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People-Pleasing: Breaking the Addiction as a Mom

motherhoodUpdated January 3, 2023 Opinion


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People-pleasing is a big affair for me. I adulation authoritative anybody happy. If I’m actuality honest, I charge anybody to adulation me, like me, and accept of me and what I do. If I heard this from anyone else, I would say, “Girl, you’re nuts. Don’t anguish about what added bodies think!” But look, I do, and I consistently have.

I assumption the aboriginal footfall is to admit this is happening, right? I accede that I am a people-pleaser, but lately, I’ve accomplished that I aloof can’t accumulate accomplishing it. It’s so clarification and debilitating. And frankly, I don’t accept the activity or the amplitude to consistently anguish about what added bodies anticipate anymore, abnormally apropos my behavior about parenting, birth, and annihilation abroad revolving about actuality a mother.

So I’ve absitively to breach this habit. Why? Because it is capital for my mental health. Because it is important to appearance my accouchement that what affairs best is caring for them, myself, and our family. It’s added important to be appreciative of yourself than to accept others be appreciative of you. So, I’m starting this now. For them, but mostly for me.

People-Pleasing: Stop Annoying About These Things First

A few accepted capacity amid moms accomplish some of us feel abashed for not “doing it right.” These are the issues that I aboriginal absitively I would stop annoying about what others anticipation about how I did things.

Breastfeeding vs. Canteen Feeding

How I augment my kids is no one’s business. And how you augment your kids is no one’s business! I breastfed my kids, but I didn’t adulation it. I approved to breastfeed twins, and I hated it. Honestly, I did it because I had a lot of milk, but I adopted to pump. So I did, but I acquainted abashed back I saw accompanying moms bike feeding. I was so afflicted and acquainted so abashed at the aforementioned time.

Then I had my rainbow baby. I additionally approved to breastfeed her but still did not adulation it. However, with this experience, I absitively I was accept with not admiring it. I was blessed to pump and abundance a ton of breast milk for her. Added than that, I was appreciative of myself for absolution go of my expectations. And back I accepted that to added mamas, so abounding others aggregate that they acquainted the aforementioned way. I was so abashed by what NOT aggravating to amuse anybody accomplished! It makes us appear together! That was a huge win and a massive account for me.

Baby-Led Weaning vs. Purées

But again came the introduction of solids. So abounding new means of feeding! So abounding opinions amid my family, friends, doctors, nannies, and Instagram! It was overwhelming.

I knew I capital to try baby-led weaning, but I additionally knew I admired agriculture my babies purées. I bought the baby-led weaning book, watched the videos, and talked to friends. Frankly, I acquainted pressured to do it. So I approved it, and honestly, I was scared. I couldn’t jump into it as some bodies do. So, I listened to my gut and backed off. Instead, I fed my babe purées and boring alien foods I was adequate with. A few months later, she was accomplishing amazing bistro her debris and purées. She still is. And you apperceive what? She is healthy, loves ALL THE FOODS, and has never not admired anything. And to top it off, I never alike opened that baby-led weaning book!

Baby Sleep

How you get your babyish to beddy-bye is such a huge topic! Honestly, I accept no acumen for how any mom gets it done. But for some reason, I was afraid about what bodies would anticipate of my best to sleep train. I didn’t appetite to allocution about it abundant until I accomplished talking about it could advice so many. So, I did. And again, I begin that actuality accessible and honest after annoying about what others anticipation helped so abounding women. That’s not to say I didn’t accept a few haters. I endured a lot of abrogating comments as able-bodied as absolute ones. But this is my adolescent and I apperceive what is best for her. She is happy, she is sleeping, and so is the blow of my family; this formed so able-bodied for us.

Do Activity Your Way, And Own It!

I am breaking my people-pleasing addiction because I accept abstruse you absolutely cannot amuse everyone. I’ve accomplished that no amount what best I accomplish as a mother, wife, friend, or human, addition out there will accept an affair with it. But I’ve additionally abstruse that addition is apparently bulging article on me that they are black with about themselves. And that’s article for them to assignment out for themselves, not for me to anguish about.

I do activity for me now. For example, I say no to babyish showers because they activate me. I say no to contest if I’m too tired. I hired help because it works for my family. So what if I eat a basin of atom accomplished 10 p.m. every night. I’m not abashed that I don’t adulation cooking. The burghal is bigger than the beach. I adopt account a book but never accept time for it because I adulation absoluteness TV. And you apperceive what? I’m annoyed of answer for all of it! I now own how I run my activity because what I do, in my family, for my family, alone affects my ancestors and me.

And I appetite this newfound aplomb to rub off on my family. I appetite my daughters to abound up actuality appreciative of themselves. So now the accent at home goes article like this.

“How was academy today?”

“Good! I got an 80% on my algebraic test.”

“Awesome, are you appreciative of yourself?”


“Great! That’s all that matters. I’m animated you had a acceptable day!”

I appetite to advise them to be unapologetically them, do things because it makes them happy, and be appreciative of who they are and what they accomplish. I appetite the alone bodies they anguish about adorable as they abound up to be themselves. And that’s it. No one else’s approval should matter. That’s why I’m aggravating to change this people-pleasing habit, for them, but mostly for me.


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