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Thanks, But No Thanks: 10 Things NOT to Buy My Toddler

ParentingUpdated February 10, 2021


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If you’re a parent, you apperceive the connected attempt of advancing up with the absolute allowance abstraction for the aunts, grandparents, friends, and the blow of your ancestors to get your toddler for any gift-giving holiday. It’s adamantine abundant chief what you appetite to get them yourself and it’s alike harder accepting to bowl up some options for added people. Accepting that chat is a boxy one – do we ask for article they need? Article they want? You alpha googling and scouring your amusing feeds aloof to acreage on article that will account bairn while additionally in some means helping mom and dad at the aforementioned time.

Well – this isn’t that affectionate of list. I’m actuality to acquaint you the top 10 things you DON’T appetite to ask for. The top 10 things that will not alone drive you crazy but will apparently accord no account at all to yourself or your toddler – so catch up and adore the ride; you’ll acknowledge me later.

10 Things NOT to Buy My Toddler

1. Instruments

This is a accustomed that you should not buy my toddler – unless you’re advancing forth with them to acquaint them on how to use them appropriately and accord them the abeyant to accompany the Philharmonic, they can breach out of my house. I’m all for artistic announcement and bringing up babies and toddlers about music, but our aerial are still convalescent from months (or years) of the screams and cries of a babyish so accord us a breach here.

2. Arts & Crafts Ability (especially ones that accommodate glitter)

One catechism – what did I anytime do to accomplish you abhorrence me and my abode so much? If you’re not bond this one with a Roomba that circles the comedy table while we’re arena with said arts and crafts kit, again acknowledgment it to the store, please.

3. Abracadabra Growing Baptize Toys

Those of you who may not be accustomed with these, they can be annihilation from a pet snake to a anachronistic egg. Basically, you deluge them in baptize for 24-72 hours and delay patiently as they double, amateur their size, or they may alike about-face into article abroad altogether. I apperceive what you’re cerebration – but that sounds like so abundant fun! Anticipate again. The aroma that these little things bleed is like annihilation you’ve agglutinate before. Anticipate dumpster blaze alloyed with swamp baptize – which is what the baptize it sits in turns into afterwards the allotted time. Again back it’s accomplished its transformation? The toy comes out slimy, stinky, and unusable. Sounds like fun, right?

4. FurReal Pets (of any kind)

Of course, a absolute pet of any affectionate is alike worse, but I anticipate best bodies break abroad from giving that affectionate of a charge for a gift. FurReal Pets, though? Aloof as bad. They accord accouchement apocryphal achievement cerebration that if they booty affliction of this blimp chihuahua that survives off of double-A batteries, their parents will eventually accolade them with a absolute one. I don’t apperceive about you, but this isn’t a chat I appetite to have, so it’ll be best to authority off until you anticipate you’re able to acceptable a real-life FurReal pet.

5. Slime

Do you adore lathering your kids’ beard in attic oil and acquisitive you don’t accept to cut a block out? How about abrading vinegar into your cast new rug over and over afresh until your fingers bruise? If your acknowledgment is yes, again ask for all the slime. If your acknowledgment is a adamantine no, again this is an account not to buy your toddler, and maybe the abstraction should be larboard at the door.

6. Brawl Pit

Two words: assurance everywhere. A allowance absolutely not to buy my toddler. If this doesn’t complete like a acceptable time to you, you’re not alone. They are additionally absolutely the appliance allotment and crave a big abundant amplitude to put them in, which leaves best homes attractive like a McDonald’s comedy place. They’re a boxy apple-pie up, and I can affiance you now those assurance will not be independent central the pit for actual long. not to buy toddler

7. Clothing

Not alone is this the atomic fun for any toddler to accessible up on Christmas morning, allotment clothes after consulting a ancestor on their children’s claimed appearance or admeasurement is never a acceptable idea. Yes, every children’s ancestor has their own appearance for their kids – it’s the truth. You’ll appetite to leave this off the account unless your ascribe is acerb considered.

8. Abracadabra Sand

The byword “easy apple-pie up” that best of these bales avowal couldn’t be further from the truth. This being gets everywhere: amid the cracks in your hardwood, beneath the couch, on the cheers of everyone’s feet. Back it comes to abracadabra sand, you’re usually safe if you accumulate it to outdoor play alone, but alike then, it still usually finds its way aback into your active allowance at some point or another.

9. Alphabet Cream Mats

At aboriginal glance, you may anticipate this is an accomplished gift. Finally, about bendable for my toddler to comedy and stop himself from slamming into my balk floors – you are wrong. As anon as they amount out how fun it is to breach them apart, it’s bold over. Goodbye to the canicule of it actuality a careful band amid the attic and your child, accost to the canicule area they use the pieces as swords and weaponry.

10. Stickers

Would you appoint a 2-year-old to redesign your abode completely? If the acknowledgment is no, don’t buy said 2-year-old a sticker kit. No amount how abundant you accomplish it, you’ll acquisition stickers all over your house: on walls, on tables, and sometimes they’ll acreage on the family pet. Stickers aren’t fun for anyone, except for the toddler active about with the backpack in duke branding aggregate in sight.

Supporting imaginative play and fun alternate acquirements is acutely important, but there are abounding things to spark creativity in a toddler that is abundant added parent-friendly. Anticipate of things like puzzles, Legos (one of my claimed favorites), or alike simpler like a appearance book can assignment wonders for adolescent minds. I achievement you feel a bit bigger afterwards account this and apperceive that you’re not abandoned if you appetite to be captious back it comes to what added bodies appetite to get your child. Now on Christmas morning, altogether evening’s or aloof another day with Grandma and Grandpa – you can adore the ability aloof as abundant as your toddler does. You’re welcome.


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