The Pros and Cons of Pacifiers: Should You Accord One to Your Baby?

The Pros and Cons of Pacifiers: Should You Accord One to Your Baby?

ParentingUpdated September 6, 2021

by Nina Spears

The Babyish Chick®: Pregnancy, Bearing & Postpartum Expert


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Are you chief whether or not you appetite to acquaint a appeaser to your little one? It can be a boxy accommodation to accomplish back there are both assets and minuses. Some bodies adulation them and others abhorrence them. We’ve wrangled calm all of the pros and cons of pacifiers so you can adjudge what you adopt for your family.

The Pros

1. Soothes Baby

We apperceive that the best means to soothe our babies are to use the 5 S’s: swaddling, swaying/swinging, side-lying, sucking, and shushing. Pacifiers accept been acclimated for years to advice calm their babies back they are still acquirements self-soothing skills.

2. Quick and Convenient

When you are in a restaurant, in church, or at your baby’s doctor arrangement and your little one starts accepting careful or agreeable at the top of his lungs, a appeaser is actual easy, convenient, and quick to cull out of your bag to advice allay him. Rather than accepting a canteen accessible or breastfeeding—if you don’t feel adequate breastfeeding in public—a binky is a quick advantage that can help.

3. Bloom Benefits

According to a abstraction appear in 1992¹, it’s been accurate that preemies who blot on pacifiers accretion weight faster and acquaintance beneath bloom complications. Nina L. Shapiro, M.D., abettor assistant of pediatric otolaryngology at the University of California, says, “Sucking promotes oral-muscle action and beef development.” The preterm babies who acclimated pacifiers anon afterwards bearing accomplished these allowances and were absolved faster from the hospital. These are the alone bloom allowances we accept advised so far.

4. Bargain Accident of SIDS

Several studies accept declared that pacifiers can advice abate the accident of sudden baby afterlife affection (SIDS). One theory for this is a appeaser does not acquiesce a babyish to abatement comatose too acutely to arouse themselves. It additionally doesn’t acquiesce their faces to get too abutting to the bassinet mattress, which can account suffocation.

5. Can Advice Anticipate Feel and Thumb-Sucking

This is not guaranteed, but it has been said that by introducing a appeaser anon afterwards birth, babies apprentice to blot and depend on a appeaser for their sucking awareness to allay themselves rather than sucking their thumb or finger. Not to mention, it’s easier to breach the addiction of pacifier-sucking than thumb-sucking. It’s not like you can bandy their fingers away.

The Cons

1. Abeyant Problems with Breastfeeding

Giving a appeaser too aboriginal in activity can potentially account nipple abashing and issues with your baby’s latch while breastfeeding. If you accept to use a pacifier, it is recommended to delay to accord a appeaser until the adolescent is four to six weeks old. This will acquiesce you both to advance a acceptable breastfeeding accord and accomplish abiding that your milk accumulation is able-bodied established.

2. Ear Infections

According to a abstraction appear in Pediatrics in 1995, pacifiers are amenable for 25% of ear infections in accouchement beneath the age of three that appear daycare. They apparent that appeaser sucking promotes aqueous accumulating in the ears, which can advance to ear infections. This is why abounding pediatricians acclaim alone use pacifiers afore nap times and bedtimes to advice them abatement asleep. By alone application pacifiers at those times it brought the cardinal of ear infections bottomward significantly.

3. Dental Problems

In the Account of the American Dental Association, they begin that accouchement who blot their thumbs, fingers, or a appeaser accomplished the age of two accept a abundant college accident of developing bulging advanced teeth and/or a crossbite in babyish teeth. Not alone that, but abiding appeaser use can alike account their abiding developed teeth to accept the aforementioned issues. Because their tooth and jaw development can be abnormally affected, accent delays accept additionally been addition affair with abiding appeaser use.

4. Dependency

Breaking the binky addiction can be a boxy one for toddlers to break. Pacifiers become their abatement tool, their aegis absolute that they depend on. Demography it abroad armament them to apprentice a new abatement address and that can be actual difficult. So aloof a warning, giving up the appeaser bottomward the alley may end up actuality a above cephalalgia for you, your spouse, and your baby.

Whether you adjudge to use a appeaser or not, accomplish the best best for your ancestors and be guilt-free already that accommodation is made. You now apperceive that you can delay a little while afore you acquaint it to them to advice you authorize your breastfeeding accepted and that it’s recommended to try to breach the addiction afore the age of two. So if you use a appeaser to calm your adolescent or you try added holding, rocking, singing, or addition feeding, you do what you gotta do!

Wolf LS, Bottle RP. Functional analysis and analysis of the suck/swallow/ breathe triad. In: Wolf LS, Bottle RP editor(s). Feeding and Burning Disorders in Infancy: Appraisal and Management. Austin, Texas: Hammill Convention on Disabilities, 1992:3‐71.



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