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The 5 Adulation Languages of Pregnancy

pregnancyUpdated February 23, 2021

by Nina Spears

The Babyish Chick®: Pregnancy, Bearing & Postpartum Expert


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Feeling admired and admired is capital for humankind. And back a woman becomes pregnant, this charge alone magnifies. Her body and her hormones are alteration daily. Alive and activity that she is admired and accepted by the bodies about her will advice her feel safe and defended as she continues to abound this new activity central of her. But how anybody processes adulation is different. That is why Gary Chapman’s bookThe 5 Adulation Languages” has been so popular. In his book, he describes the altered means bodies acquaint and accept love. (You can booty the quiz here to acquisition out what castigation is.) But with the highs and lows of pregnancy, how can you ensure that she feels loved? I covered the 5 adulation languages of labor and delivery, and postpartum and today, I’m administration the 5 adulation languages of pregnancy.

What are the 5 Adulation Languages?

  1. Words of Affirmation: Adulation is apparent through accounting and announced words of affection, compliments, words of appreciation, exact encouragement, and praise.
  2. Acts of Service: This is for bodies who accept that accomplishments allege louder than words. It’s back you like to be shown how you’re accepted and appetite addition to go out of their way to appearance you they adulation you.
  3. Receiving Gifts: You feel admired back bodies accord you beheld symbols of love. It’s not about the gift’s budgetary value but the allegorical anticipation and accomplishment put abaft the item.
  4. Quality Time: Back you accurate your adulation by giving your absorbed absorption to addition after distractions.
  5. Physical Touch: Bodies who acquaint their adulation and acknowledgment through this language, back they accord to it, feel accepted back they are touched. This includes hugging, kissing, captivation hands, sex, or cuddling. They amount the activity of amore and abundance that comes with concrete touch.

Below is what you can do to appearance your adulation and acknowledgment to a abundant woman through the 5 adulation languages of pregnancy.

How to Use the 5 Adulation Languages During Pregnancy

1. Words of Affirmation

Pregnancy is a admirable time in a woman’s life. It’s absolutely a phenomenon back you anticipate about what her anatomy is accomplishing as she grows this babyish central of her. However, abundance is not consistently easy. There can be lots of aches and pains forth the way. This includes morning sickness, pregnancy insomnia, heartburn, sciatica, back pain, fatigue, and more. There will be moments back she may feel tired, beneath attractive, or undesired. This is back ally charge to be acquainted and allege up! Admonish her of how admirable she is and the amazing assignment her anatomy is doing. If her primary adulation accent is words of affirmation, actuality are some things to say to her during her abundance to accomplish her feel loved.

  • You attending beautiful.
  • Your anatomy is amazing!
  • You’re already such a abundant mother.
  • I feel so adored to accept you as the mother of my child.
  • I absolutely acknowledge all of the things you are accomplishing to adapt for our new baby.
  • You are so able for this baby. I’m so beholden for all of the affairs you accept made.
  • You are so admirable as a abundant woman.
  • I apperceive this abundance isn’t easy. I acknowledge aggregate you are accomplishing for our babyish and our family.
  • What can I do to accomplish this acquaintance easier for you? How can I help?
  • I apperceive you’re tired. Acknowledge you for all of your adamantine work.
  • You’re accomplishing such an absurd job. Anniversary day you are accepting afterpiece to affair our baby. Not abundant longer.
  • This babyish is so advantageous to accept you as his/her mother.
  • You’ve done such a abundant job on our baby’s nursery.
  • I’m actuality for you.
  • I adulation you.

    If speaking your adulation and acknowledgment is not your strength, words of affirmation can additionally be bidding through a letter. Let her apperceive through your autograph that she is loved, desired, appropriate and that you acknowledge all that she is doing. It will beggarly the apple to her.

    2. Acts of Service

    Whether it’s the alpha or the end of her pregnancy, she will be captivated if you were to booty article off of her bowl and appearance her you adulation her. The first trimester can be exhausting, and the third trimester can be actual uncomfortable. Authoritative an accomplishment to do article for her and assuming her that you are cerebration of her will accomplish her day. Actuality are some account that you can do for her during her abundance if her primary adulation accent is acts of service.

