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Is it Safe to Dye Your Beard While Pregnant?

pregnancyUpdated December 28, 2021


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Pregnancy is not an alibi to eat for two, stop exercising, and abrasion antiquated clothes. We now apperceive that a mother’s bloom habits–or abridgement of–during abundance affect her child, all the way from apperception and for the blow of his life! And with that ability in mind, doctors now accord women weight accretion guidelines and exercise modifications to chase from the first trimester through to the aboriginal postpartum months.

Along with the advice we accept learned, the way the abundant anatomy is beheld has changed. Maternity wardrobes accept acquired over the years. While women at one point in history did all they could to burrow their growing bellies, women today proudly appearance off their arising bumps. Who says you can’t dress fashionably during pregnancy? In fact, some women feel bigger about their bodies during abundance than at any added time of their lives! And if you’re activity to attending good, let’s not balloon to allocution about your hair!

So here’s the question: back we’re talking about attractive your best during pregnancy, do you charge to accord up dying your beard for nine months? Is beard dye alarming to your approaching child? Let’s booty a attending at the recommendations that are currently in abode for dying your beard during pregnancy.

General Beard Dying Recommendations During Pregnancy

The baby bulk of analysis that has been done on beard dying during abundance has bent that the chemicals begin in beard dye are not awful baneful to your approaching child. Research has apparent that alone baby amounts of beard dye are captivated through the bark back a woman is accepting her beard black which agency that alone trace amounts absolutely ability the fetus.

The best contempo advice suggests that beard dye does not account miscarriage. However, abundant women who absorb full-time hours inhaling salon-type chemicals are at an added accident for abortion in the aboriginal trimester.

We additionally apperceive that abundance changes abounding things in the body, including your hair. These changes beggarly that your beard ability acknowledge abnormally to color, alike the blush you ability consistently get. Although abounding women usually skip the testing step, it’s best not to skip it during pregnancy. Booty the added time to do a application test, appearance an camouflaged breadth of your beard and skin, and adviser carefully for any abnormal reactions.

To Be On The Safe Side, Booty These Precautions

Although dying your beard is anticipation to be safe, you can chase the added alert admonition that suggests you alone dye your beard during the additional and third trimesters. The aboriginal trimester is back all the minute capacity of baby-building happen. So it’s best to abstain as abounding toxins as accessible during the aboriginal 12 to 14 weeks.

If you do accept to color, accomplish abiding the breadth you are in is able-bodied ventilated. Ideally, accept a window accessible or accept a ventilating fan on. If you accept been almighty acute to smells during your pregnancy, you ability acquisition the odor of beard blush abnormally adamantine to stand.

  • Carefully chase the instructions on the packaging.
  • Don’t beating the dye into your attic – try to focus on massaging it into your hair.
  • Leave the dye on your beard alone as continued as recommended and bathe abundantly with water.
  • Wear the gloves provided to abbreviate your acquaintance with the dye.

Alternative Options

If you’re not abiding about dying your beard during pregnancy, you still accept two added options to consider.

You can attending for a added accustomed dye, such as an amoebic product. Amoebic dyes are anticipation to be safer to use during abundance back they don’t accommodate the accepted chemicals such as parabens, ammonia, and added constructed ingredients.

You can additionally accede afraid with highlights. In this way, you can absolute the bulk of bark that is apparent to the beard coloring.

Final Thoughts

You do not charge to accord up appearance your beard back you are pregnant, but the best is yours. If you don’t feel adequate dying back you’re pregnant, you can err on the ancillary of caution. It will not be the aboriginal time you will accept to chase your mom-instinct. And if luck is on your side, you may be one of the abundant ladies who grows thicker, shinier beard during pregnancy.

If you do accept to blush your hair, there are some assurance measures you should booty to accomplish abiding you absolute the bulk of toxins your anatomy absorbs and possibly transfers to your baby. The best important things to accumulate in apperception are to chase the instructions carefully, do the pre-color test, and accomplish abiding you accept admission to beginning air.

If you black your beard afore you begin out you were pregnant, there is no account for alarm. Affairs are acutely abbreviate that the chemicals accept afflicted your baby. Just authority off until the additional trimester to agenda your basis touch-ups!


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