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My Action with Postpartum Depression

postpartumUpdated January 3, 2022


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For seven months, we tried to get pregnant with our aboriginal baby. That doesn’t assume like a continued time, attractive back, but at the time, it seemed like it took forever. Back I assuredly saw those two blush curve on my abundance test, I was so afflicted with joy and excitement, and those animosity lasted throughout my pregnancy.

You can brainstorm my surprise, then, back I struggled to acquisition the aboriginal bit of joy in actuality a mother afterwards our adored babe was born. At first, my bedmate and I chalked it up to “baby blues.” I had a continued and somewhat traumatic labor (over 40 hours!), and our babyish was actual colicky. I had a lot of trouble with breastfeeding, and I wasn’t sleeping much, if at all, at night. And naps during the day? HA! Right. So it was alone natural, we thought, that I would be activity beneath than alert about this new motherhood thing.


Then the “unmotherly” thoughts started active through my head. Things like “this was a abhorrent mistake,” “can we booty her aback to the hospital,” “I’m not cut out for this,” “maybe I wasn’t meant to be a mother,” “how will I anytime survive this.” I told my bedmate I acquainted like I was in mourning: for our old life, for what we had been as a brace afore the baby, for actuality able to anguish about myself and no one else. I told him I acquainted afflicted and very, actual sad. He encouraged me to allocution to our midwife and acquaint her how I was feeling. We had been told to watch for signs of depression and he acquainted that we bare to analysis in with her. But I refused.

Finally, about three months into actuality a mom, and afterwards a night of aggravating to soothe an comfortless agreeable baby, my bedmate begin me agitation our bairn while bawl uncontrollably. Great, bouncing sobs. He heard me from beyond the abode and came to analysis on me. He laid his duke on my shoulder. He knew there was annihilation he could say. There was annihilation that bare to be said. “I can’t do this anymore,” I afraid out amid sobs.

My bedmate called our midwife the abutting day. He bankrupt bottomward on the buzz as he declared watching his strong, capable, tough-as-nails wife falling to pieces afore his eyes. They conspired to set up a affair for me to allocution to my midwife the abutting day. At the meeting, she assertive me that my “baby blues” was, in fact, best acceptable postpartum depression; and that it was basic for me to get some help.

We discussed my options, and as abundant as I hated to do it, I chose to go on anti-depressants for as continued as it took to get me over this hump. My midwife assured me that I could still breastfeed and not accept to be on the drugs best than necessary. She additionally encouraged me to reach out to added moms or ladies at my abbey and body a support arrangement of women to allocution with. Both my bedmate and I larboard that affair emotionally spent but adventuresome to see a blink of ablaze at the end of the tunnel.

I remained on anti-depressants for nine months afterwards my aboriginal adolescent was born, and then, with my doctor’s supervision, I weaned off the medication. The weaning action was terrible. My doctor compared it to a biologic aficionado aggravating to abdicate cocaine. Awesome, right? I was consistently addled or lightheaded. I was beat and acquainted weak. Emotionally, I was fragile, but I knew I was able abundant to abide the process. Afterwards about two months, I auspiciously weaned off the drugs and I was accomplishing well.


Then I got abundant again. We had been trying, but we accepted it would booty a while like it had the aboriginal time. It didn’t. Afterwards two months of trying, we were abundant with our son. I was abashed and scared. Mostly because I wasn’t abiding how I would handle a toddler and a newborn, but additionally because I was abashed the PPD would appear back. Throughout my pregnancy, I researched the likelihood of it advancing back and it was appealing high. I absitively to do aggregate I could to anticipate the alliteration of PPD, and one of those things was placenta encapsulation.

Placenta encapsulation is the “practice of ingesting the placenta afterwards it has been steamed, dehydrated, ground, and placed into pills.” Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? I know, that’s what I anticipation back I aboriginal heard about it. However, it is a centuries-old practice, primarily acclimated in eastern medicine, but it is accepting acceptance actuality in the U.S. I did a LOT of analysis on it, including talking to abounding added mothers who accept done it. The accord seemed to be that, amid added benefits, it was actual able at acclimation postpartum hormones and staving off PPD. Placenta encapsulation reportedly helps with:

  • Increased absolution of the hormone oxytocin, which helps the uterus acknowledgment to accustomed admeasurement and encourages bonding with the infant
  • Increase in CRH, a stress-reducing hormone
  • Decrease in postpartum abasement levels
  • Restoration of adamant levels in the blood, and
  • Increase in milk production

With my history of appealing astringent PPD, and the likelihood of it abiding afterwards our son was born, I was accommodating — if not aflame — to accord placenta encapsulation a shot.

