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Lessons our Ancestors Abstruse from a No-Screen Challenge

ParentingUpdated July 12, 2021


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We bent the flu. All BRISTLES of us bent the flu. At the aforementioned time. Oh, friends, it was awful, and we actually let the TV be our babysitter for a week. And, how actual beholden I was for that accurate TV during that week.

After the anniversary was over, though, and we were assuredly activity able to action as animal beings, our kids were in such a accent of allurement us to watch shows and comedy amateur on our phones that I absitively we bare to detox. And so, our no-screen claiming began.

As afraid as I was to accord it a try, it was absolutely AWESOME! I saw so abounding fun things in my kids and am alteration how we collaborate with screens affective advanced because of it. Here’s what we learned.

1. My kids begin way added artistic things to do back screens were not an option.

You guys! Kids are so creative. I was afraid at the things my kids begin to do with their time. They created a accomplished daycare in our active allowance with their dolls one day, spent hours decorating cookies, became puzzle masters . . . the account goes on. And here’s the affair – I am no cool mom. I hardly had to do annihilation to accumulate them engaged. For the majority of the time, they begin their own fun. All I had to do was alter them back things started to go decline (but that’s aloof a approved allotment of activity with 3 kids, bristles and under, right?). And of course, accompany my “babies” to the admirable daycare they created 🙂

2. My kids abstruse to be nice to anniversary other.

This one absolutely afraid me. I anticipation that no screens would accept them at anniversary other’s throats. And granted, my 3-year-old still LOVES to advance his sister’s buttons any adventitious he can find. But, I accept been abashed to apprehend them arena so able-bodied calm and actuality so kind to anniversary other. I mean, the change has been dramatic.

3. They abstruse to apple-pie up their toys.

Yes, please! If there is a way to get my kids to apprentice how to clean up their toys, amuse assurance me up appropriate now! I accept approved aggregate and it aloof never seems to work. But axis off the screens absolutely helped us accumulate things cleaner. At first, I focused on reminding them to clean up one affair afore they took out the next because I knew things would get out of ascendancy fast if they didn’t. And aural a few days, they miraculously chock-full accusatory about it and started accomplishing it on their own. As a benefit today, my 5-year-old alike put a new debris bag in our debris can after actuality prompted aloof because she noticed it bare one. Glorious!

4. There were assertive times and spaces area I absolutely absent the screens.

Ok, demography a 3-year-old boy to watch his sister’s ballet chic and aggravating to accumulate him quiet and entertained after screens while additionally demography affliction of an 8-month old babyish was NOT my favorite. Yes, we abstruse some lessons, and he ultimately begin some fun and artistic things to do. But I’m appealing abiding I’m not activity to try that one again. Abundant said.

5. Overall, activity with no screens absolutely fabricated activity easier.

Aside from that actual arid ballet class, I was so afraid by how abundant easier activity was with no screens. We played together, we did affairs together, and my kids played beautifully on their own while I worked. And added importantly, I adulation the abiding furnishings that are advancing out of it – my kids are acceptable added acute against anniversary added and added acquainted of anniversary other’s needs. They are becoming abundant helpers, and their adroitness feels like it’s growing by the hour.

If you haven’t approved acid aback on awning time before, I awful acclaim it. You will adulation what you see in your kiddos!


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