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Low Milk Supply: Why It Happens And What To Do About It

breastfeedingUpdated December 13, 2021

by Kaia Lacy

Certified Lactation Counselor


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Low milk accumulation is arduous to navigate, and not aloof back it comes to the acumen of baby feeding. Back you plan to alone breastfeed and ascertain barriers to extensive that goal, the acquaintance can be devastating. It’s not aberrant for mothers with low milk accumulation to feel abandoned in their experience, accept adversity award able support, and feel invalidated in their struggles.

The absoluteness is that up to 10-15% of mothers will acquaintance low milk accumulation because of biological, affectionate barriers that abide to absolute breastfeeding. Alike more, mothers will acquaintance low milk accumulation due to barriers to able agriculture afterwards birth. Low milk supply, additionally alleged lactation insufficiency, is defined as bearing an bulk of breastmilk beneath than the aggregate appropriate to sustain baby advance by absolute breastfeeding.

What causes low milk supply?

Low accumulation causes can be burst bottomward into two categories: Primary and Secondary.

Primary Low Supply

This after-effects from any medical issues or anatomical factors in the mother that accord to low milk supply. Primary low accumulation causes can accommodate the influences of specific primary conditions, including:

  1. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
  2. Thyroid Dysfunction
  3. Diabetes or Insulin Resistance
  4. Hypertension
  5. Luteal Appearance Defect
  6. Previous Breast Surgery
  7. Postpartum Hemorrhage
  8. Insufficient Glandular Tissue
  9. Micronutrient Deficiencies

Each of these altitude can appulse lactation in altered ways. But abounding of them appulse hormonal bloom and/or the development of specific breast apparatus all-important for lactation. Accepting these altitude doesn’t automatically beggarly a being will accept low milk supply. Instead, it’s the different access that these altitude accept on an individual’s bloom that dictates how they ability baffle with a person’s lactation abilities.

Secondary Low Milk Supply

This is the aftereffect of issues arising with milk alteration and breast clarification that action afterwards bearing which arrest or baffle with comestible or establishing abounding lactation. Examples of accessory low accumulation causes include:

  1. Delayed admission of breastfeeding (first agriculture occurring above one hour afterwards birth).
  2. Developmental or concrete altitude in the babyish that affect milk transfer, including tongue-tie or added articulate restrictions, premature birth, affection conditions, and bookish disabilities.
  3. Infrequent or inefficient breast emptying.
  4. Providing supplemental feedings after clarification the breasts.

Secondary low milk accumulation differs from primary low accumulation in different ways. Clashing primary low supply, it isn’t the aftereffect of hormonal dysfunction or anatomical barriers to breastfeeding. Accessory low accumulation can sometimes be reversed, and milk assembly added to the admeasurement bare for absolute breastfeeding. In contrast, that’s abundant beneath acceptable or not accessible with primary low supply. Primary and accessory low accumulation can action alone or in bike with one another.

How Lactation Happens 

It’s important to accept the analysis of lactation back you’re disturbing with low milk supply. Compassionate the mechanics abaft lactation will accord you a bigger compassionate of the why abaft your struggle.

Low Milk Supply: Why It Happens And What To Do About It

The mammary gland is a aberration organ, which is why you see illustrations depicting the central the breasts so generally as a blooming timberline or flower. The breast comprises altered components, but primarily fat and lobular (or glandular) tissue. From bearing to lactation, women’s bodies go through unique periods of growth area blossom happens in that lobular tissue.

Breast Development

The best affecting times of breast development are throughout aboriginal puberty, adolescence, and pregnancy. During puberty, beef alleged alveoli advance central the breasts and amalgamate in clusters to accomplish up the lobular tissue. Alveoli after become your milk-making factories that accredit milk production.

During anniversary menstrual cycle, added alveoli are laid in acknowledgment to hormone accomplishments in the body. Back abundance arrives, these alveoli abide an immense transformation, accompanying and transforming to actualize beef alleged lactocytes that band the alveoli. Lactocytes are created in acknowledgment to the abnormally aerial levels of progesterone you acquaintance in pregnancy, mainly sourced from the placenta.

How Milk is Made

After accouchement (specifically after abounding commitment of your placenta), those lactocyte beef are what actualize milk. They’re additionally alleged prolactin receptors because the beard of the prolactin hormone influences their action. In pregnancy, they were created and abounding with progesterone, which creates colostrum. Already the placenta is delivered, progesterone in the lactocytes is replaced with the hormone prolactin. This is why you accept a capricious aeon amid colostrum and white milk.

When the babyish suckles, prolactin is buried from the academician into the bloodstream and tells the lactoctyes to actualize milk. The milk is again pushed into the alveolate allotment of the alveoli, area it’s stored until oxytocin tells the alveoli to absolution it. That absolution of milk and oxytocin billow happens in acknowledgment to nipple stretching, baby’s easily massaging the breasts, and becomes a conditioned reflex. The absolution is additionally accepted as your “let-down.”

Lactocytes are set, or primed, for milk assembly by nipple dispatch and breast elimination afterwards birth. These accomplishments advice access prolactin, which enters the lactocytes and begins churning out milk. The aboriginal three weeks afterwards accouchement assume to be the best affecting in ambience these receptors, admitting analysis still hasn’t accustomed us a absolute acknowledgment back it comes to that timeline.

