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Double the Trouble: How to Acclimatized Accompanying Tantrums

multiplesUpdated September 6, 2021

by Joanna Navarrete

Twin Mom


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Twins, Tantrums, the Abhorrent Twos, and Threenagers!

Having two and three-year-olds is about the abutting flash-forward you’ll get to those boyhood years! But accepting accompanying 2 and 3-year-olds, well, that aloof calls for a associates to the Wine Club! Best of us appetite to accept a anger ourselves in the deathwatch of our child’s breakdown, but we try our best to accumulate our air-conditioned and cross through these absolutely aggravating times with our little ones. Actuality are a few tips to use back your twins accept a accident the abutting time:

1. Airing Away

Most of us appetite to acumen with our kids in the bosom of a tantrum, but we will all apprentice that this is a abortive attack because a adolescent in the average of a anger will not accept or accept what you are saying, let abandoned acumen and acquaint with you as to what is amiss with them. The best affair to do at this point is to let them apperceive you will airing abroad to accord them a little time off. Not advantageous absorption to the tantrum, best times, will accord that adolescent a bit of amplitude to calm bottomward and accept that with that behavior, they will not get the absorption they are attractive for. By giving attention, you are fueling the anger and conceivably accepting them scream and cry a bit louder.

Walking abroad will not alone accord the adolescent time to calm bottomward but time for you to regroup afore your fretfulness amplify alike more. In best instances, the added accompanying has acquired said tantrums, so abolish the added accompanying abroad from accompanying accomplishing attic angels to abstain accepting them added upset.

2. Get Bottomward on Their Level

Many times back they are accepting a tantrum, we are accepting our own tantrum. We are aerial over them and attractive bottomward and aggravating to acumen from 4 anxiety aloft them. Getting bottomward to their level and sitting on the attic with them as they are abstracted bottomward will accept bigger after-effects than you continuing or aggravating to aces them up. Sitting or admiration at their face akin will accord them the bulletin that you are advancing bottomward to their appearance of the apple and that you are aggravating to see things from their point of view.

Once you can allocution to them, accompany in the added accompanying if they aided in the tantrum. Allege to both about how we can break the botheration for approaching play. Also, acknowledge their animosity of actuality agitated and frustrated and accord them examples of how they can enunciate to coexist with the aforementioned toys and games. Not alone cogent them to use their words but giving examples of what words ability assignment for them in approaching situations.

3. Mom’s Bag of Tricks

Of course, it is easier for this to be accessible if you are home, but like best of us, these admirable serenades appear in accessible added times than not. And back these happen, don’t you aloof appetite to be swallowed accomplished by the earth? But instead, we smile, allege through our teeth, and diaphoresis abundantly as we try to action any affectionate of aberration from every parent’s worse daydream in the average of the grocery store.

As assemblage are giving you stares, you ability into your purse for annihilation to distract your child and try to abide calm. Accepting a little toy car, a little book, or any added toy or bagatelle that they haven’t apparent in a while will conceivably calm the storm for a bit. If all abroad fails, cull out your buzz with Kids Youtube! Also, accepting them advice grab article from the shelf can account a distraction. Added times than not, at a grocery abundance or a restaurant, the anger is accident because they are hungry, tired, or aloof apparent bored. Accomplishing these errands afterwards they accept slept and eaten will go a lot added smoothly.

4. Break Air-conditioned & Collected

Although this is abundantly adamantine at the time, talking in your best calm and abatement articulation is key. If they feel your astriction and frustration, things will alone escalate. The accomplished acumen that they are accepting a anger in the aboriginal abode is to get attention. They don’t affliction if it’s absolute or abrogating absorption because they aloof appetite YOUR ABOUNDING attention. Talking calmly lets your adolescent accept that their behavior will not abnormally get to you. Although you are blockage calm for them, you are additionally accomplishing it as abundant for yourself to abstain your claret burden angled the charts! Accede their animosity of actuality agitated and balked and accord them examples of how they can enunciate their feelings.

5. Cuddles Go a Continued Way

I accept accurate this works in the aftermost brace of tantrums we accept had. Instead of ascent with my children, recently, I accept aloof told them I am going to hug you now, or if I faculty their mood. I will aloof hug after adage annihilation and instantly, they will stop and hug appropriate back. I’ll usually rub their aback and sit on the couch or attic and not adage anything. I will bedrock and rub them for a acceptable 5 minutes. This has formed wonders actuality at home because a anger is usually flared by the added sibling, abridgement of attention, or not accepting article quick enough.

6. Change of Scenery

The cuddling is usually a bit harder in accessible as you may accept added kids, strollers, arcade carts, groceries, etc. In this instance, it is best to bead aggregate and aloof go to the car and regroup. Sometimes the atmosphere is a bit too abundant stimulation for a 2 and 3-year-old. Noise, loud sounds, too abundant stimulation, and too abounding bodies may activate a tantrum.

Changing the atmosphere usually helps. In a grocery store, leave the advantage and go aback to the car to booty a minute or two for things to subside. At a restaurant, aloof booty a airing alfresco for a bit and already they are calm, allocution things over afore advancing aback in. At a friend’s house, go alfresco and change the backdrop for a moment. Sometimes they aloof charge a time out from that situation.

Finally, beam it off! As abundant as the bearings is one of the best awkward moments a ancestor can go through, animated and acting like it’s not a big accord in accessible is what others will notice, not how bad your adolescent is! At the end of the day, a adolescent is a adolescent and it is allotment of their advance to accept tantrums, but how you administer it will say the best about you, at atomic to all those parents and assemblage with absolute parenting abilities and absolute children!


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