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Mommy Banty of the Month: Whitney from Composition James

mommy chickUpdated January 10, 2021

by Nina Spears

The Babyish Chick®: Pregnancy, Bearing & Postpartum Expert


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Sonnet James has been a company that I accept admired for years. It’s accepted as a cast that creates comedy dresses for the antic mom. But alike the non-moms out there accept to agree, these outfits are too beautiful to canyon up. Whitney Lundeen is the own and architect of Sonnet James. Aloof from afterward her on amusing media, she seems like the affectionate of woman you achievement to be accompany with because you apperceive that you will be inspired, beam a lot and absolutely play. We are accustomed to accept her as our Mommy Banty of the Ages for May. As a mompreneur that we adulation and admire, we anticipate you will leave this account aggressive too.

mommy chick, baby chick, sonnet james

Nina: Hi, Whitney! We adulation frolicking about in your comedy dresses! Acquaint us a little about how Sonnet James got started.

Whitney: Composition James started as a claimed project. The abstraction was created in a actual transformative time in my life. It came to me while I was in therapy. I was activity aback to some absolutely adamantine credibility in my childhood, and the therapist asked me to do an art activity that would affectionate of get me aback to that abode that I was as a child. The anticipation was that I capital to accomplish a dress that would accept helped my mother to comedy with me as a child, article that would admonish her to do that with me. So that was back the abstraction was born.

I consistently get asked area the name Composition James came from–I was in a abode area I didn’t anticipate I was apparently activity to accept any added children. Both of my boys were abruptness genders; I waited until I had them to acquisition out if they were macho or female. I had a boy and a babe name best out and James was the babe name I had best out if Attache (my aboriginal boy) would accept been a girl, and Composition was the babe name for Eero (my additional boy). So I affectionate of put them together, and it was as if it was the babe that I never had.

N: That adventure is so touching. To be able to booty a difficult time in your activity and actualize article admirable for all mothers to enjoy. I adulation that. And the name! How do you antithesis actuality a full-time baby business buyer and astronomic of two boys?

W: It is chaos, but I absolutely anticipate it makes me added alive, and I feel like it makes me a bigger mother. I feel like a lot of times I ambition I didn’t work, and could aloof be at home, and aloof be 100% focused on them all the time. Honestly, I anticipate that by befitting that artistic ancillary of me activity and abounding it brings a accomplished new ambit to me that is absolutely important to my relationships, abnormally with my children.

It takes convenance to about-face my academician off from work, but usually things can wait. I acquisition that abnormally afterwards huge deadlines, I owe it to my boys to unplug a little bit. I can usually acquaint back I charge to do this back my little one starts to get adhering or the earlier one starts to aggravate his brother. I watch for little clues that they charge added of my attention. On those days, I aloof say I’m not alive today. I am aloof activity to be a mom. That’s a huge additional to accepting my own business.

Mommy Chick, baby chick, sonnet james

N: We adulation that your dresses advice us to feel comfy, cute, and absolutely complete at the aforementioned time.  How did you administer to bang this antithesis in your designs?

W: I capital article like a one-stop affectionate of accouterments for moms. I aloof anticipate that there is article so appropriate about a dress; article so feminine and romantic, and I feel that as mothers we absolutely charge to tap into that adventurous ancillary of us to get through the day.

There are a brace of different factors about Composition James dresses.

First is the material. Afterwards I had my boys, I always gravitated to my old maternology clothes (even afterwards pregnancy) because they were so bendable and stretchy. Alike admitting I wasn’t crazy about the attending of these maternology shirts and dresses, the feel of the bolt was perfect. So I acclimated that bolt as the abject of the designs–a modal and rayon/spandex blend. This was a analytical acquisition because these dresses had to be bendable and stretchy, but additionally apparatus washable. They had to be bendable and comfortable and around indestructible–and this modal and rayon/spandex alloy was aloof right.

Second are the lines. I knew that the best curve were activity to be simple, avant-garde curve that were apple-pie and crisp. The dresses would accept to be article that could angle out on their own at the appointment or be beat three canicule in a row to soccer practice! I anticipate the abracadabra came from this bond of a accidental bolt with simple, adulatory silhouettes. These dresses absolutely are absolute for transitioning from assignment to the park.

N: It’s accessible that you put in a lot of time and anticipation into anniversary piece. They are accomplishment and we adulation to abrasion them!

As you know, moms are abbreviate on time in the morning, do you accept any quick adorableness tricks to allotment with our mommy chicks?

W: Exercise. Let your beard air dry or use dry shampoo. I adulation Stila’s convertible blush in poppy for cheeks and lips.

N: How do you like to disentangle afterwards a continued week?

W: If I don’t accept the boys I actually lay in bed and never get out. I’ll watch movies or reruns of Law and Order: SVU. Or apprehend books in bed. I additionally accumulate a abstruse backing of amber in my allowance for back I assuredly get some time alone. Abandoned time is absolutely important to me and I charge a lot of it (introvert!).  My bed is my admired abode on the absolute planet. I beggarly if I could accept all my commons brought to me in bed, if I could assignment in bed, it would be wonderful, I adulation my bed.

If I do accept the boys we play! A backpack or go to the museum, we apple-pie and ablution the car, pizza and a cine at home!

N: What is your bedtime routine?

W: Yes yes yes, adulation the bedtime routine. I adulation to booty a ablution to calm me down. I ablution my face with a balmy ablution cloth. I aerosol some witch chestnut as a toner. I use Jan Marini’s bioclear (it’s my favorite) and again I accomplish abiding I am cutting cool comfortable pajamas. I am a huge fan of analogous sets!

Mommy chick, baby chick, sonnet james

N: What’s the greatest assignment (or lessons) that motherhood has accomplished you?

W: Motherhood affiliated me to altruism in a way I never expected. It’s the best affair that has anytime happened to me. Back bodies would abrade me I couldn’t advice but anticipate “that’s someone’s baby”, aloof like Attache is my babyish and that being has a mom about who sees all the acceptable in him or her aloof like I see it in my son.

N: What makes you feel beautiful?

W: Hawaii and actuality happy.

N: As a astronomic of two, what’s a allotment of admonition that you ambition you would accept accepted and would like to allotment with assured moms and/or cast new mothers?

W: This admonition I accustomed from a friend: never agitation and consistently ablaze up back your kids airing in the room.

N: What are your secrets to actuality a blessed mommy?

W: Abandoned time. Actuality grateful. Perspective.

N: Do you accept any rituals that advice you to feel centered?

W: Exercise is abundantly important for my brainy health, so I try and accomplish that a top priority–and I try and do it with accompany as abundant as possible. Lately, I accept been accomplishing sprints with a acquaintance (gotta sweat) and unwinding by demography yin yoga classes.

N: How did your mother affect you?

W: My mother is kind. She has a admirable heart, and that has consistently aggressive me.

mommy chick, baby chick, sonnet james

N: What are your greatest hopes for our children’s’ future—the abutting generation?

W: That they accept that they accept a huge albatross to accept and action discrimination, sexism, and racism of all kinds. To authority durably in their hearts that women are according to men. Also, that they accept that women are not objects. We are all brothers and sisters.

N: What are your greatest hopes for women and mothers everywhere?

W: That we get admired and admired for who we are as animal beings and what we accord as women. That women and mothers will stop actuality abused.

Thank you, Whitney. We admired accepting to apperceive you a little bit added and administration your insights. Accumulate accomplishing what you’re doing, girl! We’ll be afterward along. 🙂


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