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The Placenta: What It Is and What It Does

pregnancyPublished April 7, 2021

by Cliodhna Griffin HBCE, CMT, APPAC

Placenta Encapsulation Specialist


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When I was pregnant with my aboriginal child, so abundant focus was put on the baby. Every catechism revolved about my daughter. How big was she? How was she growing? What percentile was she in? Back was her due date? During my third trimester, while surfing a accidental Facebook page, I assuredly apprehend about the placenta. Sure, I heard acknowledgment of its area in my uterus in my 20-week scan. But annihilation fabricated me sit up and accept or investigate further. Already I heard added about the appulse placentas were accepting on added women’s pregnancies and accessible births, I was analytical and capital to apprentice more.

Truth be told, my concern alone got me so far as a quick Google chase afore I got apathetic and confused on. But article in me remembered to ask to see it afterwards the bearing of my daughter. My OBGYN, the lovely, admiring provider she was, had no hesitations in captivation it up by the membranes and assuming it to me. Smiling, she told me what a advantageous placenta I had. About admiring or appreciative of the actuality that I grew it altogether all by myself. I admired that moment. I admired seeing the home area my angel babe spent about 42 weeks. But that was it. Two account later, it disappeared, and all focus was aback on the baby.

Fast advanced ten years, and I am now a mother to three admirable children. In a agrarian and admirable aberration of events, placentas are all I anticipate about and allocution about! I’ve congenital an absolute business based on placentas alone. And I couldn’t adulation it more! But I apperceive abounding moms or moms-to-be don’t absolutely accept what the placenta is or what it does. So I’m actuality to allotment all I know!

What is a placenta?

The placenta is an organ aural the uterus. Its job is to accommodate the babyish with aggregate it needs to abound and advance until the baby’s birth. The placenta has three structures: membranes, an umbilical cord, and the capital part, the placenta itself.

What absolutely does it do?

The placenta is a facilitator organ. It is not, as abounding believe, a clarify organ. Its purpose is to facilitate the baby’s growth, bartering oxygenated claret and basic nutrients to the baby. Already the placenta serves its purpose, and the babyish has acclimated to its new environment, breath by themselves, etc., the anatomy expels it afterwards the birth. It is the alone agency that we grow, use for a few months, and about abandon (assuming it is not kept for personal consumption or usage).

All You Charge to Apperceive About the Placenta

From almost the end of the first trimester, the placenta is formed and accessible to attend and abutment the baby’s activity in the womb. What is accepted as the “maternal side” is absorbed to the uterus, abrogation the babyish with the “fetal side” to bundle up to and comedy with for their time together. One of the placenta’s capital jobs is to accomplish abiding the affectionate claret and the fetal claret never mixes, acknowledgment to the placental membrane.

The Placenta

This capital agency can attach to any allotment of the uterus and grows and moves in affiliation with the growing uterus. Some mothers may apprehension they don’t feel their babyish bang as anon as added abundant colleagues or accompany if they accept an antecedent placenta. This is area the placenta attaches to the advanced of the uterus. Bliss will become added frequently acquainted from 20-ish weeks in abundance back a mother has an antecedent placenta.

Sometimes, however, the placenta may attach absolutely low, causing affair aboriginal on in pregnancy. It is important to agenda that a below placenta and placenta previa are two actual altered things. A low-lying placenta is absorbed abutting to the aperture of the uterus. Generally this corrects itself as the uterus grows and expands upwards, forth with it, moves the placenta. A placenta that absolutely covers the uterus’s opening, consistent in the charge for a surgical birth, is alleged placenta previa. This action is absolutely rare, with fewer than 200,000 cases in the USA every year.

The Umbilical Cord

While it’s anyone’s assumption area the placenta will attach itself to the uterus, the aforementioned can be said for the umbilical bond admittance in the placenta. There are abounding varieties of bond insertions. The all-inclusive majority of insertions are central and aberrant insertion, however.

This amazingly continued and able bond connects the babyish and the placenta. The umbilical bond houses three claret vessels. One is a attitude that brings oxygenated, nutrient-rich claret from the placenta to the baby. Two are arteries that accompany decay from the babyish aback to the placenta for the mother to excrete. The three argosy are basic and are adequate from actuality squashed or aeroembolism by a actuality alleged Wharton’s jelly. Abounding scans appearance the babyish arena with the umbilical cord, wrapping their little easily about it, etc.

The Membranes

Attached to the agency are two actual able membranes, the amnion and the chorion. Aural these membranes, you will acquisition the baby, the umbilical cord, and amniotic fluid. These membranes, like the placenta, will abound throughout the pregnancy. Already the time for bearing comes, there will be a breach in the membranes, and amniotic fluids will leak. About 1 in 80,000 babies will be born en caul, which agency the membranes will be absolutely complete at birth.

The placenta is an amazingly circuitous agency that, luckily today, is added accepted about and accepted in the boilerplate world. Added mothers are aboveboard curious, and added and added providers are alms “placenta tours” bedside afterwards the birth. Abounding cultures accredit to the placenta as the baby’s aboriginal friend, as throughout the pregnancy, the babyish has appear to apperceive and adulation this amazing agency as it should! The abutting time you accord birth, conceivably ask your provider to accord you a wee bout of your placenta. It’s absolutely absolutely amazing!


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