Children's Dental Affliction Facts and Belief - Babyish Chick

Children’s Dental Affliction Facts and Myths

healthUpdated November 30, 2021

by Jessica Tomes

Medically advised by Jessica Kaplan, DDS

Pediatric Dentist


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Did you apperceive your articulate bloom can say a lot about your all-embracing health? The aforementioned is accurate apropos our children’s mouths – aloof because they accept babyish teeth doesn’t beggarly they aren’t important! Best of us should plan to see a dentist alert a year or every six months (unless you’ve been brash abnormally by your dentist)!

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentists recommends that we alpha demography our little ones to the dentist as anon as they about-face one, or aural six months of their aboriginal babyish tooth erupting (whichever one is sooner). Best of this appointment is spent in chat with the dentist. There are abounding important capacity for us to allocution about to accomplish abiding we alpha our baby’s articulate bloom on the appropriate bottom and set them up for a lifetime chargeless of any dental disease.

Dental visits at an aboriginal age additionally acquiesce us to authorize a dental home and advice our tots to become adequate with their dentist at an aboriginal age. There are so abounding belief about babyish teeth out there, though. So we anticipation we’d booty a long, adamantine attending at some of the best accustomed belief apropos kids’ teeth and articulate care.

Kids’ Teeth Belief and Facts

Candy is the arch account of tooth decay.

False! While candy can lead to atrium formation, it’s not the absolute culprit back it comes to tooth decay. The big, bad villain is acid, which is formed as a byproduct of bacteria-consuming sugar. The bacilli in our mouths absorb all the foods we eat, but some foods are added cariogenic (more acceptable to account cavities) than others.

When it comes to artlessly absolute sugar or added sugar, amoroso is sugar! Some foods accept college amoroso capacity than others, but best foods do accept amoroso in them. Abounding bodies don’t apprehend foods like rice or aliment (really annihilation carbohydrate-based) can account cavities. The college the cilia agreeable (found in foods like beginning bake-apple and raw vegetables), the beneath acceptable that aliment is to account cavities.

One of the better causes of cavities is sugar-based drinks like juice, alike accustomed and amoebic juices! Back bake-apple is in abstract form, it no best contains fiber, which protects adjoin cavities. Your adolescent should accept beginning bake-apple against juice.  So brush your kids’ teeth, and besom them well! And don’t balloon to floss.

Baby teeth aren’t important. They’re aloof activity to abatement out anyway!

Not true! Afore the tooth bogie sees all 20 of your little one’s baby teeth, they serve abounding important functions. Baby teeth act as accustomed amplitude maintainers for abiding teeth. If a babyish tooth is absent too early, it can advance to astringent bottleneck aural aloof a few years.

The bloom of your child’s babyish teeth can accept abiding effects. Tooth adulteration larboard basic can account pain, abscess, and swelling. An infection can alike advance to added genitalia of the anatomy and become life-threatening. Yikes! And while some babyish teeth do abatement out about age six, some additionally aftermost until 12 or 13 years old, at which point there will be abounding abiding teeth in your child’s mouth. Advantageous habits should alpha young!

Whitening toothpaste and agnate articles are alarming for adolescence to use.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends application a bourgeois access to tooth whitening in accouchement in alloyed and primary dentition. Already a boyhood has all their abiding teeth (usually by 12 or 13 years old), whitening should be done beneath the administration of a doctor. Overuse of these articles can account the apply to become brittle or porous.

Tooth acuteness is one of the best accepted ancillary effects. If this occurs, abandon use immediately. Abounding bodies additionally don’t apprehend babyish teeth are usually abundant whiter than abiding teeth; if your adolescent has new abiding teeth that arise added chicken than the babyish teeth, you best acceptable accept annihilation to anguish about. This is accustomed due to the aberration in array of apply in babyish teeth and abiding teeth.

Wisdom teeth serve no purpose.

If you accept acumen teeth, it doesn’t beggarly you are any wiser! Bodies about accept three sets of molars. The aboriginal set erupts about about age six, the additional set about age 12, and the third set is the acumen teeth – which may or may not appear anywhere from backward boyhood and on.

Sometimes bodies can be missing third molars, and back our acumen teeth are unnecessary, I would altercate that those bodies are smarter! But abounding years ago, acumen did serve a purpose. Acumen teeth acclimated to be all-important back our ancestors had a actual altered diet consisting of basic foods and no accoutrement to cut them up. Now that our diets and lifestyles accept changed, our bodies accept adapted. Those acumen teeth frequently don’t accept the amplitude they charge in our aperture to abound naturally.

Knocked-out teeth are gone forever.

If your adolescent loses a abiding tooth at home, we acclaim award the tooth and accepting it aback in the atrium as anon as possible! The beneath time that tooth spends out of the mouth, the greater adventitious it has of healing. Depending on your child’s age and date of development of the tooth, the aftereffect analysis may vary, but the key to success is how the missing tooth is stored and for how long.

We acclaim rinsing the tooth acclaim with a acrid band-aid and administration it anxiously by the acme – try to abstain affecting the basis of the tooth. If possible, abode the tooth aback in its aboriginal atrium at home. But if this seems like article you can’t handle, abundance it in a baby alembic of milk and get to the dentist as fast as you can. Put burden on the gums to abate bleeding and affliction en avenue to the dentist.

Good to know, right? Abnormally if your little goblins are decidedly rambunctious! But aloof remember, babyish teeth, on the added duke – already they’re out, they are gone for acceptable – no re-implanting necessary!

You should besom anon afterwards every meal.

False! Accept it or not, this isn’t necessary. I consistently acclaim that my patients besom aboriginal affair in the morning afore they eat for two reasons. First, best bodies who besom afterwards breakfast tend to balloon because they blitz out the aperture while eating, and again it’s too backward to besom their teeth. Secondly, the acerb ambiance that ensues anon afterwards bistro briefly weakens the apply of your teeth. If you besom while the pH of your aperture is lower, you can accident your enamel. But article you can consistently do afterwards bistro is bathe with baptize to advice move any aliment particles off your teeth!

Children's Dental Care Facts and Myths
Infographic provided by Arctic Dental

Don’t balloon about your own teeth — abnormally afterwards that midnight cruise to the abdomen to burglarize through your abstruse backing of chocolate. Or maybe that’s aloof me?




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