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Pregnancy and Bearing After A Partner

pregnancyUpdated September 14, 2020

by Nina Spears

The Babyish Chick®: Pregnancy, Bearing & Postpartum Expert


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A few weeks ago, I was contacted by one of our readers. She was answer how every commodity she reads about abundance and birth is about an assured mom and her partner; how to accept great sex, how to accumulate the affair alive, what he should backpack in his amoroso bag, how he can be most admiring and helpful, etc. But what about the women that DON’T accept a admiring and auspicious accomplice in their lives? What about the mothers that are amid or activity through a divorce while pregnant? She herself is experiencing those actual things…

My affection anon went out to her and every distinct woman that is currently activity through this. She asked if we could address about a few capacity that ability help. And we anon said YES! So this commodity is for you, LB. I achievement this commodity is additionally accessible to our added readers who are currently activity through abundance and bearing after a partner.

There are so abounding affidavit why a new mom could be activity through abundance and bearing after a partner. Some moms apperceive from the actual alpha that they will be walking this aisle alone; others’ affairs change during their abundance that after-effects in their accomplice actuality absent. (Maybe the ancestor needs to biking frequently for work, maybe he has anesthetized away, he’s deployed, or conceivably you are departing ways.)

If you are activity through any of these, I appetite you to apperceive you don’t accept to go through this alone. I’ve accurate several women that accept gone through abundance and bearing afterwards a partner, and you charge to apperceive that it’s accustomed to feel afraid some canicule and assured added canicule — abundance has ups and downs. But you can do it! Actuality are some tips that I’ve abstruse afterwards acknowledging single moms, and I achievement that these tips will advice you feel added assured throughout your pregnancy and during your birth.

1. Start Building Your Village

The cardinal one affair that I accept every assured woman should do is to acquisition and surround themselves with admiring and absolute people. This abnormally includes women who don’t accept a accomplice or a admiring partner. You appetite to start “building your village.” We all charge a strong village about us to advice and animate us throughout abundance and motherhood. Your “village” could abide of friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, women in abutment groups, bodies from your abbey (or a abbey – if you don’t appear one), or even strangers online. They charge to be bodies that you can depend on to advice and abutment you. Your apple will be the people that you can about-face to for advance and accord afterwards a boxy day, and the bodies to allotment your hopes and dreams with for the future.

During your pregnancy:

  • It’s nice to accept a accumulation of accompany or ancestors associates that can circle and accompany you to your prenatal checkups and appear classes with you (like childbirth classes, bairn affliction classes, and breastfeeding classes).
  • You should additionally accept addition on-call to drive you to the hospital back you are in labor. That aforementioned being or a altered being can drive you home. Afterwards accepting a baby, it’s best to abstain active for a little bit. You charge to heal and recover.

At home with baby:

You will additionally appetite to accept some of those admiring bodies (your village) to advice you once you appear home from the hospital. Accepting a bairn is acutely exhausting and demanding. The majority of the time, you will be too tired to baker regularly for yourself, do laundry, apple-pie the dishes, etc. Accepting addition set up a care calendar for you or a meal train are two of the best things they can do! Some women additionally appoint a postpartum doula to advice them through those difficult aboriginal canicule and or nights back things get overwhelming. Demography affliction of a babyish is a 24/7 job.

Learn added about how you can appoint a association here.

2. Make Some Distinct Mom Friends

Everyone wants to feel accustomed and be about bodies who accept and abutment them. This is why it’s important to acquisition added women who are activity through the aforementioned journey as you. Distinct moms will be able to relate to your everyday life; they can allotment the ups and downs of distinct parenting, and they can accord you tips and recommendations of what has formed for them and their babies and what hasn’t.

How do you accommodated these women and accomplish new friends? The best way is to get out there! I acclaim signing up for altered classes and meet-up groups. Prenatal workouts are great, breastfeeding abutment groups, accouchement classes, assorted forums online, you name it. There are additionally lots of amusing media groups for distinct parents that you ability acquisition helpful. These are all abundant means to accommodated added women and accomplish new friends.

3. Learn How to Ask for Advice and Acquire Help

If you’re like me, it’s adamantine to ask for help…and acquire help. We anticipate we can do it all, but that’s not realistic. Back you’re abundant or back you accept a newborn, you shouldn’t accept to do it all on your own. You don’t charge to prove annihilation to anyone! Learn to ask for advice back your admired ones might not offer. It’s not that they don’t want to help. They don’t know how. Consistently bethink this phrase:

“You cannot cascade from an abandoned cup. You charge booty affliction of yourself aboriginal to be able to advice or accord to others — this includes your baby.”

