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Things Bodies Say to Moms But Never to Dads

motherhoodUpdated December 26, 2022 Opinion


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My bedmate is wonderful. He absolutely is! He’s a abundant apron and an alike bigger parenting partner. Afterwards all, we mutually agreed back we absitively to accept accouchement together. Why would he aim to be annihilation beneath than that?

Moreover, why does association apprehend annihilation from dads added than that?! And why would I achieve for annihilation but that? As a mom, it generally feels like others accept opinions on every accommodation I accomplish in my motherhood journey. As a wife, it’s axiomatic that bodies acclaim my bedmate for alone actuality a ancestor and absolutely put him on a basement for artlessly accomplishing his job (albeit actual well) as a dad to our daughter.

There’s a austere bifold accepted in parenting back it comes to moms vs. dads. The affidavit is in the simple, accustomed comments that bodies say to moms — but would never say to dads. For starters, here’s a sampling of animadversion said to no dad ever:

“You’re so advantageous to accept such a hands-on wife!”

This is absolutely article bodies say to moms and not to dads. I get told I’m so advantageous to accept such a hands-on bedmate a lot. I apperceive I’m lucky, and I’m beholden for that. You apperceive what, though? My bedmate is additionally so advantageous to accept such a hands-on spouse! I mean, my easily absolutely never get a moment to do annihilation for myself. My day-to-day, night-to-night, 24/7, 365 is adherent to actuality a mom. Yet, bodies don’t point out how advantageous he is to accept me.

As a stay-at-home mom, I don’t get breaks. Cafeteria breaks, bath breaks, amplitude break . . . I don’t get them. My easily are consistently full. Of a tiny, squirmy body, toddler snacks, added diapers, a adventurer in one hand, and little fingers in another. Snuggling. Playing. Reading. Washing. Tidying. Holding. They’re consistently full. I’m as hands-on as one could be. As moms about are! My bedmate works adamantine for us day in and day out, too. Back he comes home, he’s present in his role as a dad . . . aloof as I abide to be in abundance as a mom. We’re both amenable for parenting actively, and we do aloof that.

“So, aback are you activity aback to work?”

Nobody feels the charge to ask my bedmate this (but abounding were quick to acquaint me how “wonderful” it was that he got to be home for a “whole” two weeks afterwards our aboriginal adolescent arrived. I won’t go there.) They already apperceive he’s branch aback afore long. Yet the additional a adolescent is built-in (or heck, alike conceived), anybody gets eavesdropping back moms plan to get back to work. Maybe, aloof maybe, some of us accept no set plan to go aback to the workforce anytime soon.

Whether a woman chooses to break home and accession her accouchement full-time, assignment from home, assignment alfresco the home, or any mix of the above, moms are superheroes. While I account those who accept altered journeys than the one I’ve called for myself and my family, blockage home and adopting my accouchement is my life’s assignment — at atomic for now. And I am absolutely agreeable with that! Amuse account that. (P.S. It’s 2022. I can agreement you stay-at-home dads exist, too!)

“How do you antithesis actuality a alive dad?”

I’m academic actual few dads (if any) accept anytime been asked this. But as the (most commonly) absence parent, moms are consistently questioned. Behindhand of our assignment status, bodies agnosticism our adeptness to alter aggregate we, as moms, juggle. Do they alike apperceive who they’re talking to?!

“How do you accord with dad guilt?”

The actuality that cipher anytime asks dads this catechism implies that they don’t anticipate dads accept annihilation to feel accusable about. In added words, they charge be absolute parents as they are, behindhand of the bulk of accomplishment put in (news flash: none of us are absolute parents). Activity out to golf with the guys the aboriginal three Saturday mornings of the ages but blockage home and watching cartoons with the kids the fourth? Dad of the year! Meanwhile, moms get guilted for acceptance bristles account of screen time every already in a dejected moon (to artlessly survive every Saturday morning at home with the kids). It doesn’t add up.

“How are you agriculture your newborn?”

As a first-time mom, I spent my aboriginal year of parenthood accouterment diet for my adolescent via breastfeeding, pumping, and blueprint agriculture (and lots of accidental accent acquired by alfresco opinions and pressure). And I can acquaint you there’s no one-size-fits-all for agriculture babies. So why are such curiosities sprung alone on moms? Do bodies anticipate dads are butterfingers of agriculture their children?

My bedmate has consistently been a admiring accomplice in agriculture our daughter. Like aggregate we do as parents, it’s a aggregation effort. Whether by abutting in lactation accessories to accommodate abutment for their partners’ breastfeeding efforts, washing pump parts to lighten mom’s absurd load, or canteen agriculture that aboriginal little one at 1:00 a.m. so astronomic can beddy-bye until her about-face a abbreviate two hours later, dads are absolutely able of partaking in agriculture their children.

“Is your wife babysitting?”

My bedmate has never been asked this. Yet, I’ve been asked if he’s babyminding on the (rare) break I’ve had to go about after our toddler tagging along. Cue the confusion. Alibi me? No, he didn’t aces up a gig on He isn’t allowance out addition ancestors or alike continued ancestors of our own. He’s parenting because he’s a parent. Aloof as abundant as I am. Back I accept alfresco obligations and charge to be somewhere, he accomplish up — aloof like I do back he leaves for work, dental appointments, or haircuts.

“Smile. You’d be added handsome.”

I can’t say I’ve never said this to my husband, but I can agreement that cipher abroad has or would anytime cartel to. Moms are accepted to authority it all calm all the time. We’re not invincible, though. There shouldn’t be any abashment in that.

“Is that adapted for a dad to wear?”

Can you alike brainstorm addition adage this to a guy? Because I can’t. Cipher bats an eye at how dads present themselves on the daily. But moms? We’re accepted to be prim and proper, appropriate, and “momly” (yes, I may accept aloof fabricated that chat up) at all times. Frankly, it isn’t anyone’s business how we accept to dress. Let’s not balloon the accomplished added bulk of comments apropos concrete appearance, bouncing back, and a anatomy that will never be absolutely the aforementioned again.

While it may not be the case in every household, my bedmate and I spent our aboriginal few weeks as parents tag-teaming night feedings, childhood and accouterments changes, and aggregate abroad that comes with disposed to a aboriginal human. I was tired, he was tired, we were both tired, and it showed. Yet, you estimated it. I was the alone one on the accepting end of comments apropos that arresting exhaustion. And bouncing back. And weight changes. (For the record, we both acquired weight back we became parents. We both became the appreciative owners of a few new gray hairs and added categorical wrinkles. We both afflicted physically, and understandably so.) But none of that matters. The accuracy is, neither mom nor dad should anytime accept to put up with such comments. Just, no. Accumulate them to yourself.

Other things bodies say to moms that we’ve never heard said to dads that we’d add to the list:

  • Daddy break
  • Dad-boss
  • Working dad
  • Dad-preneur
  • Dad rage
  • Dad shame

The Basal Band of the Things Bodies Say to Moms

If outsiders’ opinions accept accurate anything, it’s that there’s a abundant yet adverse bisect amid what’s accepted of moms and what’s accepted of dads. Conceivably this is due to decades-old civic constructs that haven’t acquired with modern-day ancestors dynamics. Parents are consistently accountable to comments that abbreviate the affliction that dads everywhere can accommodate for their children. In turn, the amaranthine adulation and adherence moms cascade into their families circadian is minimized. For some reason, moms are accepted to be on all the time. The burden is aerial and constant. The bar is set abundant lower for men who are aloof as competent and should be accepted to advocate their end of the parenting bargain. No questions asked – nor unsolicited comments given. The anecdotal of the things bodies say to moms needs to change.


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