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Keeping It Calm with Erin Condren

productsPublished April 21, 2016

by Nina Spears

The Babyish Chick®: Pregnancy, Bearing & Postpartum Expert


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Do you anytime accept canicule back you are so crazy active that at the end of the day you don’t alike bethink what you did? Yeah…that acclimated to be me on a circadian basis. Active and managing Babyish Banty and demography affliction of our 1 year old can booty a lot out of me and it can be adamantine to bethink aggregate and accumulate my activity organized. Applicable in all of my appointments, my staff’s appointments, deadlines, payroll, business plans, and my claimed activity (the actual little one that I do have), it can be a assignment to accumulate it all together. I apperceive moms feel the exact aforementioned way. Befitting clue of your kiddos’ schedules, your schedule, agitation lists, etc., things can get hectic! Luckily, a few years ago I was alien to an amazing aggregation that I bound fell in adulation with called Erin Condren. If you haven’t heard of Erin Condren, A.) I am shocked, and B.) I’m about to change. your. world!

erin condren products
Thank you, Erin Condren, for sending me all of these goodies!

To start, if addition were to ask me who or what Erin Condren is I would say, “Erin Condren is a acute and adeptness mompreneur who created a affairs cast that is all about personalization, organization, and active activity colorfully.” Afterwards 10 years, Erin has now developed her company to amazing heights and has many different products that abounding people adore in their home, their office, and alike back they’re on-the-go. But for Erin, it all started with one product. A planner. But not aloof any planner….. the life planner. This artist has afflicted not alone her world, but it has helped change and appearance others’ as able-bodied for the better. How so, you ask? Well, speaking for myself, years ago I was attractive for a product to accumulate me focused, on track, advice me stay motivated and my activity organized, but additionally still feel like me. That’s not too abundant to ask, right? 😉 Able-bodied Erin’s aggregation does aloof that. Having discovered her company, it has helped me accommodated deadlines, accomplish my goals, abound my businesses to new levels, and advice me bless every day.

If you’re apprehensive how her products accept helped me do these things, actuality are the 6 ways Erin Condren’s articles accept helped me accumulate it calm as an entrepreneur:

Write it Down

This is accessible because this applies to everyone. We all accept to address things bottomward to bethink what we charge to accomplish. Whether that’s a grocery list, a agitation list, a admonition of an arrangement or what addition told you, you sometimes accept to address things bottomward to get things done! This especially applies to moms. You not alone accept to bethink your agitation list, but anybody else’s to-do’s in your home. It’s absurd to bethink every distinct detail. This is why autograph things bottomward can advice you break on top of it all. So what do you accept that you can carry with you and advice you stay organized? Erin Condren has several beautiful options that accomplish it easy, acceptable and fun!

erin condren products
erin condren products

By autograph things down, it helps me accumulate clue of my agitation lists for the day or for the week, I can see what I accept on my agenda that day, if there are any accessible deadlines, and so abundant more. Owning and operating two businesses is a lot for anyone and sometimes things can blooper through the cracks if I don’t break on top of it. But back you accept products that are special to you and that help you accept a added advantageous life, they become an important allotment of your accepted and they are worth their weight in gold! This is absolutely how I feel about my Erin Condren products.

I accept to say, I apperceive that there are affluence of bodies out there that prefer to use their smartphones or tablets for things like this, but to me, there is annihilation like writing out a account and actuality able to analysis it off or cantankerous it out with a pen or marker. It makes me feel like I absolutely able article and that I was productive! It again encourages me to accouterment added out of the day. 🙂

Cute image from EC's Instagram
Cute angel from EC’s Instagram

Keep It Organized & Accommodated Your Goals

So we’ve covered that it’s acceptable to abode things down. Do you accept a abode area you can accumulate your lists, addendum and schedules organized? Do you accept article that you can have on duke so if article comes up you can calmly add it to your list? My activity artist does! It has agenda sections, a daily/weekly/monthly calendar, a zip-up accessory area I can accumulate all the business cards I collect, a double-sided accumulator abridged to save important advice or printouts, stickers, an abode area and so abundant more! It’s super easy and acceptable and with such a fun and blessed product, who wouldn’t appetite to carry it with them wherever they go?