4. Make It Assignment at Work

pregnant and at work

Pregnancy is adamantine work. There are times back you ability feel nauseous, achy, and absolutely beat out. Because of this, it can sometimes be a attempt to accumulate up with all the demands at your job. I acclaim talking to your employer and actuality accessible about what you are activity through. If you’re accepting a boxy time, explain that you are disturbing and advance means that your employer could advice you advance your accustomed workload. Maybe you can assignment from home. Conceivably you can appear in at an beforehand time to get out beforehand or appear in after and break backward (if mornings are the times you don’t feel well).

Find what works best for you and your work. Aloof don’t be abashed to allocution to your employer and ask him or her for flexibility. Best administration appetite you to abide accomplishing your best assignment and are added than accommodating to be adjustable to advice you feel bigger and advice you abide to do your job. (Note: Also, actuality accessible with your co-workers is a abundant abstraction because some of them may be able to help.)

5. Find Banking Help

There are abounding different kinds of aid bales and government grants for distinct mothers in the Affiliated States. There are government grants that admonition you with adolescent care, medical treatments, assistance advantageous your hire or alike affairs a house, or alike grants that can admonition you go aback to aerial academy or college. The U.S. government will additionally admonition you with costs such as insurance, account allowance, accustomed aliment costs, and aliment and replacements. Whether you anticipate you charge the money or not, it’s a acceptable abstraction to see what is accessible for you if you anytime do charge added banking support. For added information, you can ask your healthcare provider for admonition on where to acquisition out about the banking aid accessible to you.

6. Have A Bearing Partner

In my opinion, every active woman should accept a bearing accomplice by her side. Whether that’s her absolute partner, her mother, her sister, or a friend, accepting addition that cares about you in your birthing room at your best accessible time, the day you become a mother, is the best benign affair you can accept to have with you. They can accommodate affecting abutment that no one abroad can.

Also, I acclaim absolution the hospital or bearing centermost and their agents apperceive your bearings (if you feel comfortable) so that they can be extra supportive. You should additionally acquaint them if there is anyone that you don’t appetite in the allowance with you during your activity and delivery.

7. Hire A Doula

This! If you can accept a doula, I awful acclaim hiring one. Doulas are accomplished bearing professionals who action physical, emotional, and advisory abutment to women during their pregnancy, labor, and birth. Your doula will be able to adviser you throughout your pregnancy, during your activity and abutment you through pushing and giving birth. They apostle for you and assure your bearing acquaintance so that you can accept the best aftereffect and acquaintance possible. She can advice you by massaging your lower back, advice you with your breathing, advice you change positions that are best for you and your baby, accompany you ice chips or water, and so abundant more.

Without a partner, a doula (in my opinion) is a necessity. They are your roadmap to activity and birth. Alike with a bearing accomplice there, that being needs advice acknowledging you as able-bodied — a bearing doula can do that. She’s there to absolutely abutment the mother and advice her accept the best activity and bearing experience possible.

If a doula is out of your budget, you can appoint a afresh accomplished doula that ability be able to abetment you for chargeless (so that she can accretion added experience) or for a low fee.

8. Be Positive

Going through abundance and bearing after a accomplice can be actual difficult, but it’s important to admonish yourself of the positives. Actuality are a few things to admonish yourself:

  • You will get alert the bulk of hugs and kisses.
  • You will be your baby’s accomplished apple and #1 person.
  • No compromising on baby names – the name you adulation and accept is the name he or she gets.
  • You’ll get to accept how to accession your adolescent and not accept to accommodation on parenting styles.
  • You will advise your babyish how to be able and independent.

9. Celebrate This Time and Your Baby


This is still an absurd time in your life, and it should be celebrated. If you appetite to lift your spirits, actuality are some ideas:

Most of all, try to focus on all of the happiness and adulation that your baby will bring. It’s important to bethink aggregate that you can accord your adolescent and not anticipate of the things that you believe he or she is missing. A babyish doesn’t charge your absent partner; if you are affable him or her and your admiring and admiring “village,” that’s all he/she needs.

10. Know That You Can Do This!

Being abundant after a accomplice can account any woman to feel afraid and worried, but what every woman needs to accept is that every single assured mom feels afraid at some point during their pregnancy. Your activity is about to change forever. You are about to become a mother, and annihilation will anytime be the aforementioned again. That’s alarming for anyone to digest.

It’s accustomed to feel worried. However, it is important to break absolute and anticipate of the good. You are about to accompany activity into the world. This little animal is a allotment of you… forever. You will be an amazing mother, and you will be an absurd role archetypal for your child. Aloof because you don’t accept a accomplice doesn’t beggarly that you are beneath of a ancestor or that you won’t be able to action him or her a blessed and accomplishing life. You’ve got this, mama. Accept in yourself and apperceive that you can do this with the advice of your village.


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