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Natural Teething Solutions (That Absolutely Work!)

ParentingUpdated July 6, 2021


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Teething is asperous – let’s face it. It’s asperous on baby, and it’s asperous on mommy. It’s rough on sleep, and it’s asperous on sanity. It’s asperous on clothes, and it’s asperous on toys. It’s aloof asperous all around! And it larboard me attractive for some accustomed teething solutions.

My babe didn’t acquaintance abundant teething affliction back she began to advance her appealing little smile. But my son, on the added duke – oh, my son. It’s like every tooth he starts to cut brings on the acrimony of squeals and saliva.

However, as a added artlessly absent mom, I capital to abstain teething tablets and over-the-counter gels as abundant as I possibly could. In fact, according to a 2016 CNN article, “The American Academy of Pediatrics has warned parents to break abroad from teething tablets that accommodate belladonna and gels with benzocaine, citation the FDA warnings and the abeyant ancillary effects.”

The aftermost affair I appetite is for my babyish to acquaintance accidental ancillary furnishings or abuse during such a aerial age. So, I started attractive for added accustomed teething solutions instead. Actuality are the things that we’ve done for him that accept been both able and efficient:

Cold Things

A wet washcloth, a bag of arctic peas, ice cubes – annihilation that can be algid abundant to aloof their little aperture is a abundant idea. Of course, be abiding this “cold thing” is not article baby abundant to absorb and asphyxiate on – but rather aural article that is grabbable and chewable.

Applying Pressure

It’s accustomed for babies to try and bite on mommy’s fingers in the aboriginal place. So, back we noticed that it was a abundance apparatus for our son while he is teething, I would administer burden over his little gums back he started accepting fussy. It was not alone abatement for him, but it helped allay the affliction at the aforementioned time.

Amber Teething Necklace

Some bodies anticipate these things are aloof a agglomeration of mumbo-jumbo, but abounding moms affirm by these! Amber teething necklaces are fabricated out of Baltic amber. It is said that back a babyish wears one of these necklaces, his anatomy calefaction will activate the absolution of a baby bulk of oil from the chaplet absolute succinic acerbic and gives an analgesic aftereffect on bloated or abscessed gums.

Teething Toys

Not alone do teething toys assignment affably for my son, but it additionally diverts his absorption abroad from the affliction he is currently feeling. There are tons of teething toys on the market that you could buy at a store; however, for my son, the added alternate the toy, the better. So the teething toys we buy him squeak, rattle, or accomplish some array of noise.

Essential Oils

For us, essential oils accept been the best affair for my son. Teething is a artlessly occurring action for babies, so we would artlessly administer oils on him to abutment his anatomy through this stage. We would get a bead of Copaiba Vitality capital oil and administer it anon to his gums. This oil is actual affable in feel and candied in taste. We would additionally administer Frankincense and Lavender forth the alfresco of his jawline as well. These oils were abatement aloft appliance and abating in their aroma, too.

We get it – this teething affair isn’t an accessible date to airing through. However, if you can advice your babyish through this time with the best accustomed teething solutions, you’ll be able to abundance them after adverse ancillary effects, which is absolutely account it if you ask me!

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