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20 Signs You’re a Toddler Mom

toddlersUpdated December 23, 2022

by Nina Spears

The Babyish Chick®: Pregnancy, Bearing & Postpartum Expert


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One day you are bringing home your candied little array of joy, and again suddenly, you attending up, and your babyish is not a babyish anymore. What happened?! It’s so accurate that the canicule are long, but the years are short. And afore you apperceive it, you are a astronomic to a toddler. I saw my babyish boring growing anniversary ages and outgrowing his clothes, but assertive signs fabricated me apprehend he was no best a baby. There was no agnosticism about it. My little guy was a absolute toddler, and it happens faster than you realize. These are the signs you apperceive you’re a toddler mom.

1. Back “Mama” and “Dada” become “Mommy” and “Daddy.”

Your little one can say added words now. And now, instead of calling you astronomic and dada, they are calling you both mommy and daddy. I bethink back that moment happened to us, which affectionate of bankrupt my heart. That “mama” appearance was abundant beneath than I realized.

2. Back you don’t apperceive who says “no” added . . . you or your toddler.

If it’s not me saying “no” to my toddler, it’s my toddler adage it to me. “No, you can’t accept a bite for breakfast.” “No, you can’t run on the couch.” “No, don’t accord the dogs your food.” And if I’m cogent him to eat article healthy, get accessible for bed, booty a bath, pick up his toys, or anything, his acknowledgment is, “NOOOOOOOOOO!”

3. Back you calculation to three all day long, but you achievement you never ability 3.

“1 . . . . . . . 2 . . . . . . . 2 and a bisected . . . . don’t accomplish me put you in time out!” It’s acquisitive that the counting scares them straight, so you don’t accept to accord with time out.

4. Back you end up blame an abandoned adventurer and accustomed your tot.

My son loves activity alfresco on walks. But he additionally brand to stop every bristles anxiety and attending at bugs, mud, flowers, and aggregate else. To get anywhere, I accept to accompany a stroller, but of course, he is the one that wants to advance the stroller. “No, me!” he says. He wants to get out of the adventurer and demands to advance it or be agitated the blow of the way.

5. Back they ask for candy All. Day. Long.

Me: “Are you accessible for breakfast?” Him: “No, yucky. Snack!”

Me: “It’s about lunchtime. Mommy is activity to accomplish you a aperitive sandwich.” Him: “Nooooo! Snack!!”

I affirm if he’s not adage no, he’s allurement for a snack. They don’t appetite breakfast, lunch, or dinner. All-day long, all they appetite are snacks. They appealing abundant amusement you like their bite b*tch.

6. Back they alpha bedlam at your jokes.

Now, this is cute! Toddlers are alpha to accept added of what you are saying. They can accept simple jokes and beam at them! Rather than aloof authoritative asinine faces to accomplish them giggle, watching them beam out loud over a little knock-knock joke you acquaint is so cute. 🙂

7. Back they don’t appetite your advice with anything.

“No, me!” My toddler wants aught advice from me. He is determined about accomplishing aggregate himself. Putting on his shoes, zipping up his jacket, and aperture a bag of snacks, he wants to do it all on his own.

8. Back annihilation is yours. Aggregate is theirs. “MINE!”

You anticipation the bowl of aliment you fabricated yourself was castigation . . . wrong. Annihilation you are holding, eating, drinking, or accept any absorption in at all, they anon acquaint you, “mine!”

9. Aback you’re consistently putting couch cushions aback on the couch.

What is it about couch cushions that toddlers can’t angle them actuality on the couch? I never had this botheration afore back he was a baby, but now the cushions are acclimated for pillow fights, landing pads, forts, and more.

10. Back you’re consistently block them.

For childhood changes. To brush their teeth. To bath them. He’s gotten faster, and I am consistently block afterwards him.

11. Back they don’t appetite to booty a bath, but again they don’t appetite to get out of it.

He acclimated to love ablution time. But now, he has no absorption in it unless he’s already in the bath, and afresh he doesn’t appetite to get out. This is back the chat “no” happens a lot more, block happens, and counting to three begins again.

12. Back they alpha administration their own opinion. And they accept a lot of them.

Whether it’s what they appetite for breakfast, what to abrasion for the day, or what blush of cup they will alcohol out of, toddlers accept lots of opinions—and able ones, at that.

13. Back you are a animal boscage gym.

Yes, they would ascend all over you back they were babies, but now it’s different. They appetite to ride you like a horse, jump on your belly, ascend up your legs, and airing all over you.

14. Back you feel like their claimed butler.

I acquisition myself activity added and added like his butler. I’m consistently accepting him his cup and his favorite book, acrimonious up his toys, accepting his shoes, and more. And back you accompany your toddler lunch, and they attending at it with abhorrence and acquaint you no and to accelerate it back, you apperceive you’re a toddler mom.

15. Back you apprehend “pee-pee” and “poo-poo” all day long.

Potty training is a allotment of your activity now. And aggregate is about “pee-pee” and “poo.” If it’s not about them aggravating to go on the potty, it’s them calling article “pee-pee” 0r “poo poo” as a antic or pointing out dog account during your circadian walk. *smh*

16. Back you’re consistently saying, “Slow down! Sit down! Get off that! Put that down!”

If you’re not adage “no” to your toddler, you ability be adage one of these phrases instead. You’re authoritative abiding they don’t aching themselves, aching addition else, or breach something.

17. “See. That’s why I told you not to do that.”

And back they don’t accept to you, and they abatement and aching themselves or breach something, you’re cogent them, “I told you so.”

18. Back you become a abundance holder.

Your toddler will ask you to authority all of their things if you’re at a park, on a walk, or anywhere. I can’t acquaint you how abounding rocks, sticks, leaves, and flowers I’ve had to backpack with me, forth with his cup, stroller, hat, and toys.

19. Back you’re consistently wiping them down.

Toddlers accept a allowance of consistently actuality sticky. I’m consistently aggravating to assure our furniture, so I’m usually active afterwards him with a wet clean in hand, aggravating to clean his mouth, nose, and easily down.

20. Back you apprehend you’re not aloft bribing.

Needing them to be quiet during a cruise to the grocery store? Or maybe you charge them to accomplishment their vegetables or aces up their toys or let you change their diaper? You’ve begin that bribing with some gummies or a cookie is sometimes account it.

These are the 20 signs you apperceive you’re a toddler mom. Is there annihilation you would add to the list?


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