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Mommy Banty of the Month: Trisha from No Belly Mommy

mommy chickUpdated January 10, 2021

by Nina Spears

The Babyish Chick®: Pregnancy, Bearing & Postpartum Expert


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Happy Activity Day, Mommy Chicks! For this month’s featured Mommy Chick, I accept called the abundantly air-conditioned and alarming Trisha Enriquez from No Tummy Mommy. She is the blazon of astronomic that pushes me to plan advanced and get in my workouts. Back today is Activity day, I acquainted like Trisha is the absolute Mommy Banty for September back she knows how to get to assignment and break in shape. 😉 Amuse acceptable our September Mommy Chick, Trisha!

Hi, Trisha! Back I aboriginal apparent your website, No Belly Mommy, I admired your mission and how you accept created a business that caters to alarming mothers to be healthy. What aggressive you to alpha your company?

Thank you, Nina! I accomplished afterwards accepting a babyish how important it was to be my healthiest and happiest self. It is also so advantageous to advice added mamas feel the same. Plus, our little ones deserve us at our best.

september mommy chick, trisha enriquez, fit mom

How did you appear up with your business name No Belly Mommy and what does it mean? I consistently adulation audition the belief of how bodies appear up with their business names.

My brother nicknamed me that afterwards I had my babe and it aloof stuck. I was consistently alive out with her and he fabricated a antic calling me ‘No Belly Mommy’ and the blow is history!

Tell us added about your training and acquaintance and how you became a bloom and fettle expert.

It started with alive for one of Arctic America’s better sports supplement companies on the business aggregation for women’s weight-loss products. Already aloft a time, I had additionally stepped on stage for a fettle competition. Fettle has consistently been a affection of abundance and allowance others, decidedly mothers, is article I adulation doing!

What’s the #1 affair that you appetite bodies to booty abroad from your armpit back they appointment your armpit or your blog?

My assignment is absolutely about allowance mothers feel added comfortable and assured with their postpartum bodies. The ultimate ambition is to animate architecture advantageous affairs habits that mothers can booty with them for an absolute lifestyle.

september mommy chick, trisha enriquez, fit mom

What do you appetite all women/mothers to apperceive back it comes to accepting healthy?

We can be so adamantine on ourselves at times, so I accept the best important affair to bethink about this adventure is to focus on ADVANCE OVER PERFECTION.

Amen to that!

What does activity attending like active a business, blogging and actuality a mom? How do you do it all?

I am still acquirements forth the way. Some canicule are tougher than others. I still assignment a full-time 9-5 job and achievement to eventually focus full-time on No Belly Mommy. I try to set astute goals for myself and use my babe as a action to accumulate going!

september mommy chick, trisha enriquez, fit mom

Do you accept a lifesaving assignment out product?

I do action a 30-day program which is an alarming way to kickstart a mother’s fettle and health journey. I am working on the next launch and will advertise these capacity soon. Break acquainted and be abiding to subscribe to our website or chase us on Instagram to break in the loop.

What’s your cardinal one fettle tip that you acquaint all of your clients?

Preparation is key, so plan your commons and candy in beforehand and agenda your workouts like you would a business meeting. Commit!

I, myself, absolutely charge to get bigger at this…

What’s the greatest assignment (or lessons) that motherhood has accomplished you?

Every distinct day is unpredictable, so aloof GO WITH IT!

september mommy chick, trisha enriquez, fit mom

As a adept mama, what’s a allotment of admonition that you ambition you would accept accepted and would like to allotment with assured moms and/or cast new mothers?

I ambition addition told me to advance in dry absterge … haha … no one told me there would be a lot of bedraggled beard days!

What admonition would you acquaint a mom if she absitively to alpha her own business?

I would acquaint her to aloof do it … activity is too abbreviate not to try!

september mommy chick, trisha enriquez, fit mom

Who is your mommy afflatus and why?

I adore Jessica Alba — she is a admirable and able mama! I adulation the Honest Company because it’s a accumulating of toxin-free appurtenances which is so all-important back you’re a mother.

What are your greatest hopes for your daughter’s future?

I appetite her to be empowered to chase her dreams … whatever they may be, I will be there to abutment her forth the way.

september mommy chick, trisha enriquez, fit mom

What are your greatest hopes for women and mothers everywhere?

That we can abutment and adulation anniversary added and not compete with one another.

Thank you so abundant for your time and for your wisdom, Trisha. I accept admired acquirements a little bit added about you, audition your angle on life, fitness, and your adulation for motherhood!

Thank you again, Trisha, for sharing a little bit about you and your activity and for actuality our September Mommy Banty of the Month!!

Which mamas are you aggressive by? Allotment with us and they ability be our abutting featured Mommy Banty of the Month!


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