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The Allowances of Application a TENS Assemblage in Abundance and Labor

pregnancyPublished February 19, 2021


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Before I got abundant with my first, I had never heard of a transcutaneous electrical assumption stimulator, or TENS, unit. I was bent to move through my pregnancy, labor, and commitment as intervention-free as possible, so I anon abstruse about altered methods. Admitting defective abundance drugs to conceive, I capital aggregate abroad to be as natural as possible, so I decided to bearing through a bearing center. The centermost affiliated me with a beating therapist, who additionally specialized in application a TENS unit, which I acclimated at the end of my pregnancy, and while I was in labor.

TENS Units and How They Work

A TENS assemblage is a allotment of accessories advised to advice with pain relief. It sends electrical pulses through the bark to advice alpha the body’s painkillers. It can absolution substances, such as endorphins, to stop affliction signals in the brain. The assemblage is battery-powered and involves two electrodes ashore to the bark of the lower back. The bulk of electricity can be adapted for anniversary patient. It feels like your bark is acutely tingling. Aback I had this done, the being administering it would about-face it up and again aback it bottomward depending on how I felt. She alone kept it at a akin with which I was comfortable.

Benefits of TENS Units

The aboriginal time I accomplished a TENS unit, I was about 41 weeks abundant with my aboriginal baby. I had accomplished contractions for about 12 hours afore they disappeared. I was addled and frustrated. My midwife appropriate application a TENS assemblage to see if it would advice jumpstart activity again. My beating therapist came to my abode and administered this process.

Some of the allowances of application the assemblage include:

Stimulating activity in my case.

Within about four hours, I started having contractions again. I was so aflame and attributed them advancing aback that bound to application this unit. While my acquaintance was positive, there is no absolute affirmation about a TENS assemblage inducing labor. I was aloof adequate that my contractions returned. There has not been abundant analysis done on a TENS assemblage in labor induction, but I trusted my midwife and was accommodating to try aloof about annihilation to get my contractions back.

Pain relief

In agreement of labor, TENS units accept been acclimated back the 1970s. A analysis conducted by researchers in the Cochrane Collaboration begin 19 altered studies on the aftereffect of a TENS assemblage in labor. Pain accomplished during labor is complex, varies decidedly amid women, and involves cognitive, physiological, and cerebral factors. Because women are so different, it is difficult to acquaint how one will react. It can advice while in labor.

I had a difficult activity in the birth center, and by the time I hit about 18 hours or so, I bare some relief. Not absent to go to a hospital at that point, we accomplished out to my beating therapist already afresh to administrate the TENS device. I was beat and had been in so abundant pain. We were hopeful that the assemblage would advice me afresh and advice me get through activity to bear a advantageous baby.

No medications.

It does not crave any injections or medications. If the TENS assemblage does not assignment for you, you can consistently try added methods.

Safe if afterwards 37 weeks of pregnancy.

It will not abuse you or your babyish afterwards this point in pregnancy. Afore 37 weeks has not been studied.

Versatile and accessible to use.

You can move about and use it at home while in early labor.

Risks and Ancillary Furnishings of a TENS Unit

There are additionally some issues and ancillary furnishings that a TENS assemblage can cause:

It may not assignment for everyone.

According to the studies researched by the Cochrane Collaboration, back the TENS is absorbed to the lower back, it apparently makes little to no aberration in the cardinal of women who were annoyed with affliction relief. On the added hand, it apparently reduces the cardinal of women in astringent affliction and increases the cardinal annoyed with affliction abatement back absorbed to acupuncture points.

It can be absolutely uncomfortable.

My additional acquaintance with the assemblage was not positive. Instead of the electric pulses bringing relief, it aloof fabricated me added uncomfortable. The aggregate of the pulses with my contractions was unbearable. It does not assignment for everyone. For me, it fabricated things worse, but for some women, it can help. It depends on your affairs and your body’s reaction.

Allergic reaction.

Some bodies may be allergic to the adhering on the pad. This allergic acknowledgment can account your bark to be affronted and red.

Who Should Not Use a TENS Unit

There are a few cases area a TENS assemblage may not be appropriate:

Pregnant women beneath 37 weeks.

It is almost safe to try but should not be acclimated afore 37 weeks. This evolution aeon has not been tested, so we do not apperceive what accessible furnishings it has on approaching babies this young.

People with assertive conditions.

You should not use a TENS assemblage if you accept had blight in the aftermost bristles years, accept undiagnosed pain, abysmal attitude thrombosis, thrombophlebitis, or a bleeding disorder. If you accept epilepsy, do not administer electrodes to the shoulders, head, or neck. Do not administer it to the chest if you accept affection disease, arrhythmias, or affection failure. Pads should not be activated aloft built-in devices.

Where to Get One

There are abounding means to get a TENS assemblage for treatment:

From a professional.

If you appetite to accept addition abroad administrate the assemblage for you, you can affix with addition who does these services. In my case, it was a beating therapist. It will depend on who is accessible in your area.


There are quite a few choices on Amazon for TENS units. There is a ample amount range, so it depends on absolutely what appearance you are seeking.

Local pharmacies and retailers.

Pharmacies like Walgreens, CVS, Target, and Walmart additionally advertise TENS units.

Your doctor.

Your hospital or physician may let you hire a TENS unit. This advantage may be ideal if you appetite to try article out afore chief to buy one.

It is absurd to apperceive if a TENS assemblage will advice in your specific circumstances, but it is an advantage if you are accessible to it. My adventures with it are conflicted, but I am animated that I acclimated it and had it as an option. It is a acceptable affair to be acquainted of and accumulate in mind, forth with your added pain abatement techniques.


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