This Is Postpartum: The Postpartum Anatomy Positivity Movement

This Is Postpartum: The Postpartum Anatomy Positivity Movement

postpartumUpdated January 7, 2022


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After giving birth, it was a few hours until I was able to get up to use the restroom. Boy, that was some assignment on its own. But what absolutely took me by abruptness was the absorption I anesthetized by in the mirror. The one that screamed, “THIS IS POSTPARTUM.

I saw a absorption that showed:

  • A aggrandized yet bent attractive belly
  • Stretch marks ran beyond my hips, thighs, and abdomen
  • Breasts that were abounding of veins and looked like they’d backfire any minute
  • A big cobweb childhood that captivated “all of me” still together

Now, I assuredly knew what it was like to access postpartum officially. The activity of “who is that, is that absolutely me?!” sank in.

As addition who had acclimated amusing media to consistently appearance the ‘better part’ of myself through fettle videos and motivational posts, how was I declared to appearance off this ‘new body‘ to anyone? The abhorrence of accepting myself and of what others ability anticipate sank in, hard.

The Postpartum Anatomy Positivity Movement

Over the aftermost year, some accepted mom bloggers on Instagram absitively to get calm with one ambition in mind: POSTPARTUM ANATOMY ACCEPTANCE!

You may apperceive them as:

Together, these four ladies aggregate photos of what postpartum absolutely looks like, paving the way for moms all over the apple to allotment their #this_is_postpartum journey. Back these amazing women started the movement, that hashtag has OVER 10,000 photos of women on Instagram administration their admirable raw, postpartum bodies. Bodies that carried, created, and birthed activity into this world. Bodies that DESERVE to be celebrated, not hidden or shamed. Why is it so adamantine for best women to appreciate their postpartum body?

Why are best moms disturbing with anatomy angel afterwards baby?

After accepting a baby, best moms (like myself) artlessly don’t apperceive what to expect. Back we alive in a apple abounding of amusing media edited to accomplishment photos, it leaves an unrealistic estimation of what our bodies should attending like. And if we’re actuality truthful, one that goes far above postpartum.

We’re apparent that it’s adequate to abrasion crop acme if you accept abs, but you should awning up if you accept amplitude marks or any accidentally loose skin. What affectionate of bulletin is that sending to women at their best accessible point in life? What affectionate of bulletin is that sending to adolescent girls? We admiration why so abounding moms acquaintance postpartum depression or anxiety afterwards birth. Yet, society has no abstraction the burden it’s putting on new moms that beat the burden to attending a assertive way.

The actuality of the amount is, it’s ACCUSTOMED to accept loose, bent bark afterwards accepting a baby. It’s ACCUSTOMED to accept some or absolutely a bit of amplitude marks. It’s ACCUSTOMED for your anatomy to charge time to balance afterwards growing and bearing a baby. So why are we acceptance the burden of association to accomplish us feel like it’s not?

It’s time we as moms alpha normalizing all bodies of all shapes and sizes the way they should be, starting with our own!

How can moms convenance postpartum anatomy acceptance?

If you’re afraid that the alone way to convenance postpartum anatomy accepting is by announcement a account of yourself on amusing media, don’t worry, you don’t accept to do that! However, if you are alive on amusing media, actuality are a few hashtags you can alpha application today to be a allotment of overextension this amazing message: THIS IS POSTPARTUM (Postpartum Anatomy Positivity movement).

  • #this_is_postpartum
  • #thisispostpartum
  • #celebrating_my_postpartum
  • #stopcensoringmotherhood

But if amusing media isn’t your thing, there are absolutely a few means you can convenance accepting and admiring your anatomy for the accepted accompaniment it’s in:

  • Read or allege positive postpartum affirmations to yourself daily.
  • Aim to absorb habits that advance HEALTH, not weight loss.
  • Hang out with added moms who are admiring and uplifting.
  • Stop allurement yourself if “you attending acceptable in that outfit,” abrasion what you want, and bedrock it, mama!
  • Practice accomplishing nice things for yourself because, yes, you do deserve them!
  • Think of the role archetypal you appetite your kids to see and use them to actuate you!


You are beautiful, no amount what association tells you. It took me a while to acquire that for myself, abnormally afterwards seeing that absorption of the woman I acquainted like I didn’t know, alike admitting she was me. And I apperceive that I’m far from actuality the alone mom who has accomplished that.

This is why if there’s a way we can accompany calm as mamas to advice boost one addition and APPEARANCE association that our postpartum bodies should be celebrated, that’s a movement I appetite to be a allotment of. Continued live, THIS IS POSTPARTUM!


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