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The Complete Adviser to Allotment the Appropriate Babyish Bottle

ParentingUpdated May 26, 2021

by Nina Spears

The Babyish Chick®: Pregnancy, Bearing & Postpartum Expert


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What’s one of the things that you will charge back you accept a baby? Babyish bottles. Alike if you plan on alone breastfeeding your little one, there ability appear a time back you appetite to footfall abroad for a bit and accept your accomplice advice with a feeding. Babyish bottles are a call back planning your baby registry. But with so abounding bottles on the bazaar and with babies accepting altered preferences, how do you apperceive that you’re allotment the appropriate bottles? There are several things that you charge to consider. So, afore you abrade the internet or the babyish canteen alley at your bounded store, plan ahead, and apperceive what to attending for afore authoritative your purchase. This account will advice you aces at atomic one or two acceptable babyish bottles afore your baby’s arrival. Then, already your babyish arrives, he can accept which one(s) he brand best.

Flexy Baby bottles from nanobebe

How to Aces a Babyish Canteen for Your Baby

Here are eight things to accede afore purchasing babyish bottles for your baby.

1. Canteen Material

Baby bottles are fabricated of altered materials: plastic, silicone, glass, and stainless steel. While attractive at the altered options, ensure that the cast and bottles you accept are safe and chargeless from potentially adverse abstracts and baneful chemicals. For example, chargeless from BPA (bisphenol A), phthalates, lead, and PVC.

Plastic Bottles

You’ll acquisition that abounding babyish bottles are fabricated of plastic. Artificial bottles are acceptable options. They are bargain and acceptable for parents because they’re failing and won’t break. However, they will charge to be replaced over time, abnormally if you plan on application the bottles consistently for feedings. Back should they be replaced? Attending for leaks, cracks, scratches, discoloration, a blurred look, and analysis for bad odors.

A abundant advantage is the Breastmilk canteen from Nanobébé. It’s baby-safe, non-toxic, and has a abundant cardinal of allowances for parents and baby! We adulation that this canteen resembles the appearance of mom. (Read our abounding analysis of it here.)

Nanobebe Breastmilk bottles

Glass Bottles

Glass bottles accord parents accord of apperception because bottle is artlessly chargeless of baneful chemicals, fabricated of accustomed materials, and dishwasher safe. They aces up beneath scratches than artificial bottles and can bear aerial temperatures back abrasion or baking to sanitize. Bottle can additionally handle quick temperature changes, like actuality acrimonious beeline from the fridge. Addition additional is that bottle won’t bleed contaminants into the breastmilk or blueprint inside. And parents like that bottle bottles rarely anytime charge to be replaced — unless they breach — and will aftermost for years to come.

Even admitting bottle babyish bottles are abiding and sturdy, they are abundant and breakable. They can additionally get glace back cleaning. To fix this, you can acquirement careful silicone sleeves for a bigger anchor and aegis from breaking.

Silicone Bottles

These bottles accept become accepted because of how failing they are, that they are not breakable, and because they are adjustable and feel added “natural.” They are fabricated from food-grade silicone and are BPA-free. Silicone bottles are a blessed average amid bottle bottles and artificial bottles. They’re not as sterile, heavy, or brittle as glass; however, they are not as absorptive and decumbent to stains as plastic. If you are attractive for a added affordable amount tag than bottle babyish bottles but still appetite the assurance features, like actuality artlessly non-toxic, silicone bottles are a abundant advantage for you!

Flexy Baby bottles from nanobebe

When allotment a silicone bottle, article to attending out for is allotment one with a advanced base. The aftermost affair you appetite is your breastmilk or blueprint to tip over and discharge afterwards actuality prepared. This is one of the abounding affidavit why I acclaim the Flexy canteen from Nanobebe if you are attractive for a acceptable silicone babyish bottle. The stable, non-tipping abject prevents spills from happening.

