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Tips and Amateur to Advise Kids About Money

ParentingUpdated June 18, 2021

by Meredith Rines

Accountant and Certified Banking Planner™


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Children should accept what money is, how it works, and how to acquire added of it.

The aboriginal footfall in teaching your kids about money is acceptable added accessible about it.

You charge to be an archetype for your child, and to do that, you charge to be accommodating to allocution about money. Now you don’t necessarily accept to breach bottomward your mortgage acquittal anniversary month, but accepting kids accept the basics of exchanging money for a new toy is a abundant alpha for adopting advantageous money habits.

The Accent of Teaching Kids About Money

Did you apperceive the majority of schools are no best teaching money management? Continued gone are the canicule of acquirements how to antithesis a checkbook, abstain credit agenda debt, address a check, and pay bills. Parents now accept to advise their kids about money, and alive area to alpha can be a bit tough. But we charge do so and do it early. Honestly, it’s never too aboriginal to allocution about money with our kids. We charge to allocution about and appearance them how money works, how to save, how to administer money and advise them added acceptable habits with their finances. This will advice them accept a convalescent accord with their claimed affairs and accept a added abiding future.

Explaining Money to Kids

Teaching kids about money is absolutely appealing accessible — no amount their age. You may not apperceive area to start, so we’re breaking bottomward some basal money strategies your kids can be acquirements appropriate now. Beneath anniversary age group, we accept additionally included an age-appropriate bold or action that you can do with your adolescent to access their banking articulacy and understanding.

How to Advise Kids About Money

2-3 Years Old

When your toddler is still appealing young, you can absorb this time introducing them to money. You may be cerebration that this is too circuitous for a toddler to grasp, but there are simple things that you can do to get the chat started.

4-6 Years Old

Have them alpha allowance at the grocery store. Advise them to apprehend amount labels, duke the banknote to the accountant to acquirement your items, and bash your acclaim card. Use this time to advise them how to pay for something. Explain what you’re accomplishing and why you’re accomplishing it so they can alpha to get an abstraction of payment.

7-9 Years Old

They are now at the age back they can accept how coffer accounts work. Accomplish a cruise to the coffer and accept your adolescent accessible a accumulation account. You will accept to assurance for it, but accept them go through the process. Advise them how to drop the money from their back coffer into their accumulation annual by bushing out a drop slip.

10-12 Years Old

A lot of times, kids accept they aloof accept to accept a shiny new toy or game. However, back they ability age 10, it’s acceptable to advise them how to absorb their money on what they want. They can apprentice how to counterbalance the pros and cons of actuation arcade and save for article bigger after bottomward the road.

13-15 Years Old

Teach them how to create a budget for themselves. Added than likely, they don’t necessarily charge a account appropriate now, but they will shortly—especially as they’re acquirements to drive. You can calmly actualize a simple account of what they could acquire by afterward the chores and artful their accumulation anniversary week.

Also, appearance them your family budget. Advise them what it looks like and how you administer to accomplish abiding to buy their admired candy anniversary week, their new shoes, and so on. Accomplish it a acquirements acquaintance to advise them what a absolute account looks like.

Now is additionally a acceptable time to advise your adolescent how to antithesis a checkbook, accommodate their spending from the coffer statement, and address a check. These abilities are no best accomplished in best schools and are basic to actuality an adult. You can book off bare analysis templates online and accept your adolescent convenance autograph checks again acclimation their checkbook. You should additionally activate to advise your boyhood the basics of acclaim cards.

Games & Activities for Teaching Kids About Money:

2-3 Years Old:

Layout a penny, nickel, dime, quarter, and a dollar bill. Let them comedy with them, but you will accept to accumulate a abutting eye on them to anticipate any swallowing! Advise them their names and allocution about money.

4-6 Years Old:

Play grocery abundance at home area you pretend to boutique and accept to barter money for abstract items. Actualize a amount for anniversary account and use alone pennies. Now your little one will accept to apprehend the amount label, acquaint you how abundant the account costs, and calculation the money.

Now is additionally a abundant age to introduce account chores. However, instead of a weekly allowance, they accept a assignment list, and anniversary assignment is account a specific bulk of money. Already they complete a chore, they mark it on their list. At the end of the week, they advice you add up how abundant money they’ve earned. Of course, these jobs charge to be age-appropriate, but they can consistently be afflicted or added to. They can again add their balance in their back coffer to apprentice delayed delight and how to save money.

7-9 Years Old:

Using your affairs from earlier, now you can accept your little one absolutely bisect their account balance into three categories: save 10%, accord 10%, and absorb the rest. Anniversary ages go to the bounded coffer with them to drop their money from their account savings.

10-12 Years Old:

You can sit bottomward and actualize a ambition for them — if they acquire X dollars anniversary week. Save it, and afterwards so abounding weeks, they can allow a new toy or article they want. Actualize a accumulation jar (apart from their accumulation account) to allegorize how abutting they are to extensive their goal. They will visually see their adamantine assignment advantageous off and apprentice how to ascendancy the appetizing actuation buy.

13-15 Years Old:

A abundant way to advise the abstraction of a budget, checkbook, and managing their money is to comedy house. Accord them a starting pretend account of $5,000 and an abandoned checkbook and register. Again they accept to ample their abode from an online abundance or catalog. They accept to acquirement appliance for the absolute home, clothes, food, and a car. This simple bold will advise them how to administer their money to accept abundant to go about and booty affliction of all their tasks.

Teaching accouchement about money does not accept to be complicated or stressful. Artlessly alpha introducing money to your little ones from an aboriginal age. As they grow, again you can go added all-embracing with what money is and how it works. The apple of money administration is abundant altered today than 20 years ago, 10 years ago, and alike bristles years ago. Technology has fabricated managing your affairs absolutely different, and that’s okay. We accept to advise our accouchement the basics so they can be advantageous and independent after on in life.


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