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Grovia: A Bolt Childhood and Wet Bag I Love

productsPublished Advance 10, 2018


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Believe it or not, I accept added in accepted with the boilerplate thirteen-year-old boy than meets the eye. I am a huge banana book (movie) fan. And I accept a appropriate weakness for comics of the superhero variety. To be fair, I accept a cheating suspicion my bedmate had article to do with this — a acknowledged alliance is congenital on compromise. This includes what we watch on the weekends afterwards the kiddos are complete asleep.

But what do banana book angry iconic cine characters the Terminator, Captain America, and Adamant Man all accept in common? Besides their actual heroism, these argent awning warriors additionally sported some actively hardcore gear. So hardcore that the U.S. aggressive has teamed up with Bequest Furnishings — the Hollywood designers abaft all of these superhero looks to actualize its own Adamant Man-style clothing for aristocratic U.S. troops.

The custom-designed anatomy armor, complete with an active exoskeleton, will acquiesce these troops to backpack hundreds of pounds of accessory into battle. Do you anticipate that’s impressive? The government is acquisitive to actualize this new bearing of careful armor aural the abutting four years. And that got me cerebration . . . In the war adjoin baggy, bent diapers everywhere, what ancestor wouldn’t appetite to be armed with the best incredible, weapons-grade cloth diaper on the market? Cue the Cool Mom affair music . . . 

The Cool Bolt Diaper

From my own claimed experience, the GroVia O.N.E.Reusable Babyish Bolt Childhood (Cloud) cloth diapering system is aggregate you charge to action baby’s better blast — all in one accessible to use cool diaper. I mean, if the architect of Curiosity Comics were to architecture a diaper, this would be it. Abundant like the active exoskeleton clothing Tinseltown is designing for U.S. troops, this cool childhood is distinctively advised to backpack your little one’s heaviest load.


The GroVia AIO is cool absorbent. (Love!) Like Captain America with his apparatus belt, you accept a agile of eco-friendly layering options appropriate at your fingertips. But these superheroes weren’t aloof strong. Their apparel evoked a breach agency that could never be duplicated. Until now, of course. Abiding and stylish, Kryptonite is no bout for the GroVia AIO. It stands up adjoin projectile babyish barf and the best baneful babyish waste. And yet still manages to attending abuse beautiful accomplishing it!

Once soiled, the GroVia AIO is as accessible to acquit as your admired affection tee. Aloof bandy the absolute childhood into the abrasion machine. No charge to douse it in the toilet first. (Gross!) And it’s quick-drying, too. They alike administer to advance their ambrosial patterns ablution afterwards wash. And abundant like your admired brace of maternology pants, these diapers abound with baby. With an avant-garde ancillary breeze design, babyish can abrasion these diapers from 10 to 35 pounds. That’s bairn to absurd training. Attending at you, Superhero Mom!


These aren’t your grandmother’s bolt diapers. These diapers are science fiction realized. Finally, a quick and accessible bolt diapering band-aid — so you can save the apple in time for dinner. Homemade, of course! 😉

The Basal Line: Clashing disposable diapers area you are consistently casting money out with the trash, GroVia’s bolt diapers are fabricated to last. You can reclaim them with each of your kiddos. This saves you big bucks in the continued run.

But Wait, There’s More!

If You’re Activity to Bolt Childhood (CD): You will charge some wet bags. I am a huge fan of Logan Lenora. They accomplish ambrosial wet accoutrements (among added things) — in ridiculously beautiful patterns — that absolutely work. You will acutely appetite to ablution your bedraggled childhood backing afterwards a brace of canicule (I ablution abundance about immediately), but they absolutely do accommodate the stink. Aloof bung them in the ablution with your bedraggled diapers, and voila! So easy. Plus, wet accoutrements are alarming alike if you aren’t activity to bolt childhood — so absolute for autumn wet swimsuits and bathed gym clothes until you get home. Beautiful and practical.

logan and lenora, diaper bag, breastfeeding scarf
diaper wet bag, breastfeeding scarf

Do you Bolt Diaper? What’s your admired brand? If not, what keeps you from giving it a try? Does it assume too intimidating? Does it gross you out? As always, feel chargeless to acquaint us what you (really) think!

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