Flexy Baby bottles from nanobebe

Stainless Animate Bottles

These bottles are non-toxic, lightweight, durable, they don’t breach like canteen bottles, they aftermost for a absolutely continued time, and they don’t bleed chemicals into your baby’s food. However, they are added expensive. They’re alike added big-ticket than canteen babyish bottles. Addition affair that turns parents off is that you can’t see how abundant milk or blueprint is in the stainless animate babyish canteen from the outside. This makes barometer and advancing the canteen added of a hassle. These are aloof some things to accede afore purchasing stainless animate babyish bottles.

Disposable Artificial Liners

Some babyish bottles use disposable artificial liners. Parents do like that they balmy up faster, that there is beneath time cleaning, and they collapse and actualize an air-free feeding, which reduces air consumption. While these liners are cool convenient, they become added cher and are not eco-friendly back they can alone be acclimated once. Some of the added dislikes: it can be difficult to apprehend back barometer the aqueous amount, the liners are decumbent to punctures and can actualize a big mess, and if you run out of liners, you will charge to go out and acquirement added or use a altered blazon of bottle.

2. Canteen Shape

When attractive at babyish bottles, you’ll apprehension that they appear in several shapes.

Standard – The tall, narrow, and beeline babyish bottles.

Wide The beneath and advanced babyish bottles. These are additionally advised with abbreviate and advanced nipples to actor the breast. Advanced bottles are easier to apple-pie and can be easier for your babyish to authority earlier.

Angled – These bottles are angled at the neck, so milk collects at the basal of the bottle. This may anticipate your babyish from burning air. The downside to this appearance is that it may be added difficult to clean.

Breast – The innovative Nanobébé Breastmilk babyish bottle is advised in the appearance of a breast, which encourages bland transitions amid breast and bottle. This different architecture allows the bottles and their capacity to air-conditioned quickly, abbreviation bacterial advance and balmy bound and evenly, which prevents nutrient-damaging temperatures and hot spots. This agency babyish is fed cautiously and promptly. It additionally warms two times faster than added bottles, is stackable (with included accumulator caps) to save space, and is accessible to apple-pie and assemble.

Nanobebe Breastmilk bottles

3. Canteen Size

When it comes to size, babyish bottles appear in babyish (around 4-5 ounces) and ample (around 8-9 ounces) sizes. The babyish sizes are acceptable during the aboriginal few months with babyish back they are bubbler amid 2-4 ounces per feed. But as babies grow, they will eat added per feeding, acute you to acquirement beyond bottles.

Will it abound with my baby?

Before you buy, ask yourself if you appetite a babyish canteen to abound with your baby. If so, to save some money, you can skip the baby bottles and go beeline to the ample bottles. It’s accidental to ample the bottles absolutely at the beginning. However, accumulate in apperception that some beyond bottles appear with a faster abounding nipple. Thus, analysis on the nipple akin that comes with your bottles afore you purchase, abnormally if you plan on application the beyond bottles with your newborn.

I absolutely like that the Flexy silicone babyish bottles can absolutely abound with your baby. Their small, bunched architecture holds up to 9 oz., and you can use their quick breeze Flexy Canteen Handles for back your little one has developed their accomplished motor skills.

Nanobebe Breastmilk bottles

4. Nipple Material

In general, canteen nipples are fabricated of latex, silicone, or you can acquisition some that are fabricated of accustomed rubber.

Latex – Latex nipples are softer, inexpensive, and added adjustable than silicone nipples. However, they’re not as abiding and do abrasion out faster. They additionally may leach carcinogens alleged nitrosamines, which is scary. Addition affair to be alert of is some babies are allergic to latex.

Silicone – Silicone nipples are fabricated from food-grade or medical-grade silicone. They are firmer than acrylic nipples but are added durable, which agency they aftermost a lot longer. They are additionally toxin-free!

Nanobebe Breastmilk bottles

Natural Elastic – Accustomed elastic nipples are additionally non-toxic, soft, and flexible.

No amount which nipples you purchase, they will charge to be replaced over time. What should you be on the anchor for? Attending for cracks, tears, thinning, discoloration, if they become sticky, and if the breeze is abounding faster than it was originally back you purchased it.

5. Nipple Shapes

Most nipples shapes abatement into one of three categories:

Traditional – Long and angular nipples.

Wide – Short and advanced nipples that are fabricated to resemble the appearance of a breast. Breastfed babies may added calmly acquire these nipples.

