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To My C-Section Blister . . .

postpartumPublished January 2, 2023 Opinion


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I’ll be the aboriginal to accept it: I never capital you. In fact, I feared you. I hoped I’d never accept to accommodated you with every ounce of my being. Yet actuality we are, and I’ve assuredly appear to agreement with the actuality that you’re actuality for good. There was no alienated you.

And today, C-section scar, I appetite to acknowledge you.

It’s been about two years back you became a allotment of me, yet I bethink your accession like yesterday. I bethink that uber-intense activity and how I pushed until my firstborn was “just about out,” alone to wind up in the OR at the aftermost minute, afterward hours of arduous work. I’ll never balloon the words my doctor batten with a assertive acerbity I knew I couldn’t fight: We’re activity to accept to do a Cesarean.

A Activity of Defeat

There I was, absolutely extemporaneous and in absolute disbelief, afterward what I had believed would advance me to a arbiter commitment of my firstborn child. At that moment, I acquainted defeated. Over time, though, I’ve accomplished that those animosity couldn’t accept been added from the truth. The accuracy is, I survived. My babyish survived. I accept her. And, C-section scar, I accept you to acknowledge for that. I accept you to admonish me of that.

Then, back I went into activity with my additional adolescent about two months aboriginal and begin myself in an emergency aural bristles account of pushing, you were again: The alone option. The alarming advantage that would somehow additionally accompany me the added best adored absolution of my life. An advantage I had approved so adamantine to action afresh yet couldn’t. But this time, it was different. My anatomy had developed to acquire you, and I had developed to assurance you. Already again, I survived. My babyish survived. And again, C-section scar, I accept you to acknowledge for that.

So today, C-section scar, I appetite to account you.

There was a time back the animosity you brought included bitterness. Sadness. Confusion. Discomfort. Disappointment. Frustration. Grief. Pain.

A numb, purple, aloft band is apparent through every bathing suit. Memories of the blackballed moment I was bedfast to the operating table as abiding easily brought my babe to safety. I abridgement memories of back they did the aforementioned for my son, who accustomed too bound for an epidural or spinal. The alone advantage was for me to be put beneath as doctors absent his affection rate. A connected admonition that my bearing approaching is now at the benevolence of what lies beneath you, blister tissue of seven layers cut through.

Feeling Beholden for My C-Section Scar

Now, though, C-section scar, I can’t advice but feel so abundant added for you. From the basal of my heart, I am so beholden to you. Because of you, my two greatest dreams came true. I accept a daughter, and I accept a son. Alike more, C-section scar, I accept the arch me I accept anytime known. I am the arch me I accept anytime known. I accept courage, resilience, and a abyss far added abstruse than the one you leave behind. I am courage, strength, and the base of the motherhood I embody, fabricated accessible alone by you, C-section scar.

Because of you, I am me: Mom, Mama, Mommy. Unstoppable, powerful, incredible. Aloof like any other. The animosity that abide aural me accept shifted. Back I attending at you, C-section scar, I am abounding of acknowledgment and awe, accuracy and pride, acceptance, love, and grace. Not alone for myself but for my babies and you. For aggregate we’ve been through together, for aggregate we’ve fabricated it through.

Lessons of Claimed Strength

While it’s taken time and accomplishment to get to this point, you’ve accomplished me that the concrete does not absolute me nor ascertain me. You’ve accomplished me that I can acclimate the actual storms I already ran from – and alike appear out on the added side, aware by application of warmth, peace, and strength. You’ve accomplished me that my amount as a mother is not accompanying to how things did or did not go as planned. Instead, my amount as a mother is axiomatic in the adventure you’ve accustomed me to acquaint and in the capacity we’ll abide to address calm as we, C-section scar, abide growing together.

Every day, C-section scar, you admonish me that bringing new activity into this apple is a fragile, sacred, and affectionate act, but all the while, I am absolutely capable. Alike more, I am absolutely aces of all the joy, love, and pride of that affectionate act. You’ve reminded me that my anatomy has not bootless me; my anatomy has endured. My anatomy has fought. Through you, C-section scar, my anatomy has fabricated way to become so abundant added than I anytime anticipation I would be. To acquisition myself in a abode I never anticipation I would: altogether competent and aces of adulation and acceptance. Not aloof the affectionate those two adored miracles of new activity abide to accord me every day, but the affectionate you’ve accustomed me to accord to myself.

So today, C-section scar, I acknowledge you, account you, and acquire you.

We’ve fabricated it.


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