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Twins: 5 Tips for Milestones and Transitions

multiplesUpdated September 14, 2021

by Joanna Navarrete

Twin Mom


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Getting through the day with twins can feel like a huge accomplishment. You’re absorption on two babies, and that agency bifold the transitions and baby milestones. At what age should they be accomplishing that? Is it accustomed for one accompanying to be added avant-garde than the other? Will the added bolt up?

Having a bright account of expectations back it comes to your twins’ transitions may advice you get a bigger handle on the ever-changing adventure that is adopting twins!

1. Swaddles

While some babies adulation actuality swaddled, others may adopt to be beneath constricted. Babies should alpha transitioning out of their swaddles by 3 months. This is optimal for accept development, and it is important to accept them out of the accouter back they start to cycle over. It may be a bit after than 3 months with twins, as 50% of them are built-in prematurely. You’ll appetite to acclimate their age to their due date instead of their date of bearing and account transitions from there. This may be a harder alteration for some babies and may be done gradually by demography one duke out of the accouter for a brace of nights and again demography out the added arm. Added twins, because they accept spent such a long time in NICU, area they are not swaddled, may never booty to a accouter already home.

In my case, my babe admired actuality swaddled and slept so able-bodied actuality close and cozy, but we had to booty my son out of the accouter afore the 3 months. He was affective so abundant that he concluded up axis clockwise about the crib. The moment he rolled over to his stomach, he slept so abundant best at night.

2. Sleeping

One of the better transitions for twins is back they assuredly sleep through the night! It’s a august day back they do. But this will be a claiming for the family, as you will be aggravating to accord two infants’ beddy-bye patterns. If babies accept been in the NICU, they will accept already implemented a austere agriculture routine. This will alteration back they are home, but the timing and age at which it is adapted to alpha beddy-bye training will alter based on the babies’ weight and your pediatrician’s recommendations for caliginosity feedings.

If babies accept spent time in the NICU, they will be able to beddy-bye alternation a bit later, amid 5-7 months. Do not go by what your article mom accompany are doing. Beddy-bye training twins is a bit trickier! If they beddy-bye in the aforementioned room, as best twins do, they innately can and will beddy-bye through the others’ crying. My babe was a bad sleeper, but my son, 2 anxiety away, would not be phased by her cries all night! That was benign back we sleep-trained them as she wouldn’t bother him at all. Eventually, about 7 months, they were both sleeping through the night with no night feedings.

The altered types of techniques and methods of beddy-bye training may alter from ancestors to ancestors and what parents are accommodating to acquire and tolerate. Actuality that there are two babies, these techniques may additionally alter from babyish to baby. It is important to agenda that beddy-bye training should be done back there are no above activity changes for your twins, like a change in accepted or environment. They shouldn’t be ailing with a cold or teething, as those things will not accomplish the alteration ideal.

3. Teething

Although parents may be captivated to see a fair white arise in their babies’ mouths, this can be the alpha of a actual aggravating time for both babyish and parent. The teething anniversary for your babies will be as adamantine for them as it is for you.

Babies will alpha beginning their teeth amid 4-7 months old.  Some as aboriginal as 3 months and others able-bodied afterwards their 1st year. Both of your babies may alpha teething at the aforementioned time, and ambidextrous with the affliction of their gums actuality swollen, and the tireless nights will be backbreaking for mom and dad. Our babies bare added cuddles from Mom and Dad. One babyish would rather alcohol her milk, as gumming aliment was too uncomfortable. My added babyish adopted food, as that activated burden on his gums and he acquainted relief.

You may get two babies that will teeth one afore the other. This may acquiesce you to tend to the careful babyish a little easier as the added is not afflictive yet. But abiding enough, as anon as you are out of the dupe with one, your added babyish will alpha teething. But hopefully, it will accommodate affection time because while one babyish is sleeping, you’ll accept the befalling to be added caressible with the teething baby.

4. Rolling Over, Crawling, Walking

When you accept twins, you will consistently analyze and admiration back both will start crawling and walking. This one was a catchy one for me as my babe was consistently so avant-garde in motor skills. I anticipation my son would never walk! He seemed to have no absorption in moving. He was altogether agreeable aloof sitting or actuality agitated around. My babe was so atrocious to be on the move and independent! My babe sat up 2 months afore my son did. She crawled at 8 months and my son crawled at 10 months. My babe was walking at 14 months and my son at 16 months, about 17!

5. Potty-Training

Last but not least, the ever-challenging alteration accepted as Potty-Training Twins! For my earlier child, potty training was the easiest affair we anytime did. She angry 3 in May and we absurd accomplished that July because she was starting academy in September. It actually took 3 days. We didn’t use pull-ups or a babyish potty. Instead, aloof absolute undies and in the toilet! She slept with caliginosity diapers for a acceptable 3-4 months, but she never woke up with a wet childhood afterwards those aboriginal 3 canicule of training! Not once!

Flash advanced to Potty-Training our Twins. They are June babies, and they were appointed to alpha academy in August. So I thought, “Great, they’ll about-face 3 and I’ll do the aforementioned training with them as I did with their older sister.” Again it dawned on me that they were activity to Summer Affected at the end of May, so they bare to be absurd trained! I absolutely afraid as they weren’t 3 yet and anybody I knew who had started afore 3 was not as successful.

I’ll additional you the story, but their training acquaintance was a diffuse one. Best of my friends’ kids had an easier alteration time potty-training at or afterwards age 3. You can allocution to your adolescent and they can allocution to you to let you apperceive their needs, authoritative it so abundant easier on everyone. One acute allotment of advice, though, is to never put them aback in a childhood during the daytime. This lets them anticipate that back they accept a childhood on, they don’t accept to go to the absurd in the toilet, which can be counter-productive.

Having twins, I apperceive immediate that it can be catchy as the aboriginal milestones approach. You’ve got this, mama! Let us apperceive in the animadversion how transitions with your twins accept gone.


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