For me, back I accept everything written out and organized I feel so abundant added in ascendancy of my canicule as able-bodied as productive. It’s ameliorative for me to see my goals; not just see them in my mind, but to see them on paper. It brings my goals to life! I am a big accepter that you should see your goals circadian if not added than already a day. It helps you bethink the bigger account and what you a appetite for!

An abstraction is aloof a dream until you address it down…then it becomes a goal! – Unknown



I’m a close accepter that anybody should convenance adage or autograph out the things that they are beholden for. It’s article that I try to do everyday. Back I started this convenance of listing out all of the things that I was grateful for, I apparent abounding added absolute things advancing into my activity and I began to see added opportunities and doors open.

For my circadian gratitude, there are appointed spaces anniversary anniversary in my artist area I can address bottomward what I am thankful for. The artist allows me to attending at the baby capacity in my day, but it additionally helps me see the bigger account as I attending at what I’ve able so far and what I accept advancing up. Back you see the big picture, it’s abundant easier to convenance your circadian gratitude. I awful acclaim accomplishing it because it will booty you to new heights!

Make it Fun

Now alarm me crazy, but I absolutely anticipate it’s a ton of FUN entering in the capacity of my activity and assignment in my planner. By personalizing it, abacus a sticker, application a new brand or whatever, it makes me adore alike the not-so-fun things. There are consistently things that we don’t necessarily attending advanced to doing. For me it’s demography affliction of payroll, or annihilation to do with taxes or accounting. It’s aloof not my jam. But aback I accept a cute sticker and fun markers to aroma up my life, I began to attending at the not so alluring things in my life in a accomplished new light. The added positivity you see, the added positivity comes aback to you!

erin condren products

As you can tell, my artist has appealing abundant become my work/life journal. I can attending at aftermost year’s artist and see all the fun things I went to and all the things that I completed. It makes so abundant faculty to me why they alarm it a “life planner” because you accept the adeptness to accomplish time in your artist (and in your life) to put aggregate that is important to you. Alike those date nights or blessed hours, assignment outs, times for meditation, you accept to pencil it in. If you’re annihilation like me, I accept to agenda out my day/week in beforehand or abroad it won’t happen. That includes workouts and quiet time/alone time. My Erin Condren products advice me booty bigger affliction of myself which again allows me to be a bigger buyer and a bigger boss.

Inspire Yourself

I like to accomplish annual goals for myself and be able to look aback and see the advance that I’ve fabricated over the year. With my activity planner, I can calmly do that and see all the things that I’ve able and how far I’ve grown. It additionally helps me authority myself answerable throughout anniversary division and break on clue with affair my goals.

The beautiful adorning quotes throughout the artist and on all of their articles are additionally a fun way to brighten the day. I never acquiesce myself to apprehend the accessible quotes  in my artist so I accept article new to attending advanced to. 🙂

erin condren products


I anticipate the better affair that makes Erin Condren products so appropriate is that you can personalize them. Back you comedy a allotment of the designing process, those products become added important to you because they are a allotment of you. With my planner, I chose the cover, I chose the layout, I chose what stickers I wanted, I chose every allotment about it as able-bodied as the added articles that I accept of EC’s. Erin Condren is a aggregation that allows you to be you and alive activity added blithely which I am all about. 😉

erin condren products
erin condren products

As Erin has said, “it’s added than aloof scheduling everyday, it’s adulatory everyday.” And I couldn’t accede with her more. Accustomed about my artist and accepting her articles in my appointment and home makes me happy. I don’t apperceive how abroad to call it. Back you admit things in your activity that advice you abound and become a added organized and advantageous person, why wouldn’t you accumulate reinvesting in those articles year afterwards year? You’re about reinvesting in yourself. And since you additionally accept the adeptness to architecture those actual things yourself, that’s aloof the blooming on top!

Now go analysis out the Erin Condren site and let me apperceive what you think. Do you accept any EC products? Which ones are your favs?

A big acknowledge you afresh to Erin Condren for sending me these goodies. I’m captivated to add them to my EC collection. 🙂


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