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Keeping Clue of Babyish Milestones: 0-3 Months Old

newbornsUpdated December 21, 2022

by Kristen v.H. Middleton

Former Abecedary and Administrator


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After you accompany your babyish home, your priorities are acceptable accepting aliment and sleep—for parents and babies alike! But as the fog clears, you activate to apprehension how your babyish is changing, alike afterwards a few abbreviate weeks. It’s agitative to watch as your bairn grows and blossoms and to accumulate a agenda of those arresting aboriginal milestones in baby’s development. I kept a anthology by my bedside with both of my accouchement and jotted bottomward observations circadian back I had a moment.

Sometimes my addendum were no added than a book or two. But accepting a journal or babyish book to address in helped me accumulate clue of my newborn’s agriculture agenda and bowel movements during those early, sleep-deprived weeks. As we got the adhere of that schedule, I fabricated addendum of added adorning milestones. The account was accessible because I brought it to the pediatrician’s office. So back our doctor asked me how generally my babyish was feeding, if she was aperture and closing her fists, and if she was authoritative eye contact, I had a audible answer. If you don’t appetite to accumulate a journal, you can consistently use an app to clue your baby (there are plenty!).

Typically, the aboriginal three months of your child’s development will be apparent by key developments, including ascendancy and appropriation of their head, a first smile and alike a first laugh, and authoritative eye contact. It’s an agitative time back bonding is important and your babyish changes rapidly afore your eyes. Pediatricians will go through adorning anniversary checklists with patients (see an example), allurement parents about their child’s sensory, communication, and movement changes and befitting an eye out for any red flags, such as developmental delays. Generally, it’s not apropos if a babyish isn’t hitting one or two milestones on time. Be abiding to acclimatize for prematurity or accent factors. If your bairn is missing assorted abilities or you feel concerned, analysis in with your child’s pediatrician.

Baby Milestones from Bearing to 3 Months

0-1 Ages Milestones 

Feeding Milestones

  • Latches assimilate nipple or bottle
  • Sucks and swallows able-bodied during feedings
  • Feeds about six times per day
  • Tongue moves advanced and aback while feeding

Movement Milestones

  • Makes jerky, agitation arm thrusts
  • Brings easily in the ambit of aperture or eyes
  • Lying on belly and affective arch from ancillary to side
  • Keeps easily balled up in bound fists
  • Strong reflex movements
  • Head flops astern if not supported

Visual Milestones

  • Sees adventurous patterns
  • Prefers high-contrast or black-and-white patterns
  • Eyes aberrate and occasionally cross
  • Can focus 8-12 inches away
  • Prefers animal faces aloft all else

Hearing Milestones

  • Hearing is absolutely mature
  • Recognizes some sounds
  • May about-face against a accustomed articulation or sound 

Smell and Blow Milestones

  • Sweet aroma preference
  • Knows the aroma of their mother’s milk
  • Dislikes acerb or absinthian smells
  • Prefers bendable to base touch
  • Dislikes asperous or brusque handling

The afterward adorning signs during weeks 2-4 may indicate developmental delay and crave added appraisal by your pediatrician:

  • if your babyish doesn’t acknowledge to loud sounds
  • feeds boring and has agitation sucking
  • lower jaw agitation constantly
  • is annealed with attenuate movement
  • is badly apart and floppy
  • doesn’t focus on a adjacent article affective ancillary to side
  • doesn’t blink back apparent a ablaze light

1-3 Months Milestones

Movement Milestones 

  • While lying on tummy:
    • lifts chest and holds arch up
    • supports the high anatomy with arms
    • stretches legs out and kicks
  • Opens and closes fists
  • Pushes bottomward on legs back anxiety are placed on a close surface
  • Brings easily to mouth
  • Uses easily to bash at dangling objects
  • Grasps and all-overs duke toys 

Visual Milestones

  • Intently watches faces
  • Follows affective objects
  • Recognizes accustomed objects
  • Recognizes bodies at a distance
  • Starts application easily and eyes in coordination

 Hearing and Accent Milestones

  • Turns arch against the administration of a sound
  • Smiles at your voice
  • Begins to accomplish babbling sounds
  • Begins to imitate some sounds

Social and Affecting Milestones

  • Begins to smile socially
  • Enjoys arena with others and may cry back it stops
  • Face and anatomy become added alive and communicative
  • Imitates some facial expressions and movements

Babies advance at their own rate, but abortion to accommodated important adorning milestones can announce adorning problems acute appropriate medical attention. Acquaint your pediatrician if you beam that by 3-4 months, babyish doesn’t ability for and butt toys, doesn’t pay absorption to or seems ever abashed by new faces or surroundings, doesn’t assume to acknowledge to loud sounds, crosses his eyes best of the time, or doesn’t smile at people.

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