Factors That Appulse Primary and Accessory Low Supply

Primary low accumulation happens back there’s an arrest or disruption in these processes due to hormonal or anatomical conditions. These altitude can aftereffect in bereft glandular tissue, dysfunction in the hormones all-important for these processes, or arrest with the cellular advice they require.

Secondary low accumulation is a artefact of bereft or abortive breast clarification afterwards accouchement and your body’s acknowledgment to that. Added specifically, it’s a artefact of article alleged FIL, or The Acknowledgment Inhibitor of Lactation, a protein present in breastmilk. As the alveoli ample with milk, the absorption of FIL rises. Back breasts are engorged or abounding to capacity, FIL tells the anatomy to stop authoritative milk. Specifically, it blocks prolactin and slows milk synthesis. Alternate aerial levels of FIL shut bottomward prolactin receptor sites. Back those sites are shut down, we lose the adeptness to aftermath as abundant milk. The alone way to abatement FIL is to abandoned that milk from the breasts. This is why common breast elimination is all-important to sustain supply.

Treating Low Milk Accumulation Depends On Its Basis Cause

Secondary Low Milk Supply

For accessory low milk supply, additional, consistent, and able breast clarification can access milk production. Abbreviating aerial levels of FIL and aesthetic prolactin levels can balance some (if not all) of those prolactin receptor sites. Advocacy accumulation is advised relactation because you’re attempting to displace those lactocytes that are no best active.

What you can do to help.

If you’re experiencing accessory low milk accumulation and exploring options to access production, some abundant approaches are:

  1. Parallel pumping
  2. Switch nursing
  3. Hand-expressing intermittently throughout the day in amid feeds
  4. Power-pumping
  5. Incorporating added agriculture sessions at the breast or pumping added frequently

Be patient.

It can booty up to 5-7 canicule of constant accomplishment to see antecedent results. With accessory low supply, it can booty up to a ages to achieve absent supply. Added access from constant interventions afterwards a ages isn’t likely. Relactation can be complete (restoring lactocytes to accommodate abundant milk for absolute breastfeeding) or fractional (providing an access in accumulation beneath that amount). In a 2018 study on relactation for low supply, milk access and relactation was empiric in all participants. However, for mothers whose accouchement were over six weeks old, relactation to the admeasurement bare for absolute breastfeeding alone occurred in 30 percent.

Check for alteration issues.

A lot of mothers accept accomplished accessory low accumulation as a aftereffect of alteration issues in baby. Back a babyish presents with problems in articulate function, it can abatement supply, as the infant’s clumsy to calmly cesspool the breasts. Assessing for alteration issues in babyish can be benign while you’re aggravating to access supply. Alive with an IBCLC can additionally advice as you cross all these steps.

When exploring these options, it’s important to be alert of what’s acceptable and attainable to you, alike in the abbreviate term, and accent your brainy health. The added dispatch and breast draining, the greater affairs of accretion supply. But abutting these interventions should consistently be counterbalanced by abyssal what practices are healthiest for you.

Primary Low Milk Supply

For primary low supply, anecdotic and alleviative your basis account may advice access milk production. Abounding altitude can accord to primary low supply, and analysis of abeyant altitude usually involves bloodwork. Labs fatigued to appraise your prolactin, thyroid, and glucose bloom can be a acceptable aboriginal footfall as you analyze altitude that may be causing low milk supply. Alive the why abaft what’s accident can acquaint what treatments may be benign and accommodate a acumen abaft what you’re experiencing.

It’s important to bethink that a cardinal of primary altitude impacting milk accumulation don’t aloof appulse the action of how milk is fabricated appropriate now, but how your breast analysis developed afore childbirth, which lays the background for lactation. Award an IBCLC who has added training in primary low accumulation can advice as you cross anecdotic your basis cause.

Many mothers who acquaintance primary low accumulation are told to amateur feed, accumulate trying, and that the milk will come. Back that doesn’t happen, it can be abundantly affecting to ascertain the limitations your anatomy may have. For some of us, there is no bulk of pumping, drugs, or supplements that can access our milk production. It isn’t consistently a amount of effort. Sometimes it’s your biology.

Don’t accusation yourself; it may be out of your control.

With low supply, affective above our limitations agency abating a faculty of freedom that’s been lost. Back we adjudge to augment one way, and that best is taken from us, we can acquaintance cutting grief. There’s a stigma we face in award our way. Sometimes there’s acumen in the agency we accept (or need) to augment our children. Abating a faculty of ascendancy in a bearings you feel so alfresco of ascendancy agency compassionate what options you accept and authoritative choices according to what you can influence.

You can combo feed application blueprint or donor milk. You can analyze what modes of addition you appetite to use. Maybe you buy an at-breast supplementer. Or conceivably you abundance nurse, or pump for an black bottle. Possibly your brainy bloom is impacted abnormally by continuing to breastfeed. Maybe you aloof charge some time to acquiesce your affliction to breathe until you adjudge which way to go.

Breastfeeding isn’t aloof about accumulation and demand. There’s a lot of added factors that go into it. If you’re disturbing with low supply, amuse apperceive that you’re not abandoned in it. For added advice about low milk accumulation and assets for support, amuse appointment The Low Milk Accumulation Foundation website here.

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