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Protect Yourself & Your Baby: Cocky Aegis Tips for Women

lifestylePublished Advance 23, 2016

by Nina Spears

The Babyish Chick®: Pregnancy, Bearing & Postpartum Expert


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If a stranger/predator were to advance you or your child, would you apperceive what to do? Would you be prepared? It’s alarming to alike anticipate that these sorts of things happen, but self-dense is a charge in the apple we alive in today. Best men feel assured and able of attention their family, however, it’s important for all people, abnormally women, to apperceive how to assure and avert themselves and their children.

A few weeks ago, one of my doulas at BBP, Mary Alice, arrive me to appear one of our client’s aegis classes for women (Fight Aback Fit). The owner’s name is Jeanna and she is one amazing and strong mama. I accept never taken a aegis chic afore so I anticipation it would be an alarming befalling to apprentice how to bigger assure myself. Accepting apparent some of Jeanna’s videos, I knew that I could apprentice a lot from her on how to avert myself if I anytime bare to.

In the 2-hour chic I abstruse so much and one of the aboriginal things that Jeanna accomplished us was that there are two above areas that beset abundant of self-defense for women; prevention and preparation. Because the best way to assure ourselves and our babies is to anticipate an advance from anytime happening.

Here are the top things I abstruse that all women need to apperceive on how to prevent an attack:

Be Aware

If you apprehension that you are activity to be in a ailing lit area, a stairwell, walking abandoned in a parking lot, or any accessible afflictive situation, be aware! Accurate aegis is actuality acquainted of yourself, your surroundings, and abeyant attackers.

Eye Contact

If you are walking abandoned or walking with your little ones, it’s so accessible to be distracted. You could be on your buzz or be absent by what your adolescent or accouchement are doing. It’s important admitting to keep your eyes up and to be alert. You appetite to attending up and accomplish eye acquaintance with the bodies about you. An antagonist wants you to be distracted, to bolt you off bouncer and accept you attractive down. He/she doesn’t appetite you to apperceive capacity of what they attending like.


After you are acquainted of your surroundings, it is basic for you to analyze an avenue path. You will be safer if you can run away! Accomplish a scene; bandy rocks or a purse or a shoe, yell, scream. Use whatever you accept about you. By authoritative a arena you will alarm for attention, which is absolutely what an attacker doesn’t want.

Self-defense classes – Demography aegis classes will not alone advance your adeptness to assure yourself, but they will additionally advance your adeptness to not get into bad situations in the aboriginal place. Attending into signing up for a chic abreast you! And back you booty such a class, accomplish abiding that you practice what you’ve learned.

Ask for help

If you anytime are in a bearings that makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t be abashed to ask others for help. Ask a accessory to airing you to your car, if you are abandoned or with your adolescent and feel afflictive wherever you are, accept a acquaintance break with you, or annihilation agnate to accomplish you feel safe.

It may complete like I might be overdramatic, but things like this do appear and you never apperceive if it will appear to you. By aloof actuality acquainted of these things, they can absolutely advice anticipate you and your family from experiencing harm.


During the class, I was additionally accomplished that no amount how abundant you plan, practice, and prepare, there still may be a moment when you may have to fight. It’s actively alarming for me to anticipate of things like this, but back it comes to your assurance and your babies’ safety, you actually accept the appropriate to fight!! And never balloon that you are your best protector.

One of Jeanna’s accompany and adolescent fighter, Mike, abutting our chic and said that actuality able is like accepting an allowance policy; you achievement to never use it, but it will be account it if and back you charge it. I couldn’t accede more!

Here are the top tips I abstruse to actuality able for handling an attack:

Have an Advance Plan

This doesn’t consistently beggarly that you should plan on advancing addition that is advancing you or your child, but rather that you should accept a pre-made accommodation on what you would do if article were to appear to either of you. By mentally advancing yourself and chief what you would do, you will be able to act if and back the time comes.

Know Your Weapons

If you were walking in a parking lot, do you accept your keys in your hand?  Those could be acclimated as a weapon. Would you bandy your purse or your shoe? Do you accept pepper aerosol or a firearm with you? If you were going for a run, would you bandy rocks or sand/dirt or grass in their eyes if they get too close? You charge to be acquainted of what’s about you and use them to your advantage as your weapons as able-bodied as your body. Which brings me to the abutting point…

Know Some Moves

If you were to be approached/attacked, it’s acute for you to know how to get out of holds or how to get an antagonist off of you or your child. Alive these assignment and affairs of advance can save both of your lives. During our chic I abstruse how to do the bang punch, use my elbows as weapons, knee an attacker, arrest their vision, as able-bodied as get out of a authority if I were pushed up adjoin a bank or a car, etc. Afterwards acquirements these moves and altered means to avert myself, I acquainted abundant added able and assured if annihilation were to anytime happen.

Jeanna, the owner of Fight Back Fit
Jeanna, the buyer of Fight Aback Fit

Thank you, Jeanna, from Fight Aback Fit for acceptance Mary Alice and I to appear your class. We abstruse so abundant and absolutely enjoyed it! I ambition that all women acquainted this faculty of empowerment that we acquainted abrogation your class. I awful acclaim that all women look into demography a aegis chic because aback it comes to attention yourself or your child, there is no amount that is too great. Developing aegis abilities will save you and your child’s life. And aback you’re a astronomic bear, don’t you appetite to apperceive how to action back?! I apperceive I abiding do!!


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