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6 Tips for Creating a Maternology Leave Money Plan

pregnancyUpdated July 14, 2021

by Meredith Rines

Accountant and Certified Banking Planner™


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A money plan is a simple adviser for your finances. You actualize an abstraction of how you appetite your money to look, and again you booty the all-important accomplish to ability it – that’s back a budget comes in.

However, what happens back you’re expecting? Things can get a little catchy back you’re planning your maternology leave and aren’t abiding what your new bills will attending like, what your assets will be, and what you’re activity to alike feel like accomplishing afterwards giving birth. The complications access back you’re self-employed or have an employer who doesn’t action maternology leave.

For best of us moms, maternology leave isn’t a dream. It’s hard. Best canicule are a attempt amid taking affliction of a newborn who needs you consistently (and for a acceptable reason!) and remembering to shower regularly. The aftermost things on your apperception are advantageous a bill and acclimation your checkbook.

That’s why you charge a money plan for the aboriginal few months afterwards your babyish arrives. Actuality are a few tips to advice you get started:

One: Acquisition out if your maternology leave is paid or unpaid.

Ask your HR administrator or analysis your company’s policies to actuate their attitude on maternology leave. Every aggregation ability accept a altered policy, and it’s important to be informed.

If you aren’t annoyed with your company’s maternology leave, be able to negotiate. It never hurts to ask your administrator or the human resources administrator for added time. There is no abuse in at atomic attempting to get added time, abnormally if you can accomplish a case for why you charge added canicule or why the action should be updated.

Two: Analysis your options for contributed maternology leave.

Some concise affliction insurance plans awning maternology leave for a aeon of time. These behavior assignment abundant for moms who ability not get abundant maternology leave allowances from their accepted employer or assignment part-time and don’t qualify.

These behavior additionally assignment for anyone who is a contractor, freelancer, or self-employed.

The better agency with concise affliction allowance is that you charge to accept it in abode afore accepting pregnant. There ability alike be a cat-and-mouse period, so you will charge to do some research or ask your allowance abettor for added details.

Three: Actualize a new budget.

Before the babyish arrives, it’s a acceptable abstraction to booty some time to create a new budget. Your new account should accommodate costs as if your babyish was already born. For instance, if you’re planning to go back to work, you’ll appetite to accommodate some array of adolescent care. Ask about to see how abundant it will amount and alpha putting the added money into a accumulation account.

Here are a few added expenses you ability charge to consider:

  • Childcare expenses
  • Formula and babyish aliment costs
  • Diapers and wipes
  • Life insurance for you and your spouse
  • Adding your bairn to your health allowance plan
  • Doctor bills and deductibles
  • Increase your bistro out account while you’re on maternology leave

Four: Advance a accumulation plan.

As mentioned before, go advanced and alpha allotment for those new expenses. A abundant tip is to booty the money you will be spending in the approaching and move it to a accumulation account. Addition advantage is to booty the money and put it appear any debt to advice lower your account payments.

A savings plan best moms don’t anticipate about is vacation and ailing time at work. Alpha extenuative up your vacation and ailing canicule to advice extend your maternology leave or to advice awning if your employer doesn’t action a actual continued maternology leave option.

Have your apron save their vacation and ailing leave time, too. That way, they can break home already you’ve alternate to work. This ambush is abundant to advice adjourn back your babyish starts childcare, which would lower your expenses.

Five: Set up auto-pay for your bills.

One of the easiest things to do back you’re on maternology leave is to lose clue of time. Back you’re at home all day demography affliction of a newborn, it can be adamantine to bethink what day it is. Which agency it can be accessible to balloon to pay your bills. Booty a few account to set up auto-pay.

You can do best of this online. If a aggregation doesn’t acquiesce auto-pay, again you could calmly actualize an auto-bill affection at your bank. All you accept to do is actualize a admonition on your online cyberbanking — you acquaint the coffer who to pay, area to accelerate the analysis to, what date it needs to be accustomed by, and how abundant you appetite to pay. They booty affliction of the rest. This will accord you accord of apperception during those late-night feedings back you’re apprehensive if a bill was paid.

Six: Ask about alive from home.

If you’re abashed money ability be tight, again ask your employer if you could work from home, alike if it’s alone part-time. They ability accept a few tasks you could do during the day or black to advice the appointment and advice you accomplish a little added money.

If your accepted employer cannot extend any calm work, don’t be abashed to acquisition a acting job. There are affluence of opportunities for arrangement assignment that you could do from home or for a few hours anniversary weekend. Aloof booty a attending about online job boards or freelancing websites to see what you could do to acquire a little added money.

There are affluence of accomplish you can booty from afore you’re abundant up until the babyish arrives to advice you prepare. Accepting a money plan for your maternology leave is a abundant ability to advice you break on track.


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