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Tips for Breastfeeding Afterwards a C-Section

breastfeedingPublished December 15, 2021

by Ashley Derderian Sousa

Labor & Commitment Assistant and Lactation Consultant


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Many mamas anguish that accepting a cesarean birth may affect their breastfeeding success. Blow assured, there are means to be acknowledged with breastfeeding, no amount how you deliver. As a labor, delivery, and postpartum assistant and a lactation consultant, I accept lots of convenance and acquaintance acceptable patients with breastfeeding afterwards delivery, including allowance a babyish latch afterwards a cesarean birth. While you may airing into your activity and bearing not alive what adjustment of commitment you will experience, there are some things you can do advanced to be prepared. Actuality are some tips accompanying to breastfeeding afterwards a C-section!

Breastfeeding Afterwards a C-Section

1. Brainwash yourself first.

If you’re acquisitive to breastfeed afterwards your babyish is born, educate yourself during your pregnancy. Educating yourself about labor and birth and breastfeeding will advice you accept what to expect, how to cross the postpartum period, and ensure that you apperceive about breastfeeding basics. Artlessly alive this basal advice will acquiesce a bit added affluence during this postpartum period. It additionally helps anticipate the “information overload” that comes in the hours and canicule that chase the bearing of your baby.

2. Attending into a “gentle cesarean.”

If you end up accepting a cesarean birth, again don’t be abashed to allocution to your provider about accomplishing article alleged a “gentle cesarean.” This is back modifications are fabricated to the cesarean procedure. Simple adjustments in the operating allowance such as concealment the lights, playing affable music, affective the cardiac leads so that babyish can go skin-to-skin anon afterwards delivery, and befitting babyish and accomplice in the operating allowance with you until you acknowledgment to your postpartum allowance are all abundant means to advice initiate breastfeeding success. These simple accomplishments can advice with breastfeeding afterwards a C-section and the canicule and weeks afterwards birth.

3. Acquaint your providers your intentions.

It is additionally important for your providers to apperceive that you plan on breastfeeding afterwards your C-section. This will acquiesce them to accept medications that are breastfeeding safe. (Most often, all the medications accustomed in the hospital are about safe for breastfeeding mamas.) Break up to date with your postpartum affliction management plan as well. The aftermost affair you appetite is to be so afflictive and in so abundant affliction that breastfeeding cannot happen.

4. Accommodated with an IBCLC.

Confirm whether or not your bearing abode has a board-certified lactation adviser on agents afore delivery. It can be cool accessible to accept them accommodated you in your allowance in the hours and canicule that chase the delivery. They can advice appearance you assertive positions and techniques that can advice ensure the latch is adequate and effective. If not, don’t be abashed to ask for advice from your nurses and affliction providers. They are abundant assets and can accommodate abutment and advice during your postpartum hospital stay.

5. Try to latch babyish aural the aboriginal hour afterwards birth.

Research has shown that accepting a latch aural the aboriginal hour afterwards bearing is acute for breastmilk and breastfeeding initiation. This aboriginal hour afterwards bearing tends to be absolutely hectic. Generally you may absence breastfeeding cues that your babyish is showing. Ask that your babyish is kept skin-to-skin until afterwards that aboriginal acknowledged breastfeed to ensure that you don’t absence any aboriginal agriculture cues. And if you don’t apperceive what aboriginal agriculture cues are, brainwash yourself about them now!

Most hospitals chase this agreement and won’t do any assessments, medication administration, or agitate this time. However, amuse don’t be abashed to allege up and ask that your babyish be kept skin-to-skin until afterwards that aboriginal feed. Again, ask for advice if you’re accepting a adamantine time accepting your babyish latched!

6. Agreement with altered positions.

You will acceptable be aloof from the waist bottomward afterwards accepting an epidural or spinal medication. For some mamas, this asleep can account adversity award a position to latch in. This is why sampling altered positions and allurement your providers and accomplice to advice get you into altered positions is important!

Additionally, anesthesia can accept some ancillary effects — they can accomplish you feel nauseous, acquaintance vomiting, dizziness, itching, and added complaints, so you may not feel like your best self. Application tools such as a nursing pillow, approved pillows, blankets, and swaddles can advice to prop yourself and your babyish in positions that may feel added adequate and able for you. Best hospital beds additionally can get into a array of altered positions. Ask your affliction providers afterwards commitment to agreement with those positions as well.

7. Accumulate your babyish with you at all times.

Keeping your babyish at the bedside with you as abundant as accessible afterwards commitment is additionally cool accessible for breastfeeding success. You will apprentice your baby’s ache cues, augment them added frequently (about 8-12 times in 24 hours), and leave the hospital activity so abundant added confident. Accepting a well-rested abutment being with you to advice you affliction for the babyish and do things such as lift the babyish in and out of the bassinet is additionally crucial. You will acceptable be in affliction in those aboriginal few canicule and weeks, and assertive movements will be uncomfortable.

8. Duke cogent and pumping are acceptable alternatives.

If there are medical affidavit that accumulate you and your babyish separated, ask to see a lactation consultant. But apperceive that duke cogent and pumping can be actual able means to advice admit and advance your breastmilk supply. Breastmilk and its allowances can be an amazing analysis for ailing and preterm babies. Alive how to use the pump, back to pump, and how to cautiously abundance breastmilk are aloof three of the abounding important things that appear with pumping in the postpartum period, abnormally if you accept a ailing or preterm infant.

Breastfeeding afterwards a C-section can be decidedly helped by application these tips and tricks. Of course, additionally use your resources, such as your medical providers afterwards commitment and your adjacency board-certified lactation consultant. I consistently acclaim accepting an arrangement with an IBCLC lined up aural the aboriginal anniversary afterwards delivery. They will advice you troubleshoot any breastfeeding complications, issues, or ache that you may be experiencing. Don’t forget; it may booty some time for you and your babyish to get into a accent with breastfeeding. Be accommodating and apperceive that as time goes on, it will get easier!


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