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4 Low-Maintenance Pets That Advise Kids About Life

ParentingUpdated January 7, 2022

by Jonathan David

Reptile Babysitter and Wildlife Biologist


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If you accept children, affairs are they are allurement for a pet of some kind! However, you may not accept the time for a puppy or a babe as a parent, which is absolutely understandable! Pets crave commitment, attention, care, and responsibility, authoritative them an excellent idea for adolescent children.

Pets can advice accouchement apprentice about activity by caring for addition actuality in which they apprentice to be aerial and responsible. It additionally gives accouchement a sense of accomplishment back they see their new and admired pet in a admirable environment. Low-maintenance pets are an accomplished advantage for your wee ones. But which one to choose?

There are so abounding options for so abounding reasons. However, we accept called our top four pets, which we acclaim to advice advise your accouchement about activity while additionally befitting the accent off your back!

Let’s booty a attending . . .

4 Low-Maintenance Pets for Kids

1. Turtles

These are a fun advantage for first-time tiny pet owners. Turtles are adorable, small, and additionally turt-ally low-maintenance pets. Caring for turtles is fun and easy. They alone crave a apple-pie home, some affection, food, and, of course, water. Accouchement accept a fun time agriculture their turtle and adulation administration such a different species.

Be abiding to analysis your turtle species – some are cool accessible to affliction for and accomplish a abundant advantage for abecedarian pet parents; others are a little added hands-on! We acclaim the low-maintenance breed for children. We acclaim breeds such as the Bog Turtle who alone abound to four inches! Or conceivably the cheaper Loggerhead Turtle, who is additionally baby extensive three to bristles inches.

2. Fish

Pet angle are a absurd first-pet advantage for children, and these little animals are generally the cardinal one choice. Angle are accessible to affliction for and are absolutely low aliment compared to a puppy or a kitten. Fishes don’t alike booty up abundant room, as they alive in their own aquarium, which your accouchement can decorate, authoritative this an alike added agitative experience.

Setting up a angle catchbasin is actual accessible and requires little advancing maintenance, abnormally if you opt for an added baptize clarify to apple-pie their water. Your accouchement can accept a fab time agriculture their pet angle – all they charge to do is bethink to baptize a little bit of aliment into their catchbasin in the morning and the evening. If you wish, you can additionally acquirement an automated agriculturalist (just in case they forget!). However, you can still accord them the albatross of agriculture them.

The upside is that you can acquirement all sorts of fish – there are so abounding breed and colors. Some are cool appealing to attending at, which your accouchement will adore.

3. Hamsters

Hamsters are absolutely adorable, small, and almost low aliment compared to added pets. They additionally don’t crave the aggregation of addition bearcat of the aforementioned breed (like rabbits and guinea pigs do), which additionally lowers their aliment requirements – one is consistently easier than two! Hamsters alone crave a defended cage central (this can be kept aloof about anywhere, and your accouchement may opt for their little associate to abide in their bedroom), food, water, and a little bit of exercise.

Hamsters are a abundant option for accouchement as they teach your accouchement about responsibility and teach your accouchement to be aerial with abate beings. Their charge for a apple-pie cage additionally gives your children a adventitious to advice out with some chores. It is a assignment that won’t be as arid as abrasion the dishes or demography out the debris back they are authoritative a nice and apple-pie home for their bristling and tiny best friend.

4. Tarantula

Tarantulas aren’t for every ancestor – but some adolescent accouchement acquisition these awful crawlies absolutely cool! Tarantulas are a different pet that is low aliment and teaches accouchement about albatross while additionally teaching them that not every insect or awesome is as alarming as they seem. They are abundant for preventing exceptionable phobias!

Tarantulas don’t crave abundant amplitude or time; they aloof charge some food, a apple-pie home, water, and some terrarium accessories if you please. Ambience up a terrarium is fun for accouchement – they adulation designing spaces for their new pets. It may additionally advice advise them the amount of a apple-pie and balmy home.

Tarantulas additionally advise accouchement to be aerial with abate beings as they are a little bit brittle (but not so abundant so that your little ones can’t handle them). Tarantulas are cool accessible to feed, and some alone crave two feedings PER WEEK! This takes beneath accent off you as a ancestor – let’s aloof achievement the spider doesn’t escape . . .


Pets can be a handful. However, they are still an accomplished advantage for adolescent accouchement as they advice advise them about responsibility, care, and it additionally makes them feel great! Low-maintenance pets are the best advantage for beginners and first-time mini pet owners. I acclaim pets such as fish, turtles, hamsters, or alike the air-conditioned and awful Tarantula!

Through feeding, cleaning, and caring for pets – children apprentice to booty on responsibility while additionally activity joy and a faculty of accomplishment. It’s never too aboriginal to accessible your affection and home to a new little actuality for your mini admired ones; which one would you choose?


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