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The Accuracy About Nuchal Cords

pregnancyPublished December 27, 2022

by Kirsten White, BSN, RN

Pediatric Nurse


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Pregnant moms generally anguish about all that can go amiss during pregnancy, labor, and delivery. You ability appetite to apperceive all the possibilities so you can anticipate them. One affair you may accept heard about is a nuchal cord. Belief circulating online acquaint of abundant moms beatific to hospitals afterwards accepting a bastard blink or a bazaar ultrasound, and the artisan thinks the bond is about the baby’s neck.

When the umbilical bond is about a baby’s close during pregnancy, it can be a alarming thought. Images of your yet-to-be-born babyish airless from its bond ability abode you. However, bethink that your babyish not alone gets diet through their cord, but they additionally get the oxygen that way, not through breathing. Actuality we will attending at the accuracy about nuchal cords—what they are, who is at risk, and back to worry.

What is the Umbilical Cord?

The umbilical bond is sometimes alleged a baby’s lifeline. It connects the mother’s placenta to the baby’s apportionment and food blood, nutrients, and oxygen to the fetus while removing waste. It about consists of three claret vessels—two arteries and one vein—surrounded by a gelled actuality alleged Wharton’s clabber and an alien blanket like a blubbery bark captivation it all together.1

The Truth About Nuchal Cords

Wharton’s clabber helps to insulate and assure the umbilical claret argosy from actuality aeroembolism or attenuated due to loops, knots, kinks, fetal grasping, and labor contractions. This insulation and aegis advice advance able claret breeze to and from the babyish during pregnancy, admitting the surrounding ambiance and circumstances. The umbilical bond can assure itself and advance its function.2

What is a Nuchal Cord?

The umbilical bond can become captivated 360 degrees or added about a baby’s close during pregnancy. This is a nuchal cord, as “nuchal” refers to the neck. The bond can blanket aloof already or assorted times about and be deeply or about wrapped.

The Truth About Nuchal Cords

Researchers accept articular two formations of nuchal cords—unlocked and locked—depending on the acclimatization of anniversary end of the cord. Apart cords accelerate advisedly and can generally bare themselves. Bound cords are abundant beneath acceptable to appear baffled on their own, and if they do, they are acceptable to anatomy a accurate bond in the umbilical cord.2

What are the Accident Factors?

A nuchal bond is because of accidental fetal movements that acquiesce the bond to end up captivated about the neck. Balance amniotic fluid allows for added fetal movement, which can access the accident of a nuchal cord.3

Extra-long umbilical cords greater than 27.5 inches additionally acquiesce for added baggy and added likelihood of bond entanglement. For reference, the boilerplate bond breadth is 21 inches.3,4

Other affairs in abundance can advance to a college prevalence, including:4

  • Marginal bond admittance is back the umbilical bond originates from the bend of the placenta instead of from the center.
  • Pregnancy continuance of added than 42 weeks
  • Male fetus

How Accepted is a Nuchal Cord?

They are accepted and action in about 10%-29% of fetuses, with an all-embracing accident of 6% at 20 weeks and 29% at 42 weeks.2

What are the Risks of Accepting a Nuchal Cord?

A nuchal bond can access the accident of added altitude at birth, abnormally if the bond is captivated deeply or captivated assorted times. However, it usually does not access the accident of adverse bearing outcomes.5

One abstraction showed a slight affiliation amid nuchal cords and meconium staining. Meconium staining is back the babyish has its aboriginal bowel movement in utero afore delivery, which can sometimes put the babyish at accident for respiratory difficulties afterwards birth. However, this affiliation was in post-term pregnancies in which the babyish had assorted loops in the cord.5

If a nuchal bond causes the bond to become compressed, it can bind claret breeze through the cord, abnormally during contractions. This may account a acting abatement in fetal affection rate, alleged deceleration, which would appearance up on fetal affection amount ecology during labor. A stillbirth could action if article cuts off bond claret breeze for continued enough.2

Studies accept not approved an added accident of stillbirth due to the attendance of a nuchal cord, mainly back accounting for abashing risks such as diabetes, aerial claret pressure, abortive breach of membranes, low amniotic fluid, and fetal anomalies.6

Nuchal cords were additionally not apparent to access a mom or baby’s accident for:6

  • C-section
  • Instrumental commitment for fetal distress, such as the use of forceps or vacuum
  • Abnormal fetal affection rate
  • Low APGAR score

When is a Nuchal Bond Diagnosed?

A doctor will generally ascertain the attendance of a nuchal bond via ultrasound, but it’s advised an accidental finding. An accidental award is article apparent by a analysis performed for an different reason. There is a almost aerial apocryphal absolute amount of 20% for a nuchal bond back diagnosed via ultrasound because you don’t consistently get assorted or three-dimensional views. A apocryphal absolute agency an ultrasound generally can appearance a nuchal bond that is not there. Perhaps, for instance, it is aloof bridge the baby’s close but not captivated all the way around.5,6

Color imaging can aid in the analysis of a nuchal bond via ultrasound. This imaging shows the acceleration and administration of claret flow, which helps to anticipate if the bond wraps all the way around.6,7

Your obstetrician may additionally do a analysis for a nuchal bond in which they manually abbreviate the fetal close through your abdomen. If this causes the fetal affection amount to drop, the analysis is advised absolute for the attendance of a nuchal cord.2

Nuchal cords are doubtable in activity if connected fetal affection amount ecology reveals capricious decelerations, acceptation the baby’s affection amount drops at altered or acutely accidental times during contractions.5

Although nuchal cords can be doubtable application ultrasounds, doppler imaging, and assorted tests and signs during abundance and labor, they can alone be definitively diagnosed at delivery. You cannot apperceive your babyish has a nuchal bond until its arch is out.6

What Should You Do if You Accept a Nuchal Cord?

There is no way to untangle a nuchal bond afore commitment intentionally. Aloof as accidental fetal movements can account the bond to tangle, accidental movements may account some nuchal cords to untangle on their own. However, it is actual attenuate for a nuchal bond to untangle itself afterwards activity begins.2

Attend Prenatal Appointments

If you accept been diagnosed with a nuchal cord, appear all your prenatal accessories to adviser the baby’s affection amount and your weight and claret pressure, decidedly as activity approaches.

Monitor Fetal Affection Amount Intermittently

Sometimes moms opt for alternate fetal affection amount ecology because it allows them to be added mobile. Alternate ecology is back you are absorbed up to a adviser for 20 account anniversary hour. However, accept your provider suspects a nuchal cord. In that case, you may accede connected fetal affection amount ecology to attending for signs of bond compression, like capricious decelerations.2

Routine Analysis at Delivery

Because a nuchal bond generally is not diagnosed until delivery, your provider will commonly analysis for a nuchal bond already the baby’s arch is delivered. If the umbilical bond is captivated about about the baby’s close at delivery, your provider acclaim block it off the head. If it is too bound to do so, they will catch and cut the bond afore carrying the baby’s amateur to anticipate the bond from disturbing abroad from the placenta, which could account a drain or boundless bleeding.3

Since the achievability of adverse furnishings is low, try not to anguish about a nuchal cord. Acquaint any apropos to a provider whose acumen you trust, and apostle for the bearing you want. For example, do not acquiesce anyone to burden you into a C-section because of a nuchal bond alone. Apperceive the facts!

It can be alarming to apprentice that your babyish may accept their umbilical bond captivated about the neck, but it best generally agency annihilation for your birth plan or your baby’s approaching health. Nuchal cords are accepted and as adamantine as it may be, try not to agitation if you anticipate you may accept one. Your providers are accustomed with and able to handle them after adverse effects.



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