    • Stock the fridge or abdomen with her admired foods
    • Schedule a prenatal massage or chiropractic appointment for her
    • Attend prenatal doctor or midwife accessories with her
    • Pack her a delicious lunch for the day
    • Surprise her with cafeteria out at work
    • Put calm the bassinet or help with the nursery after actuality asked.
    • Cook her a alimental dinner
    • Do some of her chores that she commonly does: laundry, pay the bills, aces up groceries.
    • If you accept added children, aces the kid(s) up from daycare or academy on the way home.
    • Run late-night trips to the abundance or restaurant to amuse her food cravings.
    • Draw her a balloon bath
    • Plan a date night or weekend break for the two of you

    Things become added difficult the added forth she gets in her pregnancy. By alike accomplishing the simplest of tasks, she will be so beholden and feel loved.

    3. Accepting Gifts

    If accepting ability is your partner’s adulation language, I acclaim that you alpha advantageous absorption to the things she says she needs and brand now and address them down. Surprising her with a little article to brighten her day will absolutely accomplish her feel loved. It shows her that you accept been advantageous absorption and that you went out of your way to get article for her. Aloof apperceive that a allowance doesn’t accept to be big and expensive. It doesn’t alike accept to amount annihilation at all, aloof your time and effort. Actuality are some account to accord her if “receiving gifts” is her adulation language.

    4. Affection Time

    This is the aftermost time in your lives area it will aloof be the two of you. Or if you’re a friend, your assured acquaintance will never be as available as she is appropriate now. So absorb it up! Giving her your time and abounding absorption during her abundance will absolutely beggarly a lot to her. Abundance can accompany up ambiguity and fears in women that aren’t consistently rational. Actuality present for her and giving her your absorbed attention, she will absolutely feel your love. So put bottomward your phone, accord her the alien or about-face off the TV. Accept to her and be affianced in your time together. Actuality are some account that you can do for “quality time.”

    • Exercise or go on a airing together.
    • Go to a couples’ massage.
    • Take childbirth classes or parenting classes together.
    • Read a pregnancy/birth/parenting book together.
    • Go to prenatal accessories with her.
    • Take a babymoon.
    • Go on a date night out or date night in
    • Watch a cine together.
    • Snuggle on the couch.
    • Decorate the baby’s nursery together.
    • Baby proof the abode together.
    • Schedule dedicated, ceaseless conversations
    • Take her out to dinner.
    • Play a board game together.

    Doing these things with her can be a abundant way to battery her with love.

    5. Concrete Touch

    All bodies charge concrete touch. Some crave alone basal amounts, but others absolutely feel admired and affiliated back they are actuality embraced. However, some mothers will feel absolutely affected out, abnormally at the end of the day, and appetite no concrete contact. But if this is her primary adulation language, she will apparently still appetite to accept purposeful, meaningful, and admiring blow from her partner. By giving her some added concrete absorption and love, she will feel added adorable and desired, which increases her activity of security. Article as simple as captivation her duke or abrading her anxiety can absolutely help. If her primary adulation accent is concrete touch, actuality are some things you can do during her abundance to accomplish her feel loved.

    • Hold her hand
    • Give her hugs
    • Massage her lower back, shoulders, hands, and feet
    • Rub her head
    • Brush her hair
    • Dance with her
    • Sit abreast her
    • Skin-to-skin contact
    • Cuddle
    • Kiss her: on her hand, her cheek, her lips
    • Touch or rub her abundant belly
    • Feel the baby’s movements and allocution to her abundant belly
    • Sex/sexual interaction
    • Intimacy and blow after sex

    This is the time to focus on your accord and strengthen it afore the babyish comes. By putting in the time and accomplishment to breeding your bond, she will feel so abundant for confident, supported, and loved. And back she feels your adulation and support, it’s a abundant dispatch bean as you both airing into parenthood.


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