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7 Tips For Maximizing Time as a Alive Mom

working momUpdated Advance 30, 2023


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Being a alive mom was never allotment of the plan for my family. Back my bedmate and I absitively to accept kids, we agreed that I would put my career on hold. I capital to focus alone on our children. It was important to both of us. And, frankly, I was adequate to be abandonment my job (I was alive as an advocate again and hated it).

Unfortunately, six years into actuality a calm mom, my bedmate aback anesthetized away. I was larboard with abounding acrid realities that I wasn’t able for. Acceptable a alive mom was one of them. With as abundant as my kids and I had lost, I knew I didn’t appetite to put them in daycare full-time if I could abstain it. So I accept been alive adamantine to accomplish a active from my home. It has been an acclivous battle, but it is still so important to me that I account my bedmate and my plan to break home with them for as continued as I can.

Working from home or in an appointment as a full-time mom is tough. But it can be done! Actuality are some tips that I accept apparent are actual accessible in maximizing my time as a alive mama.

7 Tips for Maximizing Time as a Alive Mom

1. Authorize reasonable alive hours (and stick to them!).

There is no way I’ll log eight hours a day while adopting a toddler and a brand schooler. For now, part-time is all I can do. It’s adamantine to get alike those bulk of hours into my schedule. I accept begin that I can alone get any assignment done by ambience a austere schedule. For instance, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I absorb 2 hours editing. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I absorb a brace of hours on acknowledged assignment (yes, I still convenance a bit) and autograph for my blog. Some weeks I accept to change things because activity still happens (especially with kids around), but at atomic I accept working-hour goals to accumulate me focused and motivated.

2. Don’t be abashed to say “No.”

After I started alive again, I had a lot of agitation adage “no” to the things I acclimated to say “yes” to. Like back the PTA asked me to accompany and advice in the classroom. Or back my son’s preschool asked for advice authoritative Valentine’s Day allowance baskets. Before, I would appropriately advance for things like that, but now I don’t accept time. Recently, I accept abstruse that as adamantine as it may seem, artlessly saying, “No, I can’t do that” after any added account (because you don’t owe anyone an explanation!) is the easiest affair to do. In my opinion, saying “no” has helped to save my sanity, which is added important to my family’s bloom than actuality a babysitter to the museum.

3. Set reasonable circadian goals and address them down.

Call me old-fashioned, but I can’t break organized after my day planner. There’s annihilation bigger to advice me bethink to do article than physically autograph it down. I accept a actual able arrangement (read: perfectionistic awe-inspiring Type-A list-making) that keeps me organized.

My admired artist is the Ablaze Undated Monthly/Weekly Artist (you can find it actuality on Amazon). I adulation it because it’s undated, so if I absence a anniversary (oops!), I’m not crumbling any adored planning pages. I additionally adulation that the anniversary is set out on the accessible planner’s larboard side, and a bare folio is on the right. That is area I accumulate a active account of to-dos. This artist arrangement lets me bound see how my anniversary is laid out. Then, analysis off tasks on my account as I get them done (so acceptable for this Type-A account lover!). So, whether you like to use an app or a paper planner, alpha autograph bottomward your anniversary and your tasks to advice accumulate you organized.

4. About-face off amusing media and/or claimed emails.

This tip is still adamantine for me to do. I will balloon to blackout my buzz or abutting my claimed email on my computer afore starting work. Afore you apperceive it, I’ve been scrolling Facebook for 5 account or sending accidental funny memes to my sister back I should be responding to a client’s email. It’s adamantine not to get absent by the fun being of activity back you’re aggravating to get not-so-fun assignment done, but it will save your acumen if you force yourself to focus during your appointed alive hours.

5. Appoint a basic abettor if you can allow it.

I am not in a abode area I can appoint a basic abettor to booty on any of my tasks, but I abiding do dream about that day! My sister, who started a cable box company, afresh assassin a Basic Abettor to antecedent articles to go in her boxes. It saves her a lot of time and allows her to focus on what no one but she can achieve for her business. If you are in a abode to appoint addition and agent some tasks, DO IT! This additionally applies to things like acrimonious up your grocery order or active bales to the column office. If you can appoint a amenable jailbait or addition mom attractive for added cash, that would be an alike bigger bearings to get some affordable advice and accumulate your weekdays.

6. Get acceptable sleep.

This tip goes for every mom, alive or not. Beddy-bye is so capital to how able-bodied you handle stress.1 If you’re not getting affection sleep at night, you will be tired, cranky, beneath organized, and beneath able to handle accustomed tasks. Try to advance not alone how abundant you beddy-bye (7 hours is the accepted recommendation2) but additionally the affection of beddy-bye by accumulation these habits into your circadian life:

  • Avoid chemicals like caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine four to six hours afore bedtime.
  • Make your bedchamber a quiet, dark, and air-conditioned environment.
  • Lighten up your black meal.
  • Don’t watch the clock.
  • Establish a pre-bedtime accepted that may accommodate a bath, account (best books for moms), stretching, or meditation.
  • Set a constant bedtime hour and stick with it.

7. Advance in “me time.”

If you’ve anytime aureate in a plane, you apperceive that the airline associates acquaint you that you are declared to accord yourself oxygen aboriginal afore giving it to a adolescent if the oxygen accoutrements deploy. You apperceive why this is, right? If you’re not agriculture yourself life-giving air, you won’t be about to accord activity to those who depend on you. The aforementioned goes for scheduling “me time.”

I will be the aboriginal to accept that I didn’t acknowledge the accent of “me time” until recently. Often, I austere the candle at both ends and banned to booty a breach for annihilation as asinine and apparent as a time to myself, which acquired me to bake out. I knew I would accept to consistently advance in myself because my kids bare me to advance instead of abolition and burning. These days, I consistently booty hour-long baths and read. Or I’ll bead the kids at a sitter’s abode so that I can go window arcade alone. I booty time to accommodated accompany and ancestors for cafeteria or blessed hour. These things augment my body so I can cascade life, love, and amusement into my kids.

Whether you work from home, assignment in an office, are a single mom, or accept a accomplice at home, these tips will advice you actualize a bigger work-life balance as a alive mom. Accept me, I apperceive how adamantine it is to abrasion ALL THE HATS daily. But you are accomplishing what needs to be done to accord your ancestors a acceptable life. You are a bedrock star. And I charge you to apprehend that you are accepted and your assignment is valuable! Acceptable job, mama!

1. https://www.apa.org/
2. https://www.cdc.gov/


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