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Nitrous Oxide for Affliction Abatement in Labor

birthPublished Baronial 25, 2021

by Ashley Derderian Sousa

Labor & Commitment Assistant and Lactation Consultant


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Nitrous oxide, additionally accepted as bedlam gas, is article abounding bodies apperceive about from dental procedures. But what you ability not apperceive is it can be acclimated during your activity to advice administer affliction and discomfort! Here’s what you charge to apperceive about nitrous oxide for affliction abatement in labor.

What is Nitrous Oxide?

This tasteless and odorless gas is inhaled through a mask. It helps administer ache throughout the absolute anatomy after causing a accident of activity or any accident of beef ascendancy or movement. Some bodies may adopt nitrous oxide over intravenous medication, which can accomplish you feel groggy, or an epidural which does about abate activity and can account loss of beef control.

Nitrous oxide does not absolutely abate the affliction of labor. Rather, it creates beneath affliction or a connected acquaintance of affliction after activity agitated by it. I acclaim talking to your healthcare providers during your abundance about whether this is accessible at your place of birth as it is not consistently offered everywhere. However, in the accomplished few years, it’s started growing in popularity.

In 2019, it was appear that nitrous oxide for use during activity is offered in at atomic 150 hospitals and 50 bearing centers in 33 states in the US. A analysis of 2,400 people who gave bearing in the US in 2011 and 2012 begin that alone 6% of them acclimated nitrous oxide during labor. As a labor, delivery, and postpartum nurse, I accept apparent abounding patients auspiciously use this during their activity and birth.

When Can Nitrous Be Acclimated During Labor?

The abundant allotment about nitrous is that it can be acclimated at any point during your activity and birth. It can alike be acclimated postpartum as your affliction providers adjustment any perineal tears or lacerations acquired during delivery. It can be started at any time and concluded at any time. If you don’t like it or it doesn’t assignment for you, it’s accessible to about-face to addition medication.

This gas is about accustomed through a affectation captivated over the adenoids and aperture of the active patient. The nitrous oxide absorption charge not beat 50%. With some practice, you’ll appetite to time the alpha of assimilation of nitrous oxide with your contractions. You should absolutely alpha inhaling about 30 to 45 abnormal afore your abbreviating begins for best affliction management. This way, the biologic peaks at the aforementioned time your abbreviating is peaking because it takes about 60 abnormal for the nitrous oxide to work.

It is additionally adjustable because if you appetite to use it for one actual painful contraction and conceivably not the abutting contraction, you can ascendancy back you do and do not drag the gas. This allows you to be a bit added adaptable and adjustable in your positions and movements. Some patients report that nitrous oxide not alone helps with affliction and ache but all-overs as well!

Overall, nitrous is bargain and simple to use. Plus, it has not been apparent to access bad bloom outcomes for mothers or their newborns. Over the abutting several years, I apprehend a lot of analysis will go into the capability and bloom outcomes of nitrous. It is acceptable a abundant added accepted adjustment of affliction administration during activity and birth.

Who Can Use Nitrous Oxide?

Some patients address that nitrous is able and works for them. Others feel as admitting it doesn’t abate the awareness of affliction as abundant as they would like. However, if it’s accessible to you and you’re attractive to try it, don’t be abashed to accept a chat with your affliction providers! You can consistently try it. If you don’t like it, again you can accept addition chat about additional affliction administration options accessible to you.

For the best part, the belief to use nitrous is simple and is as follows:

  • the mother charge be able to abode the affectation on and off her face safely
  • the mother charge be able to access a bound allowance beyond the adenoids and mouth
  • the mom charge accept able B12 levels
  • the mom should accept no history of burst lungs, belly bypass surgery, or close ear surgery
  • The accessories absolution nitrous oxide charge use scavenging accessories and accept a appeal valve.

Aside from some simple basic assurance checks and screenings, it’s accessible to alpha application nitrous oxide. There isn’t abundant of a delay time or medical action complex like with an epidural. During the use of nitrous, your nurses will acceptable abide to adviser your oxygen saturation, basic signs, concrete symptoms, and all-embracing advance in comfort, if any.

Keep the curve of advice accessible with your affliction providers so that they can appraise and plan for the abutting steps! Don’t be abashed if you don’t like the way you feel or don’t anticipate it is allowance afterwards a brace of minutes. Your healthcare providers are blessed to action added tips and tricks or medications.

Are There Any Risks Involved?

Using nitrous oxide during your bearing will appear with little to no risk. Some patients address abhorrence or vomiting. Due to the faculty of detachment, it can account some bodies to feel asleep or dizzy. Some patients are additionally bent off bouncer because it is beneath able than added forms of affliction management. It’s absolutely beneath able than, say, an epidural! However, if you’re attractive to get a bit added forth in your activity action afore actuality bed-bound by an epidural, or attractive to cope a bit bigger with the animosity of affliction or all-overs during birth, accord it a try!

Overall, nitrous oxide is a abundant apparatus to accept during your activity and birth. If it’s accessible to you and you’re accommodating to try it, again why not! Accept a chat with your bloom affliction provider. And do some of your own analysis during your pregnancy. This will acquiesce you to counterbalance the pros and cons and apperceive about added options and alternatives. If you are attractive to accept an unmedicated birth, again this ability be aloof the affair you charge to advice you alteration through your labor, pushing stage, and postpartum!


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