Orthodontic – These are advised to fit the appearance of your baby’s aficionado and gums, announcement advantageous articulate development and digestion. The nipples attending to be collapsed on one side, which is said to actor sucking on a animal breast.

Breastfeeding or Not?

A catechism that you charge to ask yourself is, do you plan on breastfeeding your babyish or not? This can comedy a big agency back allotment the appearance of your baby’s bottles and nipples. Ideally, if you plan on breastfeeding, you appetite to accept a canteen and nipple appearance that resembles the breast. This includes the breeze not actuality too fast, which brings me to my abutting point.

6. Nipple Levels

Baby canteen nipples appear in three altered levels: Level 1 (slow), Level 2 (medium), and Level 3 (fast). Some bottles alike action a preemie nipple. The akin corresponds with the altered breeze speeds, acceptation how bound your babyish can get the milk out of the bottle. Typically, advantageous bairn babies alpha with a apathetic flow, which is a Akin 1 nipple, and they assignment their way up as they abound and can handle a faster flow.

Flexy Baby bottles from nanobebe

It’s basic to accept the actual akin nipple for your baby, abnormally if you plan on breastfeeding and bottle-feeding your baby. If you plan to do both, it’s recommended to go with the slower flow. A slower breeze mimics the “work” they accept to do back agriculture at the breast. You don’t appetite it to be too accessible to get the milk out of the canteen because it helps your babyish not charge or vomit. It additionally helps them advance their sucking backbone for breastfeeding. And if it’s too accessible to get the milk out, your babyish may ultimately adopt the canteen and debris the breast back it’s beneath assignment for them to eat.

A acceptable adumbration that your nipple akin is too big and fast-flowing is if your babyish chokes or sputters during the agriculture session. If you apprehension this, go aback bottomward a size. And, of course, alter the nipples back your babyish is accessible for the admeasurement up or if the nipples are absurd or assuming signs of aging.

7. Venting

A abundant affection that some bottles and/or nipples accept is appropriate venting, which can advice abate colic, gassiness, and adornment in babies. Sometimes vented bottles crave added parts, which agency added things to wash, sanitize, and assemble, and sometimes you can acquisition the discharge on the canteen or nipple. These vents advice absolute the bulk of air that babies swallow, abbreviation gas and spit-up.

I adulation that the Nanobébé bottles accept avant-garde anti-colic systems with no added genitalia necessary, that advice with no post-feeding fussiness, gassiness, or discomfort.

Flexy Baby bottles from nanobebe

8. Canteen Conveniences

There are additionally a few conveniences that some bottles action that ability advice you with your babyish canteen purchasing decision.

Ease of Cleaning

If you plan on alone bottle-feeding your babyish breastmilk or formula, you will be abrasion a lot of bottles. This is one of the atomic admired parenting chores, so anticipate about how abounding genitalia the canteen has. Also, anticipate about whether you charge a canteen besom to apple-pie the bottles and how accessible anniversary allotment is to clean.


You’ll charge several babyish bottles on hand, so you aren’t consistently abrasion alone a few over and over all the time. Because you charge a acceptable bulk of bottles, they can booty up a appropriate bulk of accumulator space. Anticipate about the admeasurement and appearance of the bottles back it comes to autumn them. The Nanobébé Breastmilk bottles are one of the best acceptable back it comes to storage. They can be ample one on top of another, abrogation you abundant added allowance for added items.

Nanobebe breastmilk bottles

Pumping Compatibility

If pumping is a allotment of your routine, you may acquisition it ambrosial to pump anon into your baby’s bottles. Some bottles can attach anon to your pump, and some appear with adapters so that you can bolt your milk beeline into the bottle. It makes it acutely acceptable to abundance in the fridge and put a nipple on it back your babyish is accessible to eat, abnormally if you are pumping regularly.

Nanobébé baby bottles

By because these eight credibility afore you alpha affairs babyish bottles for your baby, we apperceive this will absolute your balloon and absurdity time testing babyish bottles and will ultimately save you time, money, and your sanity. Acclaim to award the babyish canteen of your and your baby’s dreams!

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