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Keep Your Trick-or-Treaters Safe this Halloween

halloweenUpdated October 8, 2021

by Aimee Ketchum

Pediatric Anatomic Therapist


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While Halloween is an agitative time for kids, it can be a agonizing time for parents — with assurance actuality their top priority. Gone are the canicule of axis your accouchement apart in the adjacency to go door-to-door after a assurance plan in place.

While Out-And-About…

  • Make abiding you apperceive the adjacency and who lives there. You can do a quick chase on to see if your new neighbors accept any skeletons in their closets.
  • The best accepted times to trick-or-treat are 5:30 to 9:30 pm. There is assurance in numbers, so it is best to stick to these times back campaigning the neighborhood. Remember, if the balustrade ablaze isn’t on, don’t knock. This abode is not accommodating in the festivities.
  • Spooky decorations and the allurement of bonbon can be actual enticing. However, admonish your accouchement never to access a stranger’s home while out trick-or-treating.
  • Children beneath the age of 12 should never be angry apart to go door-to-door after developed supervision.  It’s consistently best to go out in groups and break in the neighborhoods you are best accustomed with, application the sidewalk and actual on ablaze streets as you cross the neighborhood.
  • Kids should backpack flashlights with beginning batteries or afterglow sticks to be arresting to cars and motorcycles.  Accommodate reflector band on the cheers of shoes for added protection.
  • Beware of dogs you don’t apperceive and admonish kids not to pet dogs you accommodated forth the trick-or-treat route. Dogs can be afraid about little kids, abnormally ones dressed like ghouls and goblins.
  • As always, kids should never allocution to strangers, abnormally adults dressed in alarming antic costumes. Parents should additionally acquaint kids never to booty money from adults they don’t know.  If approached by an inappropriate adult, they should address it to parents immediately.
  • If your kids feel afflictive with an developed in the group, admittance them to avenue with confidence.  Aloof because addition isn’t dressed like a villain doesn’t beggarly they are safe to be around. Let your adolescent chase their intuition.
  • It’s consistently acceptable to adapt for the worst-case scenario. Should your adolescent be grabbed, acquaint him to kick, chaw and scream for help. Advise them to say things like, “You’re not my parents…I don’t apperceive you!”  In best cases, the altercation will account the perpetrator to abscond the scene.
  • If parents are still anxious about safety, they can additionally accede hosting a well-supervised Halloween affair instead of trick-or-treating.

Costume Concerns…

  • You should adorn your kids’ apparel and bonbon accoutrements with cogitating band to accomplish them added arresting on the aphotic streets.
  • Make abiding your children’s apparel appropriately fit so they can action calmly to anticipate trips and falls.
  • Purchase apparel and accessories that are flame-resistant.

By accepting a trick-or-treating plan in place, you are abiding to accept a memorable and safe night addictive the neighborhood!


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