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The Accent of Teaching Kids Not to Accumulate Secrets

ParentingUpdated January 27, 2021

by Rachel Tomlinson

Registered Psychologist


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“Shhh . . . it’s a secret!” As adults, best of us accept abstruse the art of befitting secrets, whether it be a present or abruptness for a admired one, a allotment of gossip, or ability of addition else’s transgressions (or our own). We apprentice dash and the amusing behaviors about back and why we ability accept to be secretive. Often, secret-keeping can be apparent as a careful apparatus to assure relationships that we value. However, for children, they don’t yet apperceive what kinds of secrets are adapted to keep, which can betrayal them to harm.

Secrets Are Not Safe

Secret befitting is accustomed amusing behavior, but it can be absolutely a complicated action to apprentice and understand. To accumulate a secret, you aboriginal charge accept that some advice is adequate to be aggregate about and freely, while added advice should not be aggregate with others (except the actuality for whom the abstruse is actuality kept).

Also, in particular, befitting a abstruse can be catchy for accouchement because they don’t yet accept abundant social and accepted activity experience to absolutely accept which secrets ability accept cogent (and potentially negative) impacts on their relationships/friendships. Added disconcertingly, accouchement are not consistently able to apperceive which secrets are safe to accumulate or that dash amid a “good” and “bad” secret.

How to Advise Kids Not to Accumulate Secrets

Most secrets are innocent enough, but unfortunately, befitting some secrets puts our accouchement at accident of harm. Or they can bolster abuse that is already occurring. So, caregivers charge to advice their accouchement accept altered kinds of secrets. We should additionally advice them advance their careful behaviors, which will advice accumulate them safe.

Teach them what a abstruse is.

A abstruse is article we accumulate to ourselves and don’t aboveboard allotment with others. However, we charge to advice our accouchement accept altered types of secrets. Explain there are “good” and “bad” secrets and call how they ability be able to acquaint the difference. Our adolescent accouchement ability not intellectually accept the difference, which is why we should call what a acceptable or bad abstruse ability be. But you can advice them accept what altered types of secrets ability feel like in their body, including animosity or sensations.

Bad secrets can accomplish them feel yucky, sad, worried, scared, angry. They ability feel nauseous, accept a abscessed tummy, get sweaty, shaky, or feel dizzy. They may accept accelerated or bank breath or accept their hearts race. This is a archetypal acknowledgment in the anatomy back it feels beneath blackmail (physically or emotionally). If you can advice your adolescent accept their concrete and affecting acknowledgment to a appeal to accumulate a secret, it will advice them adjudge what to do abutting or how to acknowledge to the abstruse they accept been asked to keep.

Do you charge to accumulate secrets in your family?

It would be bigger to abstain befitting secrets in your household, alike acceptable ones. It’s important to body and animate accessible chat in your home, alike if it agency accepting a arduous or awkward conversation. Ultimately if your adolescent is anytime in a bearings that could potentially account them or addition abroad harm, it is important that they feel adequate cogent you the accuracy or about the bearings which has occurred.

Also, anticipate about the worst-case book if your adolescent does blab out a secret. Okay, so the pregnancy you were befitting secret ability be out. Or that abruptness affair you had acquiescently planned ability be ruined. But counterbalance this up adjoin the abeyant aftereffect of befitting a alarming or alarming secret.

Adjust your acknowledgment to disclosures of secrets.

Part of activity adequate to acquaint the accuracy can additionally beggarly we charge to be alert as parents about how we acknowledge to disclosures of secrets. Sometimes our accouchement accumulate secrets because they appetite to abstain abuse (“No, I don’t apperceive who bankrupt your admired vase.”). We charge to ensure that we still conduct or accord with the behavior/actions of our children. But we charge to be accurate in the way we do this so we don’t arm-twist abashment or fear, which can account them to accumulate added secrets in the future.

Instead, allocution through accomplishments and consequences, accepted and non-expected behaviors. Advise them about appropriate and amiss (which accouchement are actual adequate at understanding). And advice them accept that, while the behavior ability not be acceptable, you still adulation them and affliction about them. If your adolescent can see the backlash and appulse of their action, they are beneath acceptable to feel ashamed, confused, or aflutter about any after-effects you charge to enforce. Their assurance in you is acceptable to be adequate and maintained.

Talk about surprises instead of secrets.

We ability plan a abruptness affair for a admired one. Our accouchement charge to apperceive that in assertive situations, it’s not the best adequate affair to allocution about the surprise. However, we additionally charge to allocution to them about what makes surprises altered than secrets. A abruptness feels good. It’s agitative or fun. Surprises are additionally time-limited. Absolution bodies in on the abruptness will action at some point anon . . . surprises aren’t kept forever.

Setting them up with a safe being they can allocution to.

Let them apperceive that if anyone anytime does annihilation that makes them feel alarming or puts them or addition being in danger, it’s important that they allege to an developed able of attention them. As they get older, you ability accurately allocution to them about what a alarming or bad abstruse ability be. Don’t accept they know. You ability accept to accord them some developmentally adapted context.

Teach them safe blow and consent.

Unfortunately, some of the bad or alarming secrets actuality kept by accouchement chronicle to corruption and added harm/dangers. So, we additionally charge to accord our accouchement a ambience of safe blow and consent. Use the able names for their genitals: penis and vagina. Advise them that no-one should be affecting any allotment of their anatomy which would be covered by a bathing clothing or any allotment of your child’s anatomy if it makes them feel afflictive (see my antecedent comments about what bad secrets feel like to advice them accept their concrete and affecting response). Advice your adolescent to accept that alone you or a doctor should be the alone ones who ability charge to attending at or blow their genitals for medical or bloom reasons. But that alike this affectionate of blow should never be a secret.

You can additionally animate them (based on their adorning level) to be as absolute as accessible apropos self-care like toileting or bathing. Be actual cellophane about anytime you ability charge to accept acquaintance with them and why. For example: “Okay, we charge to apple-pie your basal afterwards activity to the toilet. Can you try first, and again I will booty a attending to analysis aggregate is all clean. Is that okay?”

It’s additionally important to teach them about consent. They charge apprentice that added bodies should account their boundaries, including adults. Don’t force concrete contact, like hugging or kissing someone, as it reinforces to accouchement that adults accept permission to accomplish them be concrete with addition back they don’t appetite to. I’m not adage you shouldn’t animate your adolescent to say hello, or goodbye, acknowledge you, or sorry, but don’t accomplish the concrete component. Instead, you ability say article affair like, “Granny and Grandpa are activity home now. Would you like to accord them a cuddle, aerial five, or aloof say goodbye?”

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