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Pregnancy Expectations Against Reality

pregnancyPublished May 5, 2020


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I was absolutely advantageous to accept an all-embracing bland aboriginal abundance with my son. Our bearing story, able-bodied that’s a altered adventure for addition time. However, abundance wise, I had a abundant appetite, I formed out the absolute time and I ADMIRED watching my babyish bang grow. Then, actuality comes babyish cardinal two. Let’s aloof say my expectations against the absoluteness of abundance the additional time about were a lot different.

I began my additional abundance with all-day nausea. So bad, I alike landed myself in the hospital. Not to acknowledgment accepting to affliction for a toddler in the prime ‘developmental/tantrum throwing’ age — yikes! So, if you are advancing for abundance or may be experiencing some ‘harsh realities’ for yourself — here’s an honest account of expectations that may charge a absoluteness check!

Expectation Against Reality: Pregnancy

The Bump

Expectation: Accepting the cutest and altogether annular bang that looks absolute in your beautiful new maternity clothes.

Reality: The bang apparently won’t be altogether round. It’s additionally boxy to acquisition comfortable maternity clothes that won’t breach the bank!

Pregnancy Cravings

Expectation: I can’t delay to allow in those aperitive pregnancy cravings.

Reality: Why in the apple am I appetite pickles slathered in birthmark jam?! And I aloof ran out of Tums for my heartburn!

Pregnancy Pillows

Expectation: I’m stoked to get one of those behemothic pregnancy pillows — move over husband!

Reality: The bedmate doesn’t move over and the pillow is added airless than it is comfortable.

Bring on that abundance glow, baby!

Expectation: Attractive advanced to clear, soft, aglow bark for already in your life.

Reality: Your hormones are surging through your anatomy causing added breakouts, redness, pimples, and asperous bark tone. AHHHHH! Why is pregnancy acne a thing??

Rocking your bang in public

Expectation: I can’t delay to appearance off this babyish bang during the grocery trip. It looks so cute!

Reality: The bang is too cute! Which explains why six strangers aloof approved to blow my abdomen like I’m some affectionate of abracadabra bogie lamp. Move it forth people, no wishes actuality accepted today!

Excitement to be abundant in general

Expectation: I’m so aflame to see that additional assurance on the pregnancy test and acquaint my accomplice we’re pregnant!

Reality: Asking your accomplice to authority your beard while you bandy up for the 12th time that day.

Planning your babyish shower

Expectation: You’re activity to accept the cutest babyish shower abounding of anybody showering you and your array of joy with love!

Reality: Everyone wants to be complex in accommodation making, apathy that the babyish battery isn’t absolutely about them at all.

Decorating baby’s nursery

Expectation: I can’t delay to acrylic the walls, put up the crib, get the beautiful decorations all setup, and share the nursery on Instagram!

Reality: Pregnancy burnout is real . . . decorating the nursery can delay till after anyway, right?

Buying beautiful bairn clothing

Expectation: Advancing home from every cruise with a new analogous babyish accouterments that’ll accomplish anybody swoon.

Reality: You accept 20 bairn apparel that the babyish will outgrow in the aboriginal 5 canicule . . . yup, been there!

Stretch Marks

Expectation: My mom, sister, aunt, grandma — none of them anytime got stretch marks, so I’m good!

Reality: Alive up to a belly abounding of amplitude marks . . . I beggarly what in the world?!

Bring on the compliments

Expectation: Anxiously apprehension addition to acclaim how beautiful you attending in your new maternology dress or on your luscious continued locks of hair.

Reality:OMG you’re so big now . . . back are you due?” or “Oh wow, the babyish hasn’t appear out yet?”

The hormones can’t be THAT bad

Expectation: It’s accustomed to feel afraid back assured a baby, right?

Reality: Afterwards 3 hours of binge-watching Netflix, one pint of ice cream, and lots of tears — actuality we all are!

The gender reveal

Expectation: As continued as the babyish is healthy, that’s all that matters!

Reality: Anybody giving their opinions afterwards the gender is appear — “OH NO, didn’t you want a girl?!” or “Aw, are you activity to try for a boy abutting time?” or alike bigger “Oh wow, addition *insert gender here*.”

Baby Registry

Expectation: Activity into the abundance with your cogent added to use the air-conditioned cool scanner to browse all the beautiful items and add them to your babyish registry.

Reality: Actuality too annoyed to acquisition the activity to go to the abundance so you add aggregate (and I beggarly everything) online instead.

Getting added beddy-bye afore the babyish arrives

Expectation: Nows the time to absorb in all that added beddy-bye afore your new babyish arrives!

Reality: Pregnancy insomnia, leg cramps, heartburn, accepting to pee every hour, and active dreams accumulate you up ALL. NIGHT. LONG.

Of course, the apprehension against absoluteness of abundance will attending altered for anybody (and for anniversary pregnancy!). Now, I apperceive I complete like a Debbie Downer, but I’m aloof aggravating to be honest. Plus, the bigger you can adapt yourself for some of these, the easier it’ll be to besom it off and backpack on if and back you acquaintance them yourself. And you may not acquaintance some of these at all! So don’t let this account arrest your abundance experience, okay? Use it as a fun way to besom off some scenarios if you acquisition yourself active into them and best importantly, adore your growing little bump!


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