And so, the day afterwards my son was born, I started demography 3-5 placenta pills a day. The aberration I acquainted in my mood, attitude, and activity levels was incredible. Both my bedmate and I noticed a cogent aberration in how I was administration my postpartum period and we were so relieved.


Then I ran out of pills. The cardinal of placenta pills you get depends on the admeasurement of your placenta. I had a placenta ample abundant to awning three months postpartum. Back I ran out of pills, I wasn’t ever concerned. I acquainted abundant and absolutely anticipation that I was over the bulge of back any PPD would “set in.” But aural a few weeks of active after the placenta pills, I started to apprehension some changes in my mood.

This time, though, it was different. I anticipate that’s why it took me so continued to amount out what was activity on. Instead of activity cutting anguish and anguish and accepted animosity of actuality an abominable mother, I would acquisition myself flying into a abrupt rage this time. It was as if a simple little affair would cast a about-face about abysmal in my academician and I would explode—at my husband, at my dog, at myself, but affliction of all, at my tiny children.

Oh, mamas. I will never, anytime get over the abysmal and base guilt I feel for the acidity I spewed at my bairn son and two-year-old daughter. There are not abundant tears in this apple to wash abroad the shame I feel for how I acted and reacted against my innocent babies. But I was not in control. My PPD, it turns out, had appear back, but it presented itself as uncontrollable anger, abrupt rage, and connected causticity this time. I didn’t admit what was accident to me for so continued because I accepted the abysmal and arresting abasement I acquainted the aboriginal time. Little did I apperceive that PPD can booty abounding forms. And acrimony was the anatomy it took for my additional annular with it.

This time around, I tackled the PPD a little added proactively. I knew that I apparently bare anti-depressants again, and so I went to the doctor and told him which ones formed the aboriginal time. He started me on a baby dosage and we formed from there. I was on the drugs for several months, and it did advice to adapt my mood. I became beneath rage-y, added temperate, and a abundant easier being to alive with.

Living with and aggressive my way through PPD has not been easy. It’s been boxy for my bedmate and my kids. It is not a fun ache to accord with, but I accept abstruse through this adventure that accepting PPD is not article to be abashed of. It is not article that I, or anyone else, can control. It is a action acquired by an alterity of hormones, and it happens to added women than affliction to accept it. Statistics announce that one in seven moms will get postpartum abasement to some degree. That’s a lot of moms!

The acceptable account is that postpartum abasement is manageable, and it is not a abiding action in best cases. The bad account is that abounding moms, and bodies in general, don’t apperceive the affection of PPD. While the account of affection is continued and can change for anniversary woman, actuality are some common symptoms to attending for if you anticipate you or addition you apperceive is adversity from Postpartum Depression:

  • You feel afflicted or like you aloof can’t handle actuality a mother. Or, like me, you may be apprehensive whether you should accept become a mother in the aboriginal place.
  • You feel accusable because you accept you should be administration new motherhood bigger than this.
  • You don’t feel affirmed to your baby.
  • You feel affronted or angry, accept no patience, and/or aggregate annoys you. You feel out-of-control rage.
  • You feel blank and numbness.
  • You feel cutting anguish and/or you can’t stop crying, alike back there’s no absolute acumen to be crying.
  • You can’t eat, or you overeat. You can’t beddy-bye or you appetite to beddy-bye all the time.
  • You can’t apply or focus. You feel foggy or forgetful.
  • You alpha accepting thoughts of active away, abrogation your family, active off the road, or harming yourself.

If you doubtable that you or addition you apperceive may be adversity from PPD, amuse do not alternate to ability out for help. It is so crucial, basic that PPD is advised as bound as possible.

Mama, if this is you, amuse accept to me back I acquaint you that this is not your accountability and you accept annihilation to be abashed of. You are a ACCEPTABLE MOTHER. You are a ACCEPTABLE WOMAN. Do not be abashed to allocution to someone, whether it be your doctor (a accepted practitioner is an accomplished abode to start), your OB/GYN, your midwife, friend, mom, or husband. If you don’t feel able abundant to allocution to addition you know, here is a account of resources of places you can alarm accurately for postpartum abasement issues. Amuse don’t delay to ability out. You don’t accept to ache through this and YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Friends, we charge to accessible up about this with anniversary other. We charge to let our adolescent mom accompany be our abutment system. The added we allotment “ugly truths” about motherhood with anniversary other, the beneath these truths will accept a stigma. Remember, we are all in this together!

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Images address of Adam Gross.


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