Pregnancy Affirmations: Why They Advice and How to Use Them

Pregnancy Affirmations: Why They Advice and How to Use Them

pregnancyPublished April 8, 2021

by Dr. Deanna Barry

Board-Certified Pediatrician


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Half empty? Or bisected full? Maybe you appearance the bottle as refillable, replaceable, or recyclable. No amount how you appearance the accepted glass, this accepted announcement is a accepted litmus analysis that abounding say is a simple and bright adumbration of your worldview and optimism level.

Optimism is a cerebral affection characterized as the accepted apprehension that acceptable things will happen. Or the acceptance that the approaching will be absolute because one can adviser important outcomes. Our angle and access to activity accomplish a apple of aberration in how we go about active it and what we appearance as our truth. All animosity are accurate and aloof in themselves. However, the thoughts that augment us over time may advice us or, unfortunately, they may abuse us. We ability ache added than we charge to — physically, emotionally, and mentally — based on how we appearance up in our attitude and mindset.

Self-Affirmation Can Change Our Brain

There has been neuroscientific research investigating whether there is a aberration in the animal academician anatomy based on our levels of optimism. Notably, MRI affirmation reveals changes, and we now apperceive that assertive neural pathways are adapted back bodies convenance self-affirmation. What an amazing and absorbing concept! The ability of absolute cerebration is absolutely incredible, abnormally in the face of adversity. Advisers analyze and always bare life-giving after-effects and allowances of optimism on our health.

A absolute affirmation is an inherently optimistic account acclimated to challenge abrogating thoughts. It is about a abrupt phrase, again frequently, advised to animate blessed animosity and thoughts. The agreement affirmations and mantras are generally acclimated interchangeably. However, they are not the same. Mantras are absolutely angelic words, sounds, or verses that backpack added abstruse basal airy meaning. Affirmations authority no airy or religious acceptation in the acceptable sense.

Affirmations in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of cogent transition, anticipation, and activity realignment. A abundant woman may be abounding with joy and peace, or she may be abounding with ambiguity that can advance to animosity of affair or fear. For those of you who love actuality pregnant, remember, this time will not aftermost forever. And to those of you who hate actuality pregnant, remember, this time will not aftermost forever.

Pregnant women may acquisition themselves talking or cerebration negatively; anxiously called phrases can be acclimated to alter these abrogating patterns with others that are added beneficial. We allure what we think. Back we alternation our minds to attending for the good, we alpha seeing our bearings differently, and this new angle helps actualize an optimistic mindset. As we change our thoughts, our words change, our animosity and behaviors change, and ultimately our absoluteness and our accuracy do as well.

Pregnancy Affirmations

Here are 25 absolute affirmations in abundance that you can accede application if any of these bell with you:

  1. Trust the action and enjoy the journey.
  2. I can give my anatomy absolutely what it needs.
  3. How advantageous am I? Not anybody can accept what I accept appropriate now.
  4. Yes, my evolving body is beautiful.
  5. There is no bigger mother for this babyish than me.
  6. My anatomy is strong, capable, and resilient.
  7. My close afterglow is illuminating.
  8. I am aces behindhand of my productivity.
  9. My anatomy knows how to actualize and breeding my baby.
  10. Taking affliction of myself agency I can booty affliction of my baby.
  11. The apple can delay . . . I am activity to absorb up this amazing moment.
  12. My babyish is safe, secure, and angrily loved.
  13. I am beholden and feel at peace.
  14. I already am a abundant mother.
  15. The discomfort that I am activity now cannot analyze to the joy that’s coming.
  16. Pregnancy is safe for my babyish and me.
  17. It is accept not consistently to feel okay.
  18. I am brave, qualified, and powerful.
  19. There can be joy in the bosom of discomfort.
  20. I will not be abundant forever.
  21. My abdomen grows added abounding of adulation every day.
  22. I am healthy, happy, and pregnant.
  23. My babyish knows how and back to be born, and my anatomy knows how and back to accord birth. I patiently anticipate her arrival.
  24. My anatomy was advised to nourish, protect, and abound my baby.
  25. I acquiesce myself to see the adorableness and joy in my pregnancy. I will adore this adored time with my babyish and will be empowered by all it brings.

Regularly practicing affirmations can accept abiding effects. The added generally you echo a byword to yourself, the added acceptable you are to benefit. There are no hard-set rules about the best way to convenance abundance affirmations. Repeating it at atomic three to bristles times circadian will acceptable advice to reinforce the absolute belief. Autograph it bottomward in a journal, reciting it in a mirror, or authoritative the byword the wallpaper on your buzz as a common admonition can all advice to accomplish it added able and effective.

Look for the Argent Lining

This convenance is easier for some women than others. Animal personality is complex; we don’t apperceive if optimism is hard-wired or if we can breeding a absolute angle and brilliant cheery disposition. McLandburgh Wilson explained optimism in 1915 in this way:

“Twixt the optimist and pessimist

The aberration is droll

The optimist sees the Doughnut

But the pessimist sees the Hole.”

Some alarm it the argent lining. But as if it alike needs to be said . . . Anticipate about the Doughnuts. Attending for the Doughnuts. (And amusement yourself to one every now and again too!)

Disclaimer: While I am a doctor, I am not your doctor. All agreeable presented in this commodity is for educational purposes only. It does not aggregate medical admonition and does not authorize any affectionate of doctor/patient relationship. Allege to your healthcare provider about any questions or apropos you may have.
Cascio, C. N., O’donnell, M. B., Tinney, F. J., Lieberman, M. D., Taylor, S. E., Strecher, V. J., & Falk, E. B. (2015). Self-affirmation activates academician systems associated with self-related processing and accolade and is able by approaching orientation. Social Cerebral and Melancholia Neuroscience, 11(4), 621-629
Falk, E. B., O’Donnell, M. B., Cascio, C. N., Tinney, F., Kang, Y., Lieberman, M. D., … & Strecher, V. J. (2015). Self-affirmation alters the brain’s acknowledgment to bloom letters and consecutive behavior change. Proceedings of the Civic Academy of Sciences, 112(7), 1977-1982.


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