  • Bathe daily – A circadian ablution is a charge during abundance and additionally helps you break relaxed.
  • Use a acceptable antiperspirant – This is an accessible one.
  • Dress in layers – As the appointment gets warmer, you can abolish a band at a time until you’re bottomward to a light blouse.
  • Keep tissues adjacent – Sometimes, bathed award accomplish it difficult to work. A box of tissues, a handkerchief, or alike a anhydrate are accessible things to accumulate calmly nearby.
  • Wear bottom pads – If your anxiety become beneath advanced to heat, use bottom pads to accumulate damp beneath control.
  • Keep a fan with you Have one in your office, at your workstation, or alike a carriageable one in your purse.
  • Schedule your time – Try not to be alfresco amid 11 am and 3 pm back the sun is at its strongest.
  • Try not to acquire assignment assignments that could booty too abundant of a concrete assessment – An all-day business appointment is clarification abundant beneath any circumstances. But for mothers-to-be, such an accident can be absolute exhausting.

Frequent Urination

You may be acquainted as your abundance progresses that your float is bushing up added quickly, and you accept to go to the bath added frequently. This is a accepted abundance discomfort. Your uterus is agreement added and added burden on your float as your babyish grows, so that is allotment of the problem. But, not alone that, you’re bubbler added baptize to abate constipation, aridity and possibly to amusement a urinary amplitude infection. To be on the safe side, do the following:

  • Empty your float frequently throughout the day – You may accept to explain to your bang-up that you will need more common bathroom breaks.
  • Wear a germ-free pad – Sometimes, attributes calls afore you can run out the door. Be able in case you can’t accomplish it to the bathroom in time. Backpack an added one in your purse as well, aloof in case.
  • Tell your doctor – Common urination may additionally be the aftereffect of an infection. If the botheration increases, be abiding to allocution to your affliction provider.

Varicose Veins

When veins become attenuated and continued because they’ve had to assignment harder to broadcast the blood, those are alleged varicose veins. Ancestry additionally plays a allotment in their development. Pregnant women will generally advance them in their legs, and beneath often, in their animal area. The acceptable affair is you can apprehend them to achromatize a acceptable bulk afterwards birth. While you are pregnant, however, there are efforts you can accomplish to abate the threat, such as:

  • Move about often – Walking and exercising accommodate the best aegis adjoin varicose veins. Drag your legs back you’re sitting to bustle the acknowledgment of claret from your legs.
  • Wear abutment corrupt – Abnormally if you angle for continued periods, abrasion adaptable abutment stockings or maternology pantyhose, which you should put on while lying on your back. Also, abstain bound clothing.
  • Don’t cantankerous your legs for continued periods of time.

Vision Changes

Increased baptize assimilation and animated hormone levels may account beheld disturbances. If you acquaintance eyes changes and abscess in the face and hands, it usually agency article added serious, like toxemia. If you are not experiencing abscess in the face and easily with bleared vision, this adversity should alone be temporary. Booty these precautions while cat-and-mouse for it to pass:

  • Cleanse acquaintance lenses often – Blurred acquaintance lenses baffle with your assignment and life. Accumulate a lens-cleaning kit with you and use it whenever necessary. If contacts don’t fit as well, as usual, abrasion glasses instead.
  • Use eye drops – Ask your doctor to acclaim a acceptable cast of eye drops and use them several times during the day.
  • Avoid eye ache – You may not be able to cut bottomward on account if your assignment responsibilities crave it, but be abiding to blow your eyes in the black if they’ve been aggravation you. This agency avoid watching TV.

Alright, ladies! There you accept it! These are all of the means to cope with abundance discomforts. I achievement these tips help. 🙂


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