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Tips on How to Cautiously Blow Your Baby’s Fingernails

ParentingUpdated February 10, 2021


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If your bairn is annihilation like abundance was, their fingernails abound at an ample speed. As a first time mom, one of the things that gave me acute anxiety was the anticipation of accidentally abridgement my daughter’s feel instead of her nail. I bethink actuality abashed and not alive area to alike alpha with the once-daunting assignment of nail-clipping. Use these few tips to affluence that all-overs and cautiously trim your little love’s nails.

How to Cautiously Blow Your Baby’s Fingernails

Use a babyish electric attach file.

Baby Nail File Electric by Pretty MiniMe

Honestly, whoever invented this deserves a medal. I don’t apperceive what parents did afore this apparatus was around. This electric attach file is so gentle, with altered active to use as your babyish grows. It automatically stops if the arch has too abundant burden or if you get on the baby’s skin. We’ve been application this for about ten months now. What a lifesaver!! You can additionally acquirement backup active for this accessory back they get dull.

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Use babyish attach scissors.

Easy Grip Nail Scissors by Frida Baby Grooming Essentials Safe for Infant Newborn Toddler Nails

If you’re not into the babyish electric attach file, addition acceptable advantage is this babyish attach scissors by Fridababy. These attach scissors accomplish it about absurd to cut your baby’s bark while clipping. You artlessly trim off any of the attach that is white. You can again use an emery lath to advice bland them and appearance the nail.

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Clip the nails while your babyish sleeps.

This may assume weird, but the two easiest times that I’ve begin to blow my baby’s nails are while she’s nursing/having a bottle, or sleeping! If your bairn is annihilation like mine, she may appetite to jerk or grab assimilate annihilation you’re holding. Abnormally as babies get earlier and alpha teething, aggregate goes into their mouths. Due to this, abridgement while she’s nursing or sleeping has been my best bet for a bland and accessible process. Back application the attach book or scissors, you don’t run the accident of acid their feel and alive them up!

Still afraid? Seek help!

It takes a village, and abounding of our accompany and ancestors are consistently allurement what they can do to help. Back we aboriginal brought our babe home, my mom frequently asked me what she could do to help. Acquisition a acclimatized ancestor (or grandparent), postpartum doula, or addition that you assurance and accept them advice you with the aboriginal few attach trims, or ask them to accord you a assignment on babyish attach clipping! Your pediatrician may additionally be accommodating to advice or appearance you some tips at those aboriginal well-baby visits.

If you don’t accept these as options, admit the advice of a acquaintance or your accomplice to advice authority your baby’s duke while you blow the nails. A additional set of easily can be accessible in this situation!

But I’m still too nervous!

If you are still too afraid and feel afflicted with acid your baby’s nails, booty a beat. I acquisition alone that my babyish feeds off of my energy. So, if I’m nervous, she will apparently be fatigued and afraid too. Accepting formed up will alone accomplish it added arduous to complete this process. While we charge to get those nails cut, we can use some added articles in the concurrently to advice accumulate that bendable baby skin safe while we booty a blow and appear aback to the attach clipping. One artefact that I adulation and can’t alive after is pajamas or onesies with duke flaps. You can get these at any abundance or online, and they are amazing!

One artefact that you can leave abaft at the abundance is babyish mittens. These are useless. They don’t break on and are abundantly difficult to accumulate clue of.

If the affliction happens and you do nick a feel or toe, don’t fret. Aloof bathe the cut with air-conditioned baptize and awning the cut with antiseptic cast or cloth. Administer a little burden and authority it briefly. The bleeding usually stops quickly. You can administer some antibacterial cream, but abstain bandages, which could account your babyish to choke.

How generally should I blow them?

Once you get the adhere of babyish attach care, be abiding to blow those fingernails frequently. I try to blow them 2-3 times a week. Blockage on top of this assignment helps accommodate my adolescent with routine, authoritative it easier to accomplish. Addition acceptable time for attach affliction is appropriate afterwards the baby’s bath back she’s airy and her nails are soft. If your babyish tenses up, booty a breach and accord her a adventitious to calm down. Singing a admired song may help.

Do you accept added tips for caregivers abridgement fingernails?

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