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Melasma or “The Abundance Mask”: What You Charge to Know

pregnancyUpdated December 18, 2020

by Rachel MacPherson

Certified Claimed Trainer and Exercise Diet Coach


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Melasma is a skin condition that causes hyperpigmentation, acceptation blurred patches of skin. These patches best frequently action on the face but can action elsewhere. Women are added affected to this bark action than men, abnormally back hormonal changes, such as pregnancy, can account it. For this reason, melasma is generally alleged “the abundance mask.”

What Causes Melasma?

Although melasma can action anytime, abundance is a accepted agitator for its appearance. The exact causes of melasma are almost unknown, but hormonal changes such as birth control medications, hormone backup therapy, and abundance are accepted factors.

Melasma appears as patches or brindle brown, blue, or blah skin. It is best commonly found on the nose, forehead, high lip, chin, or any breadth area your bark is consistently apparent to the sun, such as your close and forearms. This bark action is attenuate in men and is best accepted in Latin and Asian women due to their college bulk of pigment-producing cells, although it can affect blanched women. In Indians, melasma is the best accepted bark condition. Melasma can action at any time of activity but best generally first shows up during your 20s and 30s.

Melasma does not accept any added affection besides bark patches, but it can account affecting distress. About six actor women in the Affiliated States acquaintance this bark condition, with an estimated 15-50% of women accepting it during pregnancy.

Prevention and Treatment

The distinct best way to anticipate melasma is to abstain absolute sunlight. Back pigment-producing beef become hyperactive, they aftermath too abundant colorant in assertive bark areas, consistent in melasma.

Sun acknowledgment activates pigment-producing beef and is the better activate for melasma. Alike if you are decumbent to developing melasma, it may not arise unless apparent to the sun. For this reason, cutting a wide-brimmed hat and consistently cutting sunscreen could advice you abstain it. However, sunscreen may not be enough. Cutting sunscreen is basic for attention adjoin bark cancer, but melasma may aftereffect from the calefaction and arresting light, behindhand of sunscreen use.

Wearing a wide-brimmed hat, abnormally during the summer months, can advice you abstain melasma. Back allotment a sunscreen, opt for the affectionate that acts as a concrete barrier rather than a actinic one—sunscreens absolute capacity such as zinc oxide act to block the ablaze after-effects from your bark physically.

Medications for Melasma

There are medications for melasma that you can ask your doctor about. Contemporary treatments such as retinol and retinoids can advice addition corpuscle about-face and achromatize the skin’s blurred patches. However, the melasma will acceptable return. A accepted analysis is decree hydroquinone (HQ), which blocks melanin production. HQ should be acclimated with affliction as these creams can account lightened patches of bark to appear. If allotment to use hydroquinone, accumulate the afterward in mind:

  • Typical concentrations ambit from 2 to 5% and are activated already daily.
  • Most bodies accept acceptable results, but they are reversible.
  • Effects can booty 5-7 weeks to show.
  • Continue analysis for a minimum of three months and up to a year for the best results.
  • Your dermatologist may appoint a aggregate of HQ, contemporary steroids, sunscreen, glycolic acids, and retinoids for bigger results.

Various ancillary furnishings of hydroquinone can occur, such as stinging, irritation, acquaintance dermatitis, attach discoloration, and depigmentation. Be abiding to argue with your doctor if you acquaintance these effects.

Use attention back gluttonous out skin-lightening treatments as they are generally abortive and can alike be dangerous. Be abnormally accurate of injectable treatments such as glutathione. These can account branch and thyroid problems and are not accustomed by the FDA. Additionally, abounding contemporary treatments for melasma are not accustomed for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. There isn’t abundant analysis to be abiding of its safety, and so it is best avoided.

Skin Treatments for The Abundance Mask

There are some bark treatments for melasma that advice to achromatize the patches, including:

With any of these bark treatments advised to advice achromatize melasma, they are generally alone acting if the basal hormonal affair is not bound and if you abide to be apparent to sunlight.

It May Bright Up on Its Own

Melasma may achromatize and bright up on its own after treatment, abnormally during beneath brilliant seasons. Although emotionally difficult, melasma has no bloom risks and can be covered with makeup. Alienated absolute sun acknowledgment is the atomic invasive analysis and is a acute convenance for avoiding added issues such as sunspots, wrinkles, and bark cancers. If melasma is an affair for you, allege to your healthcare provider about what the best analysis for you may be.


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