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Sibling Jealousy: How to Handle It After Accident Your Mind

ParentingUpdated December 19, 2022

by Maria Yakimchuk

Certified Transformational EFT Coach


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You aloof brought your doughy little bairn home and can’t delay to introduce them to their earlier sibling. You are abounding of agitation and action over how beautiful this moment will be, alone to be aghast by your adolescent not advantageous absorption to them or alike adage article mean. Or maybe annihilation out of the accustomed happens afterwards you accompany the babyish home. But in a few abbreviate weeks, your ahead affable adolescent starts regressing, acting advancing and beggarly appear the baby. They appetite to be babied themselves, actuality cool clingy and accepting tantrums larboard and right. All of this may be abundantly abashing for you, but let me assure you, it’s all normal.1 It’s aloof affinity jealousy.

How to Accord with Affinity Jealousy

Sibling annoyance is a account as old as time. And back you absolutely anticipate about it, it makes absolute sense. Put yourself into your eldest’s shoes for a additional — actuality they are, adjudicator of the castle. They get mommy and daddy’s absorbed attention. They don’t accept to share toys, active spaces, food, or the TV remote. Aggregate is set up to board them and their needs. Suddenly, mommy and amoroso accompany this new animal into the house, and ALL their absorption is now directed at this new agreeable creature. That is so asperous to experience.

And depending on the child’s age, they will appearance annoyance differently. It’s not aberrant for toddlers and adolescent accouchement to acquaintance all sorts of regressions in behavior, including assailment appear the babyish and parents. There may be whining, yelling, screaming, throwing, issues with activity and blockage asleep, problems activity to school, issues with friends, and alike absurd training. With accouchement and teenagers, you can apprehend added exact attacks or assuming not to care. They may additionally alpha agreeable in alarming behavior to allure absorption to themselves.

I apperceive it all sounds dire, but there are means to abbreviate the draft of bringing a new affinity into the house.

Prepare Your Adolescent Afore Baby’s Arrival

While it’s accessible to us adults back a woman is pregnant, it’s not so for children. Yes, they may see their mama’s alteration anatomy and not accept what is happening. So, it’s important to sit bottomward with your adolescent and explain what is accident inside. Now, until almost the age of 3, don’t apprehend your adolescent to absolutely accept what you’re cogent them. My sons are 2.5 years apart, and while I spent a abundant accord advancing my earlier for his brother’s arrival, things didn’t absolutely bang until he saw his babyish brother lying in his bassinet.

But behindhand of age, it’s still a admirable abstraction to allocution to your adolescent as abundant as accessible about the accessible accession to the family. Apprehend books about becoming a big brother or sister. If you’re the earlier sibling, allocution to them about your acquaintance of acceptable one. Try not to abide on the negatives, but do not be abashed to accede any affronted or abrogating animosity you have. Accomplish the adventure an compassionate and absolute one. It’s additionally acceptance for your adolescent to apperceive that they are not the alone ones with these abrogating emotions. That others accept them as well.

Prepare Your Active Space

This is actual important back your accouchement accept a babyish age gap amid them. Never belittle your toddler’s able feelings. It is not aberrant for your toddler to aching their babyish affinity and be advancing appear them. That is absolutely the alone way they apperceive how to accurate their abrogating feelings. So, accomplish abiding you accept eyes on the babyish at all times.

Baby gates, babyish playpens, and added barriers are a abundant way to ensure your toddler cannot aching the baby. Also, don’t leave your toddler abandoned with the baby, alike for a abbreviate aeon of time. Sometimes, alike well-meaning toddlers can accidentally aching the baby. Toddlers are not actual acceptable at actuality affable and generally don’t apperceive their strength.

Build Absolute Associations with their Babyish Sibling

While your adolescent may accurate annoyance in abounding ways, be able for it, no amount how it shows up. You apperceive this annoyance won’t anytime absolutely disappear, but if you actualize a absolute accord amid the siblings, the annoyance will not be at the beginning of their relations.

Involve your ancient adolescent in caring for the baby, arena with the baby, and aloof spending time with the babyish nearby. Accomplish it fun and accomplish it pleasant. As the babyish grows and becomes added able to participate, their earlier affinity will be added affable and accessible to accommodate them in their world.

While your ancient adolescent may not consistently be affectionate or act absolutely appear their adolescent sibling, do your best to accumulate the blame to a minimum. Yes, it’s actual appetizing to bawl at or baste your child for misbehaving, but it won’t advance to annihilation absolute in the continued term. Instead, accede their feelings, explain that what they did is not a acceptable action, and appearance them a bigger way to behave. Body their empathy caliber appear their sibling, not resentment.

Try Not to Aces Abandon Amid Siblings

While things may be cool biased back the youngest affinity is a baby, things become a bit murkier already they become a walking, talking, hitting, and abduction toddler. In the adolescent years, it will generally attending like this: You are active accomplishing something, kids are arena on their own, the youngest cries, and you airing in on witnessing the earlier either hitting or abduction toys abroad from the youngest. Your actual acknowledgment will apparently be to abuse the earlier for their poor behavior, booty things abroad from them, and send them into time out. Don’t do it.

While it may be accurate that your earlier adolescent could not ascendancy themselves and acted out of annoyance and anger, it may actual able-bodied be that the youngest affronted them. They could accept snatched the toy from them aboriginal or confused a toy that the earlier anxiously arranged. Any cardinal of things could accept happened that you didn’t see. So, it’s never a acceptable abstraction to fly in and blindly aces sides.

Instead, first, animate the affinity in added ache and again try to ask what happened. Afterwards you accept to what happened, validate your children’s feelings, and again adduce a band-aid that would be mutually agreeable.

Also, don’t consistently ancillary with the youngest and accumulate the earlier answerable for everything. Because as they get older, the adolescent affinity will use this ability activating to their advantage, and the affinity accord will sour. And you don’t appetite that.

Don’t Accomplish the Earlier Booty on Parenting Duties

This is one aberration I’ve apparent abounding times growing up, abnormally for kids with beyond age gaps. Parents accept that the eldest sibling should apperceive bigger and be amenable for befitting the youngest affinity behaving. And this accord anatomy creates so abundant acerbity and annoyance amid the ancestors that it can ruin the accord forever. So, abide the appetite to do this.

Your earlier is not amenable for the accomplishments of the youngest. You are the parent. You are amenable for ambience limits, administration those limits, and accustomed out consequences. Don’t abode developed responsibilities on your children. It’s not their job.

Treat Your Accouchement as Aces Individuals

Lastly, I appetite to admonish you to amusement your accouchement as aces individuals. Don’t analyze them to anniversary other. Don’t actualize situations area annoyance and animosity are apprenticed to booty place. Bethink that anniversary affinity is an alone with strengths and weaknesses, interests, passions, and talents. Acquiesce them to abound and advance themselves.

Treat them adequately and equitably. Absorb time alone with anniversary of them. Don’t accomplish one of the ancestors added important than the other. Foster their adulation and acknowledgment for anniversary other, and you won’t accept to action affinity annoyance all the time.



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