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10 Things You Shouldn’t Say to Addition Who Has Had a Miscarriage

miscarriageUpdated Baronial 25, 2021

by Quinn Kelly

Licensed Alliance and Ancestors Therapist


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From the Mouths of Women Who Accept Accomplished Miscarriage

Losing a babyish to a abortion is never article anyone wants to anticipate about. Let abandoned allocution about. But it happens every day. To women that we know. To women that we affliction about. And sometimes alike to us.

For what seems to be a baby cardinal of women, abortion is accessible to balance from. It happens, they heal, and they absolutely alone anticipate of or acknowledgment it back the affair of abortion comes up. Abortion is a amazing accident that feels no altered from accepting a afterlife in the ancestors for abounding women. And that accident continues to bite for years and years afterwards the fact, abnormally at important times like the holidays.

The March of Dimes states, “An estimated 50% of all pregnancies end in abortion afore a woman has absent her aeon and 10-15% of accustomed pregnancies will end in miscarriage.” So if you’ve never begin yourself sitting beyond from addition who tells you they accept miscarried, you acceptable will in the future.

what to say

So what IS the adapted way to acknowledge back addition tells you they accept aloof miscarried?
Nothing at all?
Something tender?
Just let them talk?

Well, to get this answer, I asked several of my accompany who accept accomplished abortion to acquaint me what they did and did not appetite to apprehend afterwards their loss. And while no two women or men are identical in their feelings, and some bodies are accept with things that others are not, there seemed to be 10 phrases frequently cited as added aching than helpful.

what not to say

1. “Everything happens for a reason.”

While abounding bodies use this as their go-to account for adamantine things in activity like a miscarriage, it is about not accessible to say to a woman who is in affliction because instead of acknowledging the affliction that mother is experiencing, it makes her activate analytic for affidavit she is declared to be in pain. One mother said, “It aloof fabricated me mad, my apperception went to thoughts like Why? Because I shouldn’t be a mother? Because I did article wrong? And what could possibly be a acceptable acumen for us to ache like this? I knew bodies were aloof aggravating to abundance me, but I couldn’t apprehend it how they meant it at that point.”

2. “This too shall pass.”

While meant to accommodate achievement for the future, this byword makes bodies in affliction feel like you are aggravating to blitz them through their accepted pain. Affliction is a process. Advantageous affliction takes time. Let them hurt.

3. “God doesn’t accord us added than we can handle.”

While addition may acquisition this to be accurate in retrospect, this byword additionally makes bodies feel like they shouldn’t be affliction because they should be able to “handle” it. Mothers don’t appetite to be told they can handle the affliction of a miscarriage. They appetite to apperceive you get how abundant they are hurting. One mother shared, “It is bigger to say annihilation than to apprehend those words” back you’re hurting.

4. “At atomic you haven’t affirmed with the babyish yet.”

No one knows the affection of addition person. And whether a babyish was 4 weeks forth or 14, a mother can still feel accident and confusion at any allotment in the process. One mother said, “There was no way for her to possibly apperceive if I had or how I felt. I was so aflame and affiliated to that babyish from the moment I knew.”

5. “So what happened medically? Did article account you to miscarry?”

While this may complete innocent, allurement physiological questions makes abounding moms feel they are the acumen article happened to the baby. You may feel like you are aloof gluttonous information, but they may feel like you are blaming them. One mom shared, “Like I capital to allocution about that or alike knew for that matter.”

6. “Did you apperceive that Melissa additionally had a abortion and again had three advantageous children?”

Again this is meant to accommodate hope, but back a mother does not apperceive your acquaintance Melissa, there is annihilation claimed to them about her story. One mother shared, “While affinity is great, second-hand accounts can get old. And of course, I apperceive that abortion is almost common, but that rarely helps back you are the one in the average of the claimed heartbreak. And the affair is, for me, while abortion may be common, bristles miscarriages are NOT common, and that is my experience.”

7. “You aloof charge to relax and abdicate worrying! Your anatomy will be able to do it back it’s ready.”

This accidentally places accusation on the mom and makes them feel amenable for accepting a basic pregnancy. This is like cogent addition who aloof alternate from the emergency allowance over ant bites to relax as they footfall into a big bank of ants–easier said than done. Additionally, you may not apperceive their abounding circumstances. One mom shared, “It’s not like me actuality calm and stress-free was activity to affect my husband’s low agent count.”

8. “At atomic you accept two added children.”

This is meant to advice a mother bethink her blessings, but it alone seems to accomplish her feel accusable for activity hurt. One mom shared, “Yes, and I am beholden and abounding of adulation for them. However, it doesn’t booty abroad the aching for this accident or beggarly that I capital this babyish any less.”

9. Bodies who say annihilation at all.

If addition has taken time to acquaint you they accept miscarried, it is bigger to say or do article than blank their pain. One mom shared, “Meals go a continued way. An act of kindness sometimes says what addition can’t say. If you can’t anticipate of article to say, again at atomic do article for that Mom who, to her, has absent her adolescent or sometimes worse – absent the adolescent and achievement of anytime accepting one at all.” 

10. “You can try again.”

Again, this is meant to be hopeful, but if annihilation can accomplish a mother or ancestor feel rushed through the affliction they are in and afraid about the future. One mom shared, “This was meant to accomplish me attending to a affiance of a adolescent in the future, but at the time I was devastated from the accident of my adolescent and clumsy to anticipate above that loss, let abandoned cerebration of the anticipation that addition abundance could end all too early.”

Now that you apperceive the 10 things that are NOT helpful, actuality are 4 simple phrases that are accessible because they accede a affliction mother’s affliction while still cogent affinity and alertness to help.

caring things to say
  • “I am apologetic for your accident and that you are hurting.”
  • “I will be thinking/praying for you as you go through this pain. Not aloof today. But in the approaching too.”
  • “I am actuality to accept if you appetite to talk.”
  • “Let me apperceive if there is annihilation I can do that would be helpful, alike if it is months bottomward the line.”

If this commodity is accurate to your acquaintance or you accept added to add, amuse animadversion and acquaint us about your experience. And if you anticipate others ability account from account this, amuse hit share.


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