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7 Things I Swore I’d Never Do As a Parent

ParentingUpdated December 27, 2022 Opinion


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I wasn’t abiding whether I capital to accept kids as a adolescent woman. I accept never been ever maternal, and unless I met addition who was assertive about kids, I acquainted hardly cryptic about the accomplished thing.

And again I met someone. And he was absolutely assertive about kids. It apparently had a lot to do with the actuality that he was aloof a behemothic adolescent himself. My approaching bedmate anon fabricated it bright that he capital to be a dad someday. So I fabricated my accommodation and we started our ancestors two years afterwards we were married. And my bedmate was an amazing father.

But during those years afore acceptable a mother, I had actual able opinions about things I would never do as a parent. It’s funny how non-parents consistently anticipate they apperceive how they will parent. We’ve all been there, I’m sure. I additionally acquisition it funny how, as non-parents, we accept this account of things we’ll never do, and we consistently end up accomplishing them. The cosmos has a funny way of base people.

7 Things I Said I’d Never Do As a Ancestor . . . But Did

1. Awning Time

When I was abundant with my first, I apprehend all the studies about how awning time was bad for kids afore age two.1 I swore I would never let my kids sit in advanced of a T.V. or comedy with a book afore age two. And afterwards the age of two, screen time would be minimal.

And again I had a baby. Suddenly, Mickey Abrasion Clubhouse didn’t assume so bad for my 15-month-old. Abnormally back I could bend the laundry, eat lunch, or apple-pie the kitchen while she was acquiescently affianced in her show. Again I had addition baby. Suddenly, arena ABC Mouse on an old iPad didn’t assume so terrible. She’s acquirements her ABCs! Attending how acute she is!

Now my kids are earlier and apperceive how to assignment the alien ascendancy and the iPads bigger than I do. I do limit their awning time, however. At atomic I backward accurate to that affiance to myself!

2. Clutter Food

Before I had kids, I swore I would augment them annihilation but organic, bootleg aliment and snacks. I alike bought the biggest, baddest babyish aliment maker and all the accessories. My homemade babyish food authoritative canicule lasted one accomplished week. Afterwards that nonsense, I took the “easy” way out and implemented baby-led weaning (the best adjustment for introducing solids, in my opinion).

As my kids got earlier and capital to try new things, I still acquainted actual acerb about authoritative abiding not to accord them any candy food. But then, I caved and gave them graham cracker cookies. And already I was on the glace abruptness of easy, grab-and-go clutter food, there was no activity back.

I still do my best to ensure my kids eat healthy, well-balanced, accomplished foods-based meals. But I am not abashed to say my freezer is abounding of nuggets and my abdomen is loaded with granola bars. The amoebic kind, of course.

3. Co-Sleep

As a pre-parent, I swore I would never let my kids beddy-bye in my bed. But again I had my aboriginal babyish and absitively to breastfeed exclusively. We set up a little bassinet and a glider in the bend of our bedroom. The plan was to get up and augment her back she bare to nurse. But because afterlife is a you-know-what, my babe was actual colicky for three months. So there was no sleeping for me if I got out of bed to soothe her every time she cried.

Shortly afterwards she was born, we accepted defeat and confused her into our bed, area she backward for the abutting 14 months. Yes, fourteen long, backbreaking months of co-sleeping. I appetite to acquaint you that we admired it. I appetite to acquaint you I afflicted my apperception about co-sleeping and how we didn’t appetite it to end. But I would be lying. We co-slept until I anticipation I would lose my apperception from abridgement of sleeping comfortably. And then, it was time to stop co-sleeping and alteration her to a bassinet in her room.

We co-slept for about six months with my son afore he transitioned to his crib in his room. So while I reneged on my charge to “never” co-sleep, we alone did it for a short(ish) time. I can say that already my kids were in their rooms, they were actual acceptable absolute sleepers. And it fabricated a apple of aberration in my adeptness to get quality sleep, too!

4. Let Myself Go

It’s adamantine to accept this. Afore I had kids, I swore I’d never “let myself go.” I alike bethink silently anticipation some of my accompany who had started accepting kids and looked a bit worse for wear. In my naivete, I wondered, “How adamantine could it be to get aback into appearance afterwards accepting a baby?!”

Well. I got to apprentice that assignment the adamantine way. I had gestational diabetes with my aboriginal babyish and acquired a whopping 70 pounds. Again afterwards she was born, it aloof didn’t appetite to appear off. I struggled to lose any weight at all. And I was so absolutely beat from beddy-bye denial that I didn’t affliction what I looked like anymore. It took a huge allotment of apprehensive pie to apprehend that accepting back in appearance afterwards accepting a baby can be actual difficult. And I abstruse to be far beneath judgy against my adolescent mamas.

5. Yell

This one is additionally adamantine to accept because it makes me feel like a abhorrent parent. I never capital to be the affectionate of mom that yelled at her kids. I capital to be the affectionate of mom that acclimated a affable articulation and begin the abracadabra band-aid to acumen with aberrant toddlers. Surely, I could acquisition a way to parent after yelling at my children. But as my kids started accepting earlier and added opinionated, rebellious, and whiny, and all the things kids do that activate a exhausted mama, I begin myself yelling.

It’s not article I’m appreciative of. And it’s not article I appetite to continue. But I am a yeller and it will booty some assignment to acquisition a way not to be. I try not to be too adamantine on myself; there are far worse things than babble at my kids to PUT ON YOUR SHOES AND GET IN THE CAR! I try to accord myself grace, but at the aforementioned time, I strive to breach the addiction of yelling.

6. Allurement With Food

Once, back I was adolescent and hadn’t the aboriginal clue about parenting, I witnessed a harried mom allurement her adolescent to stop throwing a tantrum by alms him an ice chrism treat. “I’ll never do that,” I thought. “She should aloof get her kid to obey her.”

I can apprehend all of you bedlam at my naïve above self. Go ahead. I deserve it. I beam at my old cocky daily. Anyway, afterwards seeing that poor astronomic allurement her kid with food, I swore I’d never do it. And yet, I accept bent myself cogent my children, “If you behave in Target, I’ll buy you a block pop at Starbucks on the way out.”

Listen. It works. And while I’m abiding there are abounding cerebral affidavit why it’s the amiss way to get my kids to behave in Target, I don’t care. Block ancestor save my sanity. So there.

7. Blemish Them

Before I had kids, I swore I would never spoil my children. I’d never buy them article aloof because they capital it. I’d never buy them any presents alfresco their altogether or Christmas. I didn’t appetite my kids to abound up entitled and selfish.

Unfortunately, I didn’t accede that one of my adulation languages is gift-giving. I appearance bodies I adulation them by giving gifts. It is a accepted adulation accent but it can additionally be a problem.2 My bedmate had to accept a “talk” with me about my ability to buy things for the kids randomly, and he was right. I accept had to acquisition other, added financially amenable means of assuming my kids how abundant I adulation them. And while I’ll consistently accept the appetite to blemish them, admitting accepting affidavit I never would, I am acquirements to acquisition added means to battery them with love.

Before we become parents, we accept affably ideal fantasies about how we will “do it right.” It isn’t until we’ve become parents that we apprehend there is no appropriate or amiss way to parent. And we apprentice to be accurate with the words, “I’ll never do…” because the cosmos has an astonishing way of authoritative us eat our words later!

What are some things you said you’d never do as a ancestor but acquisition yourself doing?

1. https://psychcentral.com/lib/the-effects-of-screen-time-on-children/
2. https://www.5lovelanguages.com/


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