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Navigating Breastfeeding and Pumping while Traveling

pumpingUpdated February 7, 2022


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Babies accept the addiction to access with as abundant acceptance as A-list celebrities. All of a sudden, visitors appear out to see them and booty photos. However, in some cases you accept to booty babies to appointment others, acceptation it’s time to travel.

The anticipation of driving with a baby for hours or alike demography to the skies can be overwhelming. From the arduous bulk of being to backpack to afraid to a schedule, abnormally back it comes to breast pumping, there’s a lot to consider. Luckily, pumping while traveling is abundant easier than you may think. With a little pre-trip planning you’ll abundantly cycle in after any bloopers for the paparazzi.

Pumping while Traveling

In adjustment to auspiciously abide pumping while traveling, it’s important not to leave any genitalia behind. Make a pumping checklist to advice yourself bethink to backpack aggregate you need, and again consider demography added supplies.

Think about accepting a breast pump bag for accessible storage options on-the-go. Abounding are beautiful and acutely acceptable as they accomplish it abundantly accessible to backpack milk accumulator containers, your breast pump, batteries, the ability adaptor, and more. Some accoutrements alike accept cloistral pockets for milk storage. Plus, because your pump is a medical item, it doesn’t calculation as a attache item!

You can acquirement a failing biking pump as able-bodied as added accessories, in case article break or you lose a part. Pack added batteries, too, to be on the safe ancillary if you can’t acquisition a abode with an aperture to pump.

An cloistral acknowledgment with some freezer packs will do a abundant job at befitting your breast milk algid until you can abundance it in a fridge or accomplish it home. Don’t balloon dish soap or charwoman wipes to sanitize your pump afterwards use.

If you don’t appetite to anguish about befitting up with your breast milk during your trip, use an cloistral aircraft kit to accelerate it home. Arctic milk will aftermost in cloistral aircraft containers for about two days, and abounding carriers will email you already your amalgamation arrives at your advanced door.

Getting Accomplished TSA

Getting through airport aegis is already alarming enough, but now you accept to get your breast pump through too?! Actually, there is annihilation to anguish about. Remember, breast pumps don’t calculation as attache items because they are medical devices, and you can alike accompany your bidding milk on lath too.

You can backpack on milk in beyond quantities than 3.4 ounces, but it will be screened. The screening action may absorb aperture the containers to analysis the liquid. Acquaint the TSA abettor if you do not appetite the containers opened, and added added screening accomplish will be taken instead.

Lactating moms biking often, so TSA agents apperceive the drill. However, there are a few accomplish you can booty to accomplish the absolute action easier. Aboriginal of all, tell your TSA abettor that you accept a breast pump and milk so they can be screened, and be abiding to accept a screenshot or printed archetype of the airline’s policy.

Try to make it to the airport early abundant to accord yourself time to pump afore boarding your plane. Some airports absolutely accept clandestine pumping areas for nursing mothers to booty advantage of. Otherwise, acquisition a ancestors bathroom to use as your own clandestine space.

You can additionally use the Mamava adaptable app for iOS and Android to attending up their breast pumping and agriculture pod locations by accompaniment to see if any are accessible in the airports you’ll be traveling in, or the pumpspotting app to instantly acquisition pumping locations nearby.

Bon Boating Baby

If traveling with your babyish was that difficult, again you wouldn’t see it accident about as much! Advancement your milk supply while traveling is possible. All you charge is a solid biking plan in abode to abide pumping with the brilliant analysis you and your babyish both